Best 4 Cajons For Your Drums

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t play your sets because there isn’t any plug nearby? That’s what cajon’s are for. While at first, you might be hesitant about changing from sitting behind your big drum set to squatting on your small wooden box once you try it, you just might fall in love with it. A cajon is something really different; it produces really good and versatile sounds that many musicians who have tried it noticed how many audiences prefer it better than the bid drum set. You can also get the best high hats or Electronic Kids Drum Set in the market.

Best Cajons Drums
Reviewed and Compared

Picture Name My Verdict
MEINL JAM CAJON MEINL JAM CAJON This cajon is also fit for those who just want to test the waters Check Price
MEINL HEADLINER CAJON MEINL HEADLINER CAJON This cajon is fit for those who are a bit taller Check Price
MEINL CAFÉ CAJON MEINL CAFÉ CAJON This drum is good for almost every drummer. Check Price


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  • It’s tuned well, this MEINL Jam Cajon has a good customizable snare tone, a low medium base, and would respond even to light finger rolls or taps.
  • It has a variable tone so when you slightly change the area you hit you’ll get a tone that’s slightly different. It makes a natural sound even if it’s a small cajon.
  • It’s small and doesn’t weigh much so you can carry it around easily. You can buy a bag for it to avoid damages from transport.
  • It’s the only cajon that’s suited for players who aren’t so tall and kids.
  • The bass tone couldn’t achieve a low and boomy sound for acoustic rock because of its sound.
  • It could be uncomfortable to play this if you’re on the taller side because you’d have to squat deeply.

Who is it for?

In this review, this cajon would be the smallest. This makes it for drummers who aren’t 6ft tall. This cajon is also fit for those who just want to test the waters; this cajon is cheap but performs very well. Sure there are others in the market that are cheaper but their quality is not as good at this.


It’s made from Birch wood; it adds an overtone that is important if you’ll be playing blues, high pitches pop, rock, or jazz. It has 2 internal snare wires that sounds like a snare of a drum. The front-plate is adjustable, you can tighten or loosen it to achieve more slap and buzz in your snare tone. There’s a whole at the back so you can insert a microphone when playing in gigs or when you want to record. It has rubber feet to keep it stable.


This cajon is the real deal for kids and beginners. It has a decent sound quality, and the price is just right. so if you’re under 5’7 and you aren’t really sure about spending so much money on a cajon then this one would suit you well. Make your sound realistic and precise with the Best Weighted Midi Keyboard Controllers.


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  • You can adjust the buzz on this cajon. It has a wrench included that you could use to loosen or tighten the wires inside the box.
  • It could be louder because it’s made from rubber tree so it has more sound projection compared to other materials.
  • It comes with a decent snare and bass sound. When you get to tune it right, it would give you a nice snare and bass tone. When you remove the top and left screw. it would give you a good slap to the mix.
  • It could be harder to tune compared to the other cajons in this list. While others are usually well tuned already, for this it’s more ideal to tune it on your own.
  • You have a lot of room for tuning.
  • It doesn’t come with a bag.

Who is it for?

Just like the MEINL above, this one also produces good sounds and is durable at an inexpensive price. The difference of this from the one above is that this is suited for the taller ones.


  • The body is made from rubber wood or Siam oak a tropical hardwood. It has more warm low-end and midrange frequency than other trees like birch or maple.
  • The frontplate could be adjustable through the screws
  • It has 2 snare strings inside that you could adjust, it could also be the one to produce the snare buzz but it could be adjusted through the wrench included inside.
  • It also comes with a rear port for the microphone or when you want to record.
  • To prevent sliding and slipping it also comes with rubber feet.


This cajon is ideal if you want something that sounds decent out of the box but it’s best for those who know how to tune because it would allow you to achieve different sound variations.


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  • It resonates even from light tapping because of the maple wood
  • Its frontplate delivers high pitched tones
  • It has a rich boom bass sound
  • It comes with a hole for the mic at the back
  • There’s sometimes too much buzz from the snare wires.

Who is this for?

This drum is good for almost every drummer. It matches those who play acoustic rock, worship or those who are still starting out.


  • It’s frontplate is made from maple so it gives off a warm sound
  • It has two fixed set of snare wires within it to provide a crisp accent.
  • It has 4 rubber feet to keep it stable
  • It comes with a bag


If you would be playing songs without much snare sounds then this won’t be fit for you. but if you need snare sounds then this definitely would fit you. This cajon would definitely fit your budget and it already comes with a bag for safe travels.


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  • It doesn’t look like your typical cajon because of its darkish birch. With its darkish birch wood all over
  • You can tighten or loosen the screws anytime to make it snappier because it has an adjustable plate.
  • It comes with an amazing snare. This groove doesn’t give off a snare buzz. When you slap on the spot of the snare you get a crisp sound and when you hit the bass you get a rich sound as well.
  • In order to get a good bass tone you don’t have to hit very low. You don’t have to have an unhealthy posture so it’s gentle on your back.
  • This cajon can’t create loud sounds on its own. So if you want to play loudly you need a microphone.

Who Is It For?

This cajon could play different musical styles, it could play country, rock, folk, and even blues. It has also been used by a lot of bands.


  • It has an adjustable plate/li>
  • It’s made from Baltic birch wood which has more overtones than other wood./li>
  • It has 2 fixed snare wires inside that provide a crisp accent/li>
  • It comes with 4 rubber feet


This is a really good cajon that you could get for an affordable price. It has everything you need and the only reason for you to not choose this is if you need to play loud without a microphone.

Tuning a cajon

So there’s a list above of the best cajon’s out in the market, and they actually are really good cajon’s. But it’s ideal to know how to tune when you have a cajon. But don’t worry because it’s easy to learn how to do it and there are thousands of resources on the internet about it. The important part is that you know that when you adjust the wires of the snare you’ll change the snare’s buzz. And when you adjust the front-plate, you’ll be changing the tone. Make your sound good to the listener with the Best Studio Monitors.


ThThere are a lot of different type of cajon’s in this list we have the best ones that would work for you if you’re under 5’7 or over that height. It’s important to choose one that wouldn’t hurt your back and would still make you feel comfortable. I hope this article help you find the best one for you. For more information, please visit Metal Drum Machine.


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