7 Benefits of Playing Drums

Playing the drums is definitely fun, but did you know that it has good effects on your health? It could also have a good effect on your finances. And it’s also equally important to use the best drumming shoes in the market. Let me tell you more about it as you read on.

Here are some of the health and money benefits you could get from playing the drums:

1. It makes you mentally and physically fit

Have you ever done 232 strokes with your right hand alone and 29 strokes with your right foot on your drums pedal? And oh, while doing it all at the same time? Well, when you play a standard 4/4 groove with a 116bpm tempo which is the average, you get to do that all in a minute. As British researchers found, during a concert the heart rate of Clem Burke averaged 140-150 beats per minute. That’s like the heart rate of LeBron throughout a whole NBA match. In every gig, Clem Burke burned 600 calories, so playing the drums is actually a workout. You can also check this out if you’re looking for Drum Heads.

2. It increases your intelligence

In the world of music, there are thousands of jokes about drummers. A popular one goes by: “what do you call a drummer that has half a brain? – Gifted.” There’s a big suspicion that these jokes come from jealousy. Swedish researchers once asked people to keep the time with a stick of a drum before taking an IQ test, and guess what? The ones that scored high are those who had the highest score in time keeping as well. It’s definitely because the rhythm and the brain goes hand in hand.

3. It makes you genuinely happy

Have you noticed that you feel amazing after working out? It always seem like you have a clearer mind and your whole body is moving harmoniously. It’s because of a rush of endorphins which you also get from playing the drums. Some refer to it as the drummers high. Best Digital Pianos

4. It becomes like a pain killer that reduces pain

Like I mentioned earlier, playing the drums produces endorphins, these hormones are also like the natural morphine of the body so it works like a happy pill and a painkiller too. so if you’re experiencing chronic pain it could also reduce it.

5. It helps you concentrate and relax

Before we were even born, the way we find comfort while in our mother’s stomach is through listening to her hearts rhythms. Studies that were conducted show that beats will make our brainwaves resonate with rhythm. So slow beats would make you feel calm while fast ones will keep you alert and help you concentrate. In the University of Texas, they found that fast beats could help children with Attention Deficit Disorder Concentrate. Improve your guitar skills with the Best Bass Guitars.

6. It builds your confidence

Are there times when you aren’t sure of what you can do? Of what you are capable of? Then go ahead and try playing the drums. Remember, without a drummer a band will suck. So it’s time to prove yourself.

As time will go by, you will see that you can become the solid foundation of a band. You can be their beat like a heart in a human body. This is a huge self-confidence boost.

7. You can make money

As much as the mental and physical benefits there are to playing the drums there’s one more reason for you to play the drums:

When you excel in playing the drums, let’s say you learned to play fairly good, you could do a lot of things to earn money from it. You could help others learn and get started into playing the drums like you. You could play for parties or gigs. There are a lot of ways, all you have to do is get started with playing the drums first. Visit Roland Drum Kit for high-end playability and quick sound. Learn more about Professional Trumpets.


Now, you might be thinking if it’s really for you or not. Nobody knows, the only way to know is to get behind the drum already. I hope this list of benefits help you get motivated in either continuing or to start playing the drums. You can also try this Alesis SR16 Classic Drum Machine. Enjoy!

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