Best Drum Set For Kids

What is a drum set for kids?

If you think drumming a drum set is something that could be done randomly, you’re wring. There are few requirements that you have to consider. The right drum set should allow the user to be able to reach every part of the set with ease, but it should also not overwhelm them and allow them to play and learn. So before buying your kids drum set here are some variables you could check out:

Kids Drum Set Variables

There are drum sets made for adults, there are also different types for kids that come in different pieces. Pieces refer to the toms and cymbals. They also come in different sound level and quality that could be distinguished from each other. Here’s an example:

Lugs- drum lugs are what allows you child to play the drums and make sure it doesn’t fall down. A child that is stronger and larger is better off with more lugs to keep them in place.

Cymbals- the crash cymbal is what’s standard in a kids drum set because it’s the only true needed cymbal for beginners. When a drummer wants to move forward, the next one is the hi-hat.

Toms- you’ll usually see at least two pieces of this in most sets. They are more complicated to use than the other parts. They are important but before purchasing another tom it’s more ideal to add a cymbal first.

Best Drum Set for 10 year old

Brand: GP Percussion

Model: GP55

This has been reviewed by a lot of drummers and has been compared to different brands but for us here we assure you that this one has better price and performance for children compared to the rest. This is the type of drum that you would get when you aren’t sure your kid is really into drumming but in case they are you’d still give them one with good quality.

  • Good price

  • Good starter kit

  • Cymbals aren’t as good as expected

Brand: Ludwig  

Model: LJR106 Junior

Ludwig has been known in the industry for quite a while already. They are more expensive but they assure better quality too. This drum set is worth the investment, especially when you are sure your child is really interested to improve their skills and play for a long time.

  • Uncommon for kid set drums but this has good quality cymbals

  • Good sound from the drums

  • The product is pricey but worth the price

  • None found

Best Drum set for 5 year old

Brand: Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker

This 3-piece drum set has received many reviews and positive comments even from professionals.

  • Amazing starter set that toddlers could use

  • Good sounds from the snare

  • Good sound from the drum

  • It was sturdy for children even if it has one brace only

  • Cymbals sounded a bit weak, but since this is for younger children, that could also count as a good review.

Brand: GP Percussion

Model: GP50


It has a good set up that stands between cheap and quality. It can be assembled easily, and you would definitely have no troubles in setting it up.


Many people complained about the quality of the cymbals but this is one common complaint for almost every set for kids. Some people wanted instruction manuals included in its box and that parts should have labels but if you have experience with drums it’s going to be very easy to set it up.

Best Drum Set for 12 year old

Brand: Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker

It comes in a two tone drum set with a high contrast scheme. It also comes with an additional hi-hat which makes it a good price for its quality. Hi-hats have a lot of uses and many styles rely on it but not many beginner drum sets have it. The tone of this drums set is surprising for its price.

  • It has a professional look with a sharp black and white look.

  • It has a hi-hat and a stand

  • It has sticks and thrones.

  • the top and bottom heads are replaceable

  • there isn’t that much room to grow

  • it has a cheap hardware

  • it may be difficult to look for parts for replacement

Brand: GP Percussion

Model: GP55BK

This set comes in blue and black, but for an unknown reason the blue one is more expensive.

  • You could get this 5 piece set for the price of a 3 piece.

  • It has thrones and sticks

  • It has fully tunable drum heads

  • It’s definitely not a toy kit

  • The throne is not very adjustable

  • The sounds of cymbals is lacking

  • The bass drum pedal is fabric

  • If you’re a non drummer it could be hard to set up

Best Drum Set that Can Grow with Kids

The Complete Black Junior Drum Set

This drum has everything you would need from a starter and beginner drum. It’s as good as the regular drum but in a smaller size. It has whatever you would need to start playing the drums. It is a good set to start playing because it has everything a child would need to start learning.

  • It’s equipped with cymbal stands and sticks

  • It has whatever is needed for a child to start learning

  • It comes with high gloss black finish that looks good.

  • It could be quite expensive but it’s made with good quality and produces quality sounds

Best Drum Set for Boys


Model: MJDS-1-BL

This drum set is one of the simplest but slick drum set for kids that you would come across in the market. It comes with 4 lug bass drum, a crash cymbal, 4 snares, that are all made with quality. Yes, most kids drum set come with less than this and is around the same price but they made sure they won’t have less quality by having more. It also comes with benefits like having more things to learn and it’s easy to learn on. Ad if you are not sure your little boy is really interested in learning the drums, there wouldn’t be that much waste on money because it’s not that expensive. And if your child loves to play the drums you have one that would last long and could have add-ons.

Best Drum Set for Girls

Pink Drum Set that comes with Cymbals

This is another drum set from Gammon Percussion and we’re sure your little princess would definitely love this. It’s really high rated and it suits beginners to 8 year olds. It’s a complete set with cymbals and it’s definitely complete with what your child would want and need.

  • It’s a five piece set that has everything your child would need.

  • It has stands, a stool, and a stick.

  • It’s not a toy drum set even if it’s small

  • It has everything a beginner drum set would need

  • It could be difficult to set up for non drummers


When you are buying a new drum set for your kids, you have to consider how the drums would affect them in learning how to play it. it should be positively, obviously. Smaller sets are easier to start with when you are buying it for a younger child because it doesn’t overwhelm them too much. But if you are sure your child is really interested 5 piece sets are worth your investment because you won’t have to buy add ons too soon. Sets that are less than 5 pieces were mentioned above and they are ideal if you don’t want your child to be overwhelmed. The bottom line here is, every child is different and you are the one who knows whether they could learn too fast on a 3 piece set or if it would be enough for now.

This article has all the best drum set for kids listed above to help you decide on which would fit your child’s preference.

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