Best Drum Set For Heavy Metal

Are you looking to start a band or just practice up on some killer drum combinations for your heavy metal kick? There’s nothing like having the right drum set to really push off in the right direction. For heavy metal, it’s all about the sound. A nice bass drum to add much needed depth to your overall tone is like one other.  Also, a good kick drum can add a rich distinction in the cadence of the song you intend to play. Don’t forget that the snare has a nice snap and clarity that gives your soul more movement. You can better use them well with the best drumming shoes available in the market. In the case of what’s available for a good quality drum set in metal, we will go over some of the choices now.

Best Heavy Metal Drum Set
Reviewed and Compared

1 - Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set​

Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set​
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  • Worth your money
  • It’s very sturdy
  • No screws for hi-hat

Heads and Double Braced Hardware

22 x 16 Bass Drum, 1 x 8 Tom, 12 x 9 Tom, 16 x 16 Floor Tom, 14×5.5 Snare Drum

Hardware: Cymbal Stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Bass Drum Pedal, Throne.

Out of everything, this is the drum set with the most value. It’s not going to cost you over $1,000, because it settles around the $400range. Why is this a quintessential drum set for the metal heads? Take a look at some of the features:

5-pc. Drum Set w/Cymbals Available in four gig-ready set-ups and four durable wrapped finishes.

Matching Wood Snare Drum Roadshow’s snare, bass drum, and toms feature a 9-ply Poplar shell for powerful tone.

Professional Features Includes chain-drive bass drum pedal and geared, locking stands.Drum Throne Included

Double-Braced Hardware All stands and included drum throne are dual reinforced w/double-braced legs.

All of this is essential to starting out and becoming an intermediate player. It’s the right package to develop into your career or just play a few gigs a week at your local bar. You can also read this if you want to How To Play A Cajon Drum.

2. LAGRIMA Black Full Size 5 Piece Complete Adult Set​

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  • Easy To Assemble
  • Made with good materials
  • Cymbals are too tiny

Material – Real Wood Shells, High Gloss Finish, Good Elasticity

Ringing Chord, Chore and Drum Resonate

Adjust Angles for Playing, Enhance Effect

Bass Drum, Tom Drum, Snare Drum, Bass Pedal, Drum Key and Drum Sticks

This is a solid set, especially if you want to ease into drumming. There are some really nice qualities that make it worth purchasing.

One of the gems is the fact you will have real wood shells, more of a glossy finish on all drums.

Additionally, the double layer oil skin is great for elasticity and longer use time. You can adjust the stool to your height and the drums have a good ringing chord.

3. Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult Set​​

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  • It definitely lasts long
  • Good set for the price
  • None

Full Size Complete Drum Set

Hi-Hat Crash Cymbals

Professional Size Set

High Black Gloss Finish

While there is a junior starter kit for the Gammon, this is great to pick it up a few notches.

The full size adult set includes all 5 drums (bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and two mounted toms), cymbals, stands, stool, sticks, hardware, pedals and drum key to your liking.

Everything you need to get started on your drumming journey is here:

Full Size Real Wood DrumsHi Hat Cymbals & StandRide Cymbal & StandDrum Stool/ThroneBass Drum PedalDrum SticksDrum KeyHigh Gloss Finish On Drums

4. Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Standard Drum Kit with Hardware​​

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  • Great set
  • Produces good sounds
  • Heads need to be replaced

Drums: 22 x 17 kick drum, 10 x 7 rack tom, 16 x 15 drum tom, 14 x 5.5 snare

Hardware: TH-945B 3-Hole Receiver, 2 YESS Tom Mounts, 3 Floor Tom Legs

Birch Drum Shells with Air Seal System

The great thing about this is the ear of quality and look. Just take a gander at how the finish appeals to the eye. Yamaha already has a reputation for the richness in instrumentation. On this particular drum set, you can expect a good mix of tom drums, snares, kicks, and more. Also, the drum shells help to round out the sound quality. It has a great compact design, which makes it easier on the lifting to and from gigs.
For this:

5. Ludwig Accent Blue 5-Piece Drum Set​​

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  • Very nice color, especially for girls
  • Awesome quality
  • Cymbals are bad quality

22’’ Bass Drum

10, 12, 16’’ Toms

14’’ Snare Drum

13’’ Hi-Hats & 16’’ Crash Included (All Hardware)

With that brief introduction into what each drum has to offer, we can get more into the nitty grit of everything.

The great thing about this is the ear of quality and look. Just take a gander at how the finish appeals to the eye. Yamaha already has a reputation for the richness in instrumentation. On this particular drum set, you can expect a good mix of tom drums, snares, kicks, and more. Also, the drum shells help to round out the sound quality. It has a great compact design, which makes it easier on the lifting to and from gigs.


22×16 Bass Drum

6.5×14 Snare Drum

12×9 Tom

10×8 Floor Tom

16×16 Floor Tom -Complete w/ Cymbals (13 Hi-Hats and 16 Crash) Throne -200 Series double-braced cymbal stand

200 Series double-braced hi-hat stand 201 Series double-braced snare stand Improved chain-drive kick pedal


These are some of the top-rated drums you can get for under $1,000. If you plan on getting into this type of music, this is good starter list to help you find out what you need to play. Whether this is a hobby that enjoy on your down time or you want to get a bit serious about creating music, you have a nice variety of drum sets to choose. This can help make it easier to find the drum set you enjoy. Take a look at what’s offered to see what things you want to leave as is or possibly customize.

Heavy Drummer Review and Ratings

Around the 1960s and 1970s, a new kind of music was born, revolutionizing music just as you know it today. This unique and fresh sound was called heavy metal, and it indeed requires energy, heaviness, and loudness to appreciate its beauty. During the emergence of this incredible music, few bands stepped in as pioneers of this sound, and through their music, the heavy metal took shape than other musical genres has ever done.

Brief History Of Heavy Metal

By the year 1970, heavy metal was like a whisper in the street, broiling like a sleeping giant waiting to be awoken. Later that year, Black Sabbaths released the ‘paranoid album’ that set the pace for a new music sound. Other bands soon joined the race, like Thin Lizzy, Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult, and numerous others. Soon, this unique sound was influencing every lover of music all around the world.

By the late 1970s and 19980s, heavy metal has become a massive success with a significant following. Formidable bands such as Motorhead, Judas Priest, and other bad boys in the industry took everyone by storm. Like never before in the history of music, there was a genre that was faster, louder, and even more aggressive than any music genre ever to exist.

Among some of the icons that pushed this astounding music beyond its birth perimeters were Phil Taylor and Clive Burr. The heavy metal coming also gave rise to subgenres like thrash metal, death metal, and even death and the Morbid Angel.  

By the late 1990s, heavy metal has become diverse compared to its contemporary genres. Due to these subgenres’ birth, the heavy metal took an incredible shape with millions of fans worldwide.

Learn Metal Drum Beats

If you’re a drummer who is just exploring the fantastic world of heavy metal, then this section will be your favorite. This section will delve into some types of beats you’ll mostly find in metal music, along with some primary rhythms that you will learn to cherish. It may include blast beats and odd time signature beats.

Blast Beats

This beat is pretty typical with metal subgenres like black metal, death metal, and numerous. Most drummers love to add double bass, but anyone can still play with only one drum pedal without issues. The most popular types of blast beats are:

  • The Traditional Blast
  • The Hammer Blast
  • The Bomb Blast
  • Odd Time Signature Beats
  • Breakdown beats

Drum Shell Material For Heavy Metal Drums

Most material used for the manufacturing of shells is often metal. Strangely enough, other materials like steel and brass can also offer the same uppercut needed to navigate through a wide of guitars. In grave situations where heavy metal is the boss, materials such as maple and birch will be ignored.

However, the game changes when kicks and toms come into the picture. When that happens, various materials of all types take the stage. In this game, maple and birch are the popular staples that come with no opposition at all. One of the edges birches offers is the tonality cuts, which mix so well and worth consideration.

When you play heavy metal with a sophisticated drum, you will be making crazy beats like legends like Justin Foley and Moe Carlson from Protest The Hero. The music beats they delivered was punk rock and astounding.

Drum Heads For Heavy Metal

When it comes to heavy metal, you must make the right choice regarding the drum head. The reason for this is because your drum head has a significant impact on your kit’s sound. Although there are no harsh rules to which drum head is ideal, never consider going for an overly open-sounding drum. What you need is precisely a drum that gives a defined and crisp response.

A mistake most drummers or musical enthusiasts make is thinking that heavy metal will require something equally decadent. Due to this mindset, they go for the thickest heads available. You don’t necessarily have to use the thickest drum head; all you need to render a powerful gig is striking a balance between the weight and positive response.

Aside from performance, a thick drum head can be a problem when it’s time to go mobile.  For drummers or performers who are always on the road, the drum head’s idea is not thickness or heaviness but sound. The type of coat largely depends on your preference, and both types are tied to big-name players’ kit.

Heavy Metal Drumming Tips

  • Tuning

For the past decades, the sound of heavy metal has become more processed. If you want to play like a professional, you need to learn some tips and techniques to improve your skill. In heavy metal, the first thing should be tuning. Your bass drums should be tuned low and apply the same wrinkle effect as the floor toms. You should also consider dampening if you want to improve the thug by decreasing overtones and sustain.

  • Double Bass Drumming

Using two bass drums is one of the tips to sound like a pro in heavy metal. It is a central defining element as long as metal genres are concerned. If you want to play like a pro, you need to improve your double kick technique. When you lay a good foundation for this, you wouldn’t have a problem smashing the drums during a gig.

  • Drumming Exercise And Workout

If you want to become an unbeatable beast during a massive metal performance, there is always a need to exercise and work out. There are lots of drumming exercises that can help you get ready and deliver your best. By incorporating these exercises into your daily life, you will drastically improve your drumming skill.  Look for the perfect Treble Booster for your drum set.


Heavy metal has come a long way, and there is no sign that it will be going out soon. It serves as proof that it has come to stay and grow with us based on how far it has rooted itself in music. Metal genres have millions of fans worldwide, and a walk toward such an aspect of music is never the wrong choice. Check this 3-4-5-Piece Drum Sets to know more about drums.

How Much Does a Metal Drum Kit Cost?

There are metal drum kits available for your purchase in different price tags. We encourage you to purchase at least an intermediate level metal drum kit. To purchase such a metal drum kit, you will have to spend around $1,000 to $2,000 out of your pocket. If you can afford more, we would ask you to go for even a better metal drum kit.

What Kind of Drums are Used in Metal?

Metal drummers tend to use one or two bass drums, where each drum will have a diameter between 20 to 22 inches, one or two floor toms with size of 14 to 18 inches, two or three rack toms with size of 10 to 13 inches, and a snare drum of 14 inches. However, there is no straightforward setup, and it would vary from one metal drummer to another. It is up to you to keep this as the base and create your own metal drum set based on your preferences. 

Is Metal Hard to Play on Drums?

No, it is not so difficult for you to play metal on drums. You just need to make sure that you have the right setup to proceed with playing metal music on your drums. For example, it is a must for you to have a double bass to play metal music. You may take a look at the setups of metal drummers to get a better understanding on how to come up with the best setup for playing metal on drums. 

How Do You Play Heavy Metal Drums?

If you want to play heavy metal drums, you should be in a position to hit hard on the drums. This comes with a lot of practice. On the other hand, you should also think about using semi open hi-hats when you play metal music on drums. This will help you to end up with a powerful experience at the end of the day. Crashing on your cymbal can help you with complementing your performances as a metal drummer. 

How Long Does It Take to Play Metal Drums?

You will not be able to learn to become a metal drummer overnight. If you stay committed to your practice sessions, you will be able to cut down the overall time that it takes to learn how to play metal drums. In other words, a person with dedication can end up learning it in around 10 to 12 months. If not, it will take around 18 months to 24 months for you to learn the basics. Improve your skills and technique in playing piano at a faster pace with the Best Weighted Keys Piano.

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