4 Best Headphones for Electronic Drums

When you buy an electronic drum or the best electronic cymbals set it sometimes comes with free headphones, so most of the time people feel like they’re good to go. But when you get to use a good one, you will realize how much difference there is with the sound and all. It’s not that I’m saying that you should buy headphones because the free ones suck, but if you want to hear the real sound then invest in headphones made for electronic drums, don’t worry because it doesn’t have to be expensive. Read on for headphones that fit your budget but have amazing quality. You can also check this out if you’re looking for the Best Drum Replacement Plugins.

Best Headphones For Electronic Drums
Reviewed and Compared

Picture Name My Verdict
Alesis DRP 100 Alesis DRP100 Cheapest Headphones Built for Electronic Drums Check Price
N/A Vic Firth Stereo Isolation The best for home use Check Price
N/A Sony MDR7506 Best Quality Check Price
Roland RH-300V V-Drum Stereo Roland RH-300V V-Drum Stereo Best and specifically made for electric drums Check Price

1) Alesis DRP 100

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  • It has a good sound range, a tight bass drums and high splash cymbals. The quality is good to the ears.
  • It has 32 decibels noise reduction so you won’t be hearing anything when you hit your pad and you have you headphones on.
  • Its headband is sweat proof which is hygienic and amazing for playing long.
  • If you want the noise to be isolated you have to plug it tight and for some people that could get annoying.

Who these are for:

Acoustic and Electronic drummers


This Alesis DPR 100 has a 6ft cable and a 1/8 inches jack that you could also use on your iPad, iPhone, Android, etc. it also comes with a protective bag to make sure you could bring it around safely.

Pricing and Overview

In this review this one is the cheapest. The ear cup tightness won’t really bother you if you’d be using it to practice and play for an hour or so. But if you would be using it for a long time it could really get annoying in the long run,

2) Vic Firth Stereo Isolation

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  • It’s very adjustable that it could fit children too.
  • It fits comfortably so it allows you to use it for multiple hours without feeling any discomfort
  • It has 24 decibels noise reduction so you could still use it with a drum set like the other product above.
  • It’s not connectable right away. You still have to buy an adapter first.
  • The headband could easily tear if other people use it.

Who these are for:

Acoustic and electronic drummers


It has tight fitting ear cups that isn’t too tight, the band is covered by leather.

Pricing and Overview

The tight fit of this earphone doesn’t feel uncomfortable but it doesn’t really look cool so if you’re just using it at home then get this but if you need something trendy get the Alesis above or read on.

3) Sony MDR7506

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  • It has a full sound range and the sound is delivered clearly, so you would be able to hear the background vocals clearly if there is.
  • It’s a loud one with quality
  • It has a very long cable so you can stand up anytime without removing the headphones
  • The closed ear design blocks out the sound from outside but it doesn’t really have a noise cancelling feature.
  • You can’t use it for playing the acoustic drums
  • It’s not immune to the wear and tear so it’s not very durable for long use. The cups stick through a thin plastic so many other people had their falling off after a while of usage.

Who these are for:

Electronic drummers only


It comes with 2 close fitting ear cups that you could fold when you need to keep it.

It has a 9.8 cable and a 1/8 jack that you could turn into a ¼ inches one. The connectors are gold so the connection is very stable.

Pricing & My Final Opinion

This is a bit more expensive than the ones we already mentioned but it also comes with a higher quality in sound. It has an accurate sound which is very important when playing and recording.

4) Roland RH-300V V-Drum Stereo

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  • This one is very articulate when it comes to the lows and highs of an electronic drum. This is something that other headphones can’t do which is actually important. It makes sure that it lets you hear the sound of your drum set clearly and fully.
  • They are really sturdy and you won’t have to fear of your earpiece coming off.
  • Its tightness is comfortable.
  • It’s made for electronic drum sets so it’s not ideal for home mixing.
  • It doesn’t come with a noise cancellation so you can’t use it for acoustic drums.

Who these are for:

Electronic drummers only


These headphones are made by manufacturers of electronic drums so they made sure to make audible frequencies. It comes with a soft cushion head strap that sits comfortably on your head. For easy storage you can fold it. It comes with an 8ft cord which is not too short nor too long. It has a gold 1/8 plug that you can connect to your drum kit. Make your sound realistic and precise with the Best Weighted Midi Keyboard Controllers.

Pricing and Overview

This headphone is a bit expensive but at the same time totally worth it if you really want to pursue playing the drums. This could be a way to get motivated while playing. While it’s not best for mixing some experts really recommend a different one for the drums and a different one for your computer or laptops. Great deals on Electronic Snare Drum.

Closed-ear And Semi-open-back Headphones

The closed-ear design of these headphones prevents the sound from coming out and in of the chambers. They provide excellent noise isolation for a crystal-clear music experience.

Closed-ear headphones are perfect for recording sessions and performances. However, you should be careful to avoid overheating your ears.

Semi-open-back headphones are designed for listening at home. They do not close the rear of ear cups, which allows air to go through. Since they leak sound, they are not suitable for use in public places.

Wired And Wireless Connection Technology

Some people prefer wired headphones, while others opt for wireless ones. We believe that each of them is right. Wired headphones are better for professional recording and music composition, because they have higher quality sound. Wireless models are more flexible and can be used in more situations.

If you’re not really picky about sound quality, wireless headphones are the answer. They give you the freedom to listen to your music while you’re on the go without worrying about tangling cables.

Ear Design For Comfortable Wearing And Easy Storage

Most in-ear headphones have a foam ear cushion that is covered in a fabric or leather. This provides a soft, comfortable fit for long wear.

If you use headphones, you know how easy it is to wear them out. Replace your ear pads! It’s as easy as one, two, three: Get a pair of headphones with removable pads.

The ear cups allow for a flexible design. This feature gives the user the ability to rotate them in, out, left, and right.

The swiveling headphones are a one-handed design for playing instruments and recording. The comfortability of the headphones makes them easy to store and transport.

What Makes A Good Headphone For Electronic Drums?

When it comes to playing drums, you need headphones that can reproduce every drum tone with accuracy. These will give you clear highs, solid mid-range, and solid bass. AKG Pro Audio K240 is an example of such headphones.

On the other hand, you need to consider the structure of your headphone. The best brands use durable materials. For example, Audio-Technica ATH-M50X comes with soft, padded ear cups and cushioned headbands. They help you to wear it comfortably.

As a gamer, you want a headset with a single-sided cable. This makes it easier to play without getting tangled up in cables. Other features such as wireless connection technology and the ability to share your music with others are also important.

Why Is The Noise-isolation Feature Important For Playing Electronic Drums?

Drummers need isolation. They need to block the sound of their instruments so they can hear what they are doing. This isolation is critical. It ensures that the drummer only hears the music and nothing else.

How can I listen to music while playing electronic drums?

All modern gadgets have a special device for digital drumming. Some have a built-in set of tracks, others let you connect your device and choose any recording. The most important thing is to balance the sound.

Look for Sound isolation

Sound isolation is important for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t want to hear the sound of your sticks hitting the drum pads. Secondly, you want to be able to turn up the volume to keep out ambient noise. A feature that I think you should look out for is active noise cancellation. This can eliminate most of the white noise in your surroundings. Make your sound good to the listener with the Best Studio Monitors.


Here’s all the good headphones that are budget friendly too. I hope this helped you find the right one for your needs, remember that good headphones make you hear the full sound which could motivate you even more. If you have children interested in playing the drums there are a lot of affordable ones that are still the best drum set for kids.

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