5 Best In-Ear Monitors for Drums in 2021

Clarity is one of the most important things when it comes to playing music. Whether you’re in a band, solo, or just looking to raise your music acumen, being able to hear exactly what notes you touch is essential to become proficient at what you do with an instrument. You need to learn how to keep on tempo so that everything sounds great, especially when playing with others. In-ear monitors can make it a lot easier, because it helps drown out all of the excess sound to help you focus more on your instrument. Of course, this is an investment, but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make it work. Do your research to find some great ones on the market. Knowing the great ones that would fit what you need is very important, that’s why we make sure that you can find info on our website. We also have researched the best hi hats and the best headphones for electronic drums to make it easier for you.

Best In-Ear Monitors For Drums
Reviewed and Compared

Picture Name My Verdict
Audio Technica ATH-IM02 Great All-Around Check Price
Shure-SE215-CL Great for Live Performance Check Price
MEE Audio M6 Pro Great for Budgeting Check Price
Westone AM Pro 10 Great sound production Check Price
KZ ZS10 Great Ear Hook Design Check Price

1.Audio Technica ATH-IM02 Sonic Pro

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  • Clear Sound, Good Bass
  • Cable not long, and it wears and tears.

If you’re looking for an all-around in-ear set, this is the the one for you. Other than the length of the cable and it having a bit of sensitivity, it’s pretty much a nice standard to truly take advantage of when you’re starting out.

Size and Comfort

This is actually more of a form fitting type of in-ear set. It thrives off three basic principles sound, fit, and functionality.


With its dual balanced armature drivers and a horn-shaped conductor pipe to reduce acoustic radiation resistance, the ATH-IM02 in ear monitor headphones effortlessly deliver that pure listening experience.

It’s very innovative in design due to the special attention to the doesn’t stop fit and seal within the ear for the ultimate in-ear monitoring. Each pair comes equipped with three sizes of silicone earpieces (S/M/L) and Comply foam earpieces (M) for a customized fit. This is absolutely perfect for people who may have different shaped ears. It’s an asset to have in your band.

Also, there are detachable cables with formable wire and a carrying case which adds additional convenience and functionality to the headphones, allowing you to easily take them wherever life takes you.

Whether you’re stationary or on the road, these are useful in-ear monitors to have in your arsenal. Next, we’ll take a look at what Shure has to offer. 

2. Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

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  • Good Sound Quality, Entry Level Price
  • Not durable, may provide some discomfort

Size and Comfort

Shure also has an emphasis on fitting around the ear. They want to provide something that has a wireless feature so there’s no need for any cables getting tangled in the way. This is also great for working with different size ears and especially in case of working with a laptop or another electronic device.


This is where things tend to shine, especially if your on the fence of something appealing to more of a detachable cable/wireless function.

Single Dynamic Driver produces clear sound with deep bass in a convenient and portable package. Special Edition (SPE) white and blue versions have distinctly tuned frequency response for extended bass. Frequency Range: 22 Hz –17.5 kHz / 21 Hz – 17 kHz (SPE). This is a single hi- def driver that focuses on function and power.

Comfortable sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise. Sound isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening experience, whether onstage or on-the-go. Shure Sound Isolating Earphones need a proper fit to gain the best sound quality.. This isolation is great for playing in your band and helping you stay on beat by disabling so many distracting sounds from impeding your drumming.

Detachable cable system allows for multiple connectivity options in long-term device compatibility, upgrades, and ease of maintenance. In fact, you can use it four different connectivity options: Bluetooth, Lightning, USB-C, and Universal 3.5 mm. We can briefly break this down further.


Bluetooth 4.1 Earphone Communication Cable

Converts all detachable Shure Earphones to wireless, and provides up to 8 Hours of battery life with seamless control of playback, volume, phone, and voice commands.

Lightning Earphone Communication Cable

Enables direct connection of Shure Earphones to Apple devices with a lightning connection, featuring an integrated DAC/Headphone Amp for 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio and mic + remote for inline control and communication. Great for saying things to your band mates or even a sound technician.

USB-C Earphone Communication Cable

Enables direct connection of Shure Earphones to Android Devices with mini-USB, featuring an integrated DAC/Headphone Amp for 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio and mic + remote for inline control and communication.

Universal 3.5 mm Earphone Communication Cable

Easily switch between Android and iOS in one switch with seamless control of music playback, volume, phone, and voice commands. Will work with all Shure Sound Isolating SE Earphones with detachable cables.

This is great for any live performance you seek. There’s a certain versatility in how you can set things up. You’ll be able to literally “rock out” in a small bar or a decent concert/show venue. It’s this kind of convenience that makes the in-ear monitors invaluable. If you’re just getting your feet wet and need a budget pair of in-ear monitors, MEE has a good model offered. 

3. MEE Audio M6 Pro Noise-Isolating

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  • Good Audio, more sweatproof
  • Prone to wear and tear easily

Size and Comfort

The ear monitors are great for stage, gym, and on the street. For you as a musician, you won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting them while being on stage. This provides a lot of convenience due to being able to fully get into your performance.

It’s lightweight and designed for comfort and has a low profile. You’ll also notice that utilizes seven pairs of eartips and flexible memory wire to provide a secure, personalized fit for all ears, eliminating the need to re-adjust your earphones.


Sound-Isolating Design

The in-ear design of the M6 PRO blocks external noise and enables lower-volume listening, protecting your hearing. Comply memory foam eartips further increase noise isolation for a superior audio experience.

Headset Cable with Mic & Remote

The included headset cable features a built-in universal volume control, microphone, and remote button, letting you seamlessly take calls with compatible phones and tablets.

Complete Kit

A gold-plated ¼-inch (6.3 millimeter) stereo adapter is included for compatibility with a wide range of gear. The premium carrying case has room for the spare cable, eartips, and all other accessories, letting the M6 PRO join you on the road.

There are a couple of key factors on why this is great to have in your arsenal. The first one is the way the in-ear monitors are sweatproof. If you live a more active lifestyle, this is great to wear on just weekly errands or doing an intense session in the gym. This is a good chance to help you get used to having these monitors in your ear. As a result, it’ll feel more natural when you perform on the stage.

The other reason is that it’s affordable. Let’s say you only been drumming a few months, but want to test out the function by performing at a local talent show. This is absolutely perfect, because you can buy these at a budget. It’ll help you develop your skills and you can graduate to better pair down the line. All the while, still having a decent backup pair in case of emergency. It’ll be a smart strategy to help you progress much quicker. Another in-ear monitor to check out is the Westone AM Pro 10.

4. Westone AM Pro 10 Single-Driver Universal-Fit In-Ear

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  • Great Sound Reproduction
  • Limited Longevity

Size and Comfort

If you’re looking for comfort and low profile, these are the in-ear monitors for you. There’s a lot of complexity going on with these in-ears, but the result is simple: it’s worth your investment.

It’s been said these are “THE MOST COMPACT, LOW PROFILE, ERGONOMIC DESIGN IN THE WORLD”. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Designed and built to perform in the most demanding environments.
  • The AM Pro 10 is incredibly comfortable, and can be worn for hours and hours.
  • It has silicone and comfort foam eartips to enhance the performance of in-ear monitors.
  • Provides superior noise isolation and ensuring a superb fit.


Great for Musicianship

The AM Pro 10 has a patent-pending SLED Technology combining passive ambient sound with the monitor mix, a single balanced-armature driver, that reproduces a dynamic soundstage with all the detail and clarity that musicians have come to expect from a professional in-ear monitor. This makes it exceptional for playing in any environment and certainly meeting the expectations of any musician or music lover.


This is quality at its best. The MMCX Audio Twisted Cable is manufactured using high-strength, high-flex, ultra-low resistance tensile wire, which is reinforced with a special aramid fiber. As a result, it reduces cable noise and keeps the cable lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. The cable features MMCX Audio Connectors and 3.5mm stereo plug. If you’re group is on the road, it has a great durability to withstand the rigors of the road. It’s solid for using on-stage, or for personal listening.

If you want to step up your game, this is the type of in-ear monitor you need. It’ll certainly reproduce incredible sound, so that the feedback you hear is crystal clear.

If you’re more into multiple drivers, take a look at what KZ ZS10 has in store.

5. KZ ZS10 Five Drivers In-Ear Monitors

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  • Great sound quality
  • Weird fit for some and may pose slight problem for movement on stage

Size and Comfort

There’s more emphasis on ergonomics due to its ear hook design. There’s constant improvement which combines with ergonomic and acoustic structural features giving you more comfortable experience while noise reduction. It’s smart to find the model that suits you most, because it may fit the ear differently. This is a good precaution before you make that first step on stage. With the Best String Acoustic Guitars, you can make your performance more interesting.


KZ ZS10 10 Driver Hybrid Technology Earphones

There’s a great purity and clarity to the sound. The set features 1 Dynamic & 4 Balanced Armature on each side to provide high-intensity resolution and rich sense of quality, full of vocals. This provides a true and pure listening experience for you. It’s great to go over in your rehearsals to test out the sound and make sure everything is good to go before your next performance.

Detachable Cable & Copper Plated Cable

This is a convenient to help get things situated in your performance. It’ll make it more functional by the ease of changing your earphone from a wired cable to a Bluetooth cable. The newly developed high-purity OFC cable can enhance the sound performance. As a result, you’ll give yourself more freedom on stage and the crowd will have a crisper sound.

The main benefit here is having a superior sound to let you know exactly what you’re doing up there while playing. When you can hear everything at such a clarity, you’ll be more comfortable with performing at a high level. This is important, because you can give your best while on stage. Learn about something on Best Bass Songs.

It takes time to find the right in-ear monitors for your drum level. For one, you could be a beginner so a cheaper entry-level set would work best. This is to help you develop your skills into something worth the investment of better monitors. Once you’re at that level, you should consider stepping it up to more of a performance or functional kind of monitor set. This is crucial for helping you take your talent to another range. These five monitors will show you what to gauge and how each provide a certain type of convenience. What are some in-ear monitors that you use for drumming? Please drop a note below.

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