Best Intermediate Trumpets [Updated Jun 2024]

When you learn the basics of playing the trumpet, you will come across the need to purchase an intermediate level trumpet. These trumpets are quite expensive when compared to the beginner level trumpets available for purchase. That’s why you need to be careful to get hold of the best trumpet available out there. We will share some of the best intermediate trumpets available for purchase out there as of now.

Best Intermediate Trumpets
Reviewed and Compared

1 - Stagg WS TR215S Bb

Stagg WS TR215S Bb
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  • Excellent build quality and sound output
  • Durable
  • Adjustable third trigger
  • Case is not the most durable

The stainless steel valves of the TR215S are protected by a soft casing that may be transported to and from rehearsal. Because instruments belonging to this price tag tend to have less stringent quality control than more costly models from businesses that have been operating for longer, there is also the possibility of significant fluctuation in construction quality.

Though it is in the same category as the Jean Paul model, the Stagg WS – TR215S trumpet is worth highlighting as one of a few models that come in at this extremely low price. Although getting the costliest and best isn't always the greatest option, the Stagg will provide you with an instrument that plays better than some of the less expensive beginning trumpets on the market and is far less expensive than some of the other models on our list.

2 - Jupiter JTR1110S

Jupiter JTR1110S
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  • Easy to tune
  • Silver plated mouthpiece
  • Affordable
  • Soft case is not the most protective

The JTR1110S trumpet includes a rose brass bell and a normal lead pipe, which gives it a richer sound than a standard bell while keeping the tone clear. It also has a third valve ring that may be used to modify intonation while playing. The JTR1110S is equipped with hand-fitted Monel valves, which are among the best available. It also has a.460" bore, which is somewhat bigger than typical yet offers a good combination of resistance and free blowing.

The JTR1110S from Jupiter hits the list for the second time. This trumpet has some similarities to the 1100, but it also has some important variances and is quite similar to other intermediate trumpets.

A soft case backpack case is also included. This case is lighter and simpler to carry than wood shell cases, but it offers significantly less protection.

3 - Jean Paul USA TR-430

Jean Paul USA TR-430
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  • This is one of the most affordable intermediate trumpets
  • Adjustable third finger tuning slide
  • It comes with a spacious case
  • Not so easy for beginners to play

The 430 includes a rose brass lead pipe and a 3rd finger tuning slide that may be adjusted. But further details, such as bore size and valve materials, are not provided by the maker, it is clear from evaluations and what we know about brass instruments that the trumpet will play well, though its lifetime may not match that of others.

Though some of the 430's features fall short of those of some of the other trumpets on our list, it fills a need for a budget-conscious customer searching for a trumpet that would perform better than beginning versions without breaking the bank on some of the other models available.

The TR-430 by Jean Paul is an instrument that outperforms its price. With so many intermediate models at the low end of the pricing spectrum, you'd anticipate a "made in China" instrument of inferior quality and inconsistency. That is not the case with the TR-430. To eliminate variability, the Jean Paul firm maintains a high degree of quality control on their instrument manufacture, resulting in a more consistent product with fewer surprises.

4 - Jupiter JTR1100SQ

Jupiter JTR1100SQ
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  • Comes with a travel friendly case
  • Durable
  • Changeable mouthpiece
  • Doesn’t always come with promised components

The reverse lead pipe on the JTR1100SQ is something you'd expect to see on a professional instrument, but you can get it on an intermediate model with the JTR1100SQ. This lead pipe configuration enables the musician to play with less instrument resistance, resulting in a freer blowing sound. The lead pipe of the JTR1100SQ is likewise fashioned of rose brass, which adds to the instrument's lifespan. It features a little larger.460" bore, which means it will have even less resistance while playing.

The Jupiter 1100 series JTR1100SQ trumpet is a high-quality intermediate trumpet. Coming from Jupiter, you know you're receiving a trumpet from a business that knows how to make amazing trumpets. Jupiter trumpets come in a variety of levels, so you'll discover characteristics that you'd find on a professional-level instrument.

The JTR1100SQ also has a stainless steel piston and an adjustable third slide with a ring. Despite the fact that the pistons are not constructed of Monel, they are nevertheless built of high-quality materials. It comes with a backpack case, which is a great addition, but it's worth mentioning that it's a soft case, so it won't provide the same level of protection as wood shell cases.

5 - King 2055

King 2055
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  • Comes with a large bore
  • Offers a seamless bell
  • Ideal for professional use as well
  • Expensive

The 2055 has a bigger bore (.462") than the other trumpets on this list, giving it a free blowing sensation. It comes with a basic wooden carrying case with plenty of room for extras.

The innovative rapid release first valve thumb trigger is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Whereas most trumpets come along with a ring or saddle that you move with your thumb to modify the slide length for intonation, the 2055 features a lever that you push with your thumb to swiftly move the slide. A seamless bell and high-quality Monel pistons are also included with the 2055. Seamless bells are a middle ground between one-piece and two-piece hand hammered bells, ensuring constant sound quality.

Finish And Materials

The brass of a trumpet is very significant. It’s not all the same. Each one has a distinct sound. For example, rose brass creates a warmer tone than yellow brass. This is because rose brass has more copper, which makes it softer and more malleable.

Trumpets often have a dull tarnish on the outside. This is because brass, like many other metals, oxidizes over time. Some people like this look, but for those who want to polish their trumpet and make it shine, there are polishing cloths that can bring the brass back to life.

If you’re looking for a high-quality trumpet, you might want to consider a lacquered finish. Lacquer is an intense coating and after it’s baked and sprayed, the trumpet comes out looking great.

Metal trumpets can be bronze, silver or gold plated. They are usually plated on top of an instrument, so the sound is minimally disturbed. The cost of plated instruments is higher and inserting gold is expensive.

From Student to intermediate – Tips for Upgrade Time

The first step in making this change is to know how much of a difference there is between beginner-level and intermediate-level trumpets.

The intermediate trumpet has more bells and whistles. It is lighter than the beginner trumpet, which makes it easier for the user to carry it around. This trumpet has a better sound than the beginner trumpet, because of its additional valves.

If you want to know if it’s time to buy a new trumpet, try holding one first. It will give you a sense of how well it fits in your hand. Intermediate trumpets are for people who have some experience but aren’t beginners anymore. They’re perfect for advanced beginners.

What Makes Intermediate Trumpets Different?

The middle ground is where you want to be. The features and build of the intermediate trumpet make it a good option for developing players. It’s not a student trumpet, but it’s also not pro-level. If you have some skills or are at least an intermediate player, the intermediate trumpet is for you.

Intermediate trumpets are better than beginner trumpets. They have better build quality and are generally easier to use. The main difference is that intermediate trumpets are made with better materials and have more functionalities. Intermediate trumpets also cost more than beginner trumpets.

If you’re a beginner and you’re looking to move on to intermediate trumpet playing, you should know this: there are two kinds of trumpets. The student trumpet is a cheap model that doesn’t play well. The intermediate trumpet is more expensive but still not as good as the professional model.

Can you use a professional instrument as an intermediate player?

You’re a new trumpeter. How do you find the right trumpet? Beginners should find an instrument that fits their skill level. If you play an instrument that’s too hard, it will frustrate you and discourage you from playing. If you play an instrument that’s too easy, it won’t challenge you and you’ll never improve your skills.

Why Buy an Intermediate Trumpet?

An intermediate trumpet is a unique set of instruments that is separate from beginner and professional trumpets. It is ideal for those who are not beginners, but still have to develop their skills before reaching the level of a professional player.

For intermediate players, the main goal is to play better. To this end, intermediate trumpets are superior to beginner models in several ways. They have a larger range of notes, a clearer sound, and a more consistent pitch.

Intermediate trumpets are generally better than beginners’ trumpets. It’s not at the level of a professional trumpet, but it’s still pretty good.

When Should You Switch to an Intermediate Trumpet?

When you’re getting your trumpet degree, you’ll need to upgrade from a beginner’s trumpet to an intermediate trumpet. Trumpets have three valves and have a lighter feel than beginner’s trumpets. Intermediate trumpets are designed to improve vibration and sound.

When you’re no longer challenged by your student horn, consider switching to a more advanced model. There is no one right answer for when you should make the switch, but generally speaking, you should make the switch when you’re frustrated with your current horn.

Intermediate Sound Quality

A fundamental requirement in intermediate trumpet repair is to improve sound delivery. As a trumpet player’s skill level increases, their instruments often lag behind in sound production.

For classical music, an intermediate guitar can sound darker and richer than a beginner’s guitar. For jazz, an intermediate guitar can sound brighter and more upbeat than a beginner’s guitar. 

Final Words

We encourage you to take a look at all these intermediate level trumpets available for purchase in the market and get hold of the best one out of them.

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