Best Drum Sticks For Rock (Updated Apr 2024)

If you’re a drummer or have a love for all things rock and roll, then you’ll want to check out this post. It features some of the most incredible drum sticks on the market today, as well as info on how to choose them based on your individual needs.

Best Drum Sticks For Rock
Reviewed and Compared

LA SPECIALS 5A Hickory Drumsticks

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  • Ideal for heavy hitters who need a drumstick that will hold up through a lot of use
  • Designed for both beginners as well as professional musicians
  • Reliable quality sticks
  • They're ergonomically designed with an hourglass shape that fits comfortably into each hand, so you can play for hours without feeling any pain or discomfort whatsoever!
  • The sticks have been made with high-quality wood harvested from trees from North America to give them their glorious colors and hardiness against
  • They can be costly
  • These drumsticks are not very durable.
  • These sticks don't match up with any company stick sizing guide, so unless you're pretty sure about what size stick you need, it would be hard to tell if these will be right for your needs or not. Finally, there is one
Drumsticks are wooden sticks, often used in conjunction with drum kits, that enable the player to use both hands to control the tempo and volume of their playing. LA SPECIALS 5A Hickory Drumsticks are for those who know their skills have improved enough to need a better quality product. These are professional standard-grade hickory sticks that provide maximum cut and power on each stroke. They're fitted with clips instead of handles, making them easier to hold (and less slippery) or clip onto your belt when not using them. They also come with natural rawhide heads, enabling applause-like sound effects for varied levels of playing intensity at critical moments like solos or overtures.

Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks

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  • It has a larger surface area for stabilization
  • It is comfortable to use
  • Its larger size makes for easier handling
  • Its balance helps with the control of tremolo strokes
  • It has three varieties - maple, walnut, and beechwood
  • Some people may find the drumsticks uncomfortable to play with
  • It is not made in 3 pairs like most sticks you'd buy at a music store
  • It may cost more when compared to other options
Wooden drum sticks are typically made of maple, birch, cherry, or oak. Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks are made of maple wood and come with three pairs in a set. One pair is 28" long while the other two are 32" each. The thickness of the tips on these drum sticks is .39mm, while the radius (or curvature) on these drums sticks is .65mm at the top and establishes to be 1/2 inch at its lowest point. The difference in sizes can be attributed to matching left-handed stokes versus right-handed strokes for most drummers.

Plastic 5A Drum Sticks for Kids

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  • Improved durability because of its material
  • They are vital to use
  • It is made for kids
  • It fits most rubberized PVC heads on various snare drums
  • It is made of plastic
  • Skilled drummers will need to change their sticks quite often
  • Too flexible, unlike the wood drum sticks
  • The size is not standard
Drum sticks are long, cylindrical pieces of material (often wood) used in playing drums. They range from a few inches to an entire yard in length and come in various materials. Pronunciation note: "stick" is often pronounced differently by drummers from different regions, with the stress sometimes on the first syllable ("st-i-ck"), sometimes on the last ("stuh-ik"), or occasionally both formant groups ('stIk). In practice, most drummers use whichever method due to tradition or preference feels more comfortable for their unique technique. So you could call it plastic 5A Drum Sticks for Kids too!

Drum Sticks 5A 1 Pair Nylon Drumsticks

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  • Wood drumsticks sound a lot better and might be a better choice for just about anyone other than a rock drummer
  • Wood sticks have a warmer, lower-pitched "hollow" crash that sounds much more natural on drums
  • They also have the potential to produce higher volumes from the farther reaches of the kit
  • Drummers can also play faster with wood sticks because they generate more power since they require less force to accomplish the same task as nylon drumsticks
  • Wood sticks are usually quieter and don't scratch up your kit as harmful. Both factors allow you muffled musical expression compared with those produced by nylon or plastic sticks which tend to do much more damage in terms of sound quality and hard impact
  • It's not suited to rudimental or traditional drumming
  • The weight of this stick doesn't provide enough projection for parts like paradiddles and single-stroke rolls
  • Not durable
5A is simply the shaft width of the drumstick, which ranges from .695 inches to .985 inches. The more narrow your grip, the tighter your playing will be - this range would be great for someone with smaller hands playing lighter styles like jazz or rockabilly. Conversely, larger hands would benefit from a wider shaft (1.10"), suitable for heavy hitters who need to control their sound on every swift movement on the drums.

Rock Stix 2 Bright Led Light up Drumsticks

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  • They provide full-color lighting on each stick that can be set to flash, strobe, or constant light
  • Last up to 30 hours per charge!
  • The colors are cool
  • Rocks send warm light down on your hands, drenching your playing surface in rich, vibrant color
  • It is made of Poly-Carbonate
  • They are expensive
  • There is no off switch
  • There have been one or two complaints about frayed wiring and short battery life
RockStix 2 is a set of four drumsticks that can light up and make your drums come alive. These are the perfect tool to play with on any occasion. The ergonomic design assures maximum comfort, even after long hours of playing. It is also ideal for recording with lights on an iPhone or iPad because it can attach claws to cellphone or tablet devices. Rock Stix 2 brings life into your drumming performance by adding effects like lasers, strobes, slow strobing, patterns, and chaser lights, not only adding visual flare but also enhancing the sound of rock music.

Anyuxin Drum Sticks

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  • The original and universal acoustic drum sticks for all styles
  • Medium-firm
  • Very durable
  • Produces a strong sound with a clean, crisp attack
  • It is an ideal choice for both amateur and professional players
  • It is very inconvenient.
  • The sticks will break into many pieces
  • There is also the problem of getting one's fingers caught in the sticks, breaking them, and changing our whole rhythm
Anyuxin Drum Sticks 5A Classic Maple Wood Drumsticks are the perfect blend of all-maple drumsticks with reinforced heads. They are robust, reliable, and durable. The Anyuxin sticks offer various models, weights, and types for every drummer's need, like rock/heavy metal drum sticks.

ARLX Drum Sticks

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  • Great for beginners and experts alike
  • Offer the perfect balance of stiffness, feel, size, and weight to create a fantastic playing experience
  • The taper on the top is enough that more advanced players can keep tight control over the stick without worrying about it spinning out of their hands
  • They're not too stiff either, so it's hard to get discouraged quickly with the awkwardness that comes with first learning how to play drums
  • Comfortable to play with
  • It quickly breaks to those heavily handed drummers
  • Not durable
  • Poor quality
ARLX drum sticks are designed to provide an outstanding balance of weight, size, durability, and cost per pair. The unique contour grip design is ergonomically engineered for improved quality of play. The counter-balance design is tuned to provide the best balance between low-frequency vibrations with fast response high frequencies.

Vic Firth American Classic 2B

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  • It's made from a variety of select hickory
  • It yields maximum impact and power
  • It has fundamental solid to blend well with a wide variety of drums
  • Hickory gives these sticks increased durability
  • It has vitality for increased control and speed needed to mix it up on stage or in the studio
  • It can give you splinters
  • Thin stick diameter
  • Too lightweight to produce slower and heavier tunes
The Vic Firth American Classic 2B drum sticks are a top seller for a good reason. They're crafted from 100% North American Hickory with a traditional oval shape and natural finish, making them the ideal hybrid between lighter sticks and stiffer ones. All of these features ensure that these sticks provide balance both in feel and in sound, which is why so many all-star drummers want to use them too!

With so many options out there, finding the right drum sticks for you can be challenging. That's why we want to help! We know it seems like a small detail, but what kind of drummer do you want to be? Comment below your answers.

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