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CB Drums is a company that makes high-quality drum sets. They offer many different drums, cymbals, and accessories to suit any drummer’s needs. CB Drums has been around since the mid-1970s, when they first started manufacturing their products. With time, they have become one of the leading companies in drumming equipment today with their wide variety of quality products.

CB Drum
Reviewed and Compared

1 - CB Drums IS3650W March and Band Drum

CB Drums IS3650W March and Band Drum
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  • Affordable
  • Great value for money
  • Produces quality music
  • Offers durability
  • It has six tuning lugs
  • It is not lightweight
  • It is not made of plastic
  • Actual size may vary when ordered online

The CBDrums IS3650 is a double lever tenor drum that is very versatile. It can be tuned to many different pitches and has multiple tuning options, including adjusting it chromatically with plain strings or using a rope wrap with natural skins. This drum features six tuning points on its upper rim, giving you even more tuning options, as well as a unique aluminum shell design that reduces vibrations for an overall quieter playing experience. The hardware features a top-of-line American-made dry dual-pivot bearing steel pedal system with felt-equipped 3/8" tension rods and Z-bar lugs that provide highly secure attachment of both batter head and snare head.

2 - CB Drums 4140 Wooden Practice Pad

CB Drums 4140 Wooden Practice Pad
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  • It will last a long time
  • Durable due to its wood planks
  • Less likely to sustain damage
  • It does not flex under pressure as metal does
  • It is rigid and stays put
  • Expensive
  • It not lightweight
  • Small in size

The CB Drums 4140 Wooden Practice Pad is made of musical solid quality wood with rich, natural sound. It was designed for drummers at all levels, from beginner to professional.

The sound from this pad is excellent, and the wooden board gives just enough bounce back to simulate hitting a real drum head without being too hard on your hands. Great product that will be used by a child who just started playing the drums!

3 - CB Drums Junior Drum Set (JRX55-PKBK)

CB Drums Junior Drum Set (JRX55-PKBK)
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  • Designed for kids up to the age of 10, giving them an accessible introduction to the drums
  • Improved sound quality
  • Durable
  • Sized proportionately
  • Fit smaller hands comfortably
  • It may have thin plywood shells

  • It may develop cracks over the ring

  • It may be too small for adults

CB Drums Junior Drum Set (JRX55-PKBK) is a perfect drum introduction. The set includes four 14" drums made of durable, easy-to-grip plastic. With the help of this CB drums junior drum set, your child can learn about musical dynamics and get them started on their musical path!

The instrument offers high-quality, balanced sounds appropriate for educational or performance settings. Physically they are light in weight but provide good resonance with tight tuning heads at affordable price ranges, making them ideal for schools and students needing inexpensive hardware. It is perfect for beginners--adult players will find many different tones when playing these drums because it has four uniquely toned drums.

4 - CB Drums 4188 Tunable Tambourine

CB Drums 4188 Tunable Tambourine
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  • Durable hardware
  • Reliable craftsmanship
  • Solid Design
  • Accurate pitch definition
  • Excellent tone quality
  • Soundwaves are too low
  • It seemed cheaply made
  • Some find it weak

The Tunable Tambourine was recently released in October 2005.

The CB Drums 4188 Tunable Tambourine features a heavy-duty tuning stand, tunable with the included tuning wrench, perfect for the percussionist on the move.

The instrument is built to provide life-like response and projection, thanks to its full dynamic range of sound dispersion, a wide array of dimensions; solid design; quality materials; reliable craftsmanship; durable hardware, accurate pitch definition, and excellent tone quality.

Weighing only six lb., this cymbal is not only lightweight but compact as well, allowing it to be transported with ease (even by one person).

5 - CB Drums CBE-11S Stand Base For Percussion Kit

CB Drums CBE-11S Stand Base For Percussion Kit
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  • Collapsible
  • It will fit into any vehicle
  • Space-saver
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Lower than other stands
  • It seemed flimsy
  • It is currently unavailable

CB Drums CBE-11S Stand Base For Percussion Kit is a percussion stand for most music drum set from CB drums. It features three adjustable spikes, which hold the bottom bowl up off the floor to reduce unwanted vibrations. The mounting bracket's tube length adjusts with a quick-release clamp, and the tube sleeve is nickel-plated steel, giving excellent sound transfer properties.

This stand is commonly used as a replacement or upgrade for standard single post lightweight stands with musical instruments, often posing a risk of toppling over during performances. It can also be used as second support near another standing instrument if required.

6 - CB Drums 3349 Bi-tone Mallets

CB Drums 3349 Bi-tone Mallets
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  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • It is shorter than other mallets
  • It seemed bendable
  • It felt like a toy

CB drums are the company providing the best drum sets for beginners. Mallets are made of wood or felt. The 3349 bitone mallets are used for color.

CB Drums is a company that specializes in the production of high-quality musical instruments, especially drums. A set of drumsticks is composed of either two, three, four, or five pieces with different lengths depending on the purpose it fulfills in other circumstances. The players can have varying approaches to conceptualizing what they want to do musically, and then they choose sticks that will enable them to achieve this without any difficulty.

7 - CB Drums 3553 Shell Mount Leg

CB Drums 3553 Shell Mount Leg
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  • Offers stability
  • Sturdy
  • It keeps drums snuggly fit
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • The spring mechanism is too light
  • It tends to release when marching
  • It has a heavy bolt type mechanism

The CB drums 3553 Shell Mount Leg is a drum mount that bolts into the shell of your drum, giving you multiple options for where to put it. With this product, you can have your drum tilted back at an angle, making it easy to use as a stand-alone snare. Alternatively, you have the option of converting the CB Drums 3553 Shell Mount Leg into a raised bass drum by installing additional floor hardware.

The CB Drum Company’s mission is to provide quality drums at affordable prices.

8 - CB Percussion 6854 Bell Kit

CB Percussion 6854 Bell Kit
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  • Unique design
  • Incomparable performance
  • Unbeatable construction
  • Handcrafted in small batches
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • It is not lightweight
  • Rubber feet may easily fall out
  • Sound quality may be muffled

The CB percussion 6854 bell kit is an affordable and versatile 4-piece set that offers a diverse range of sounds and textures to suit various types of music. The cymbals, bass drum, and snare drum all feature the famous fast-convenient rock-top free rock system for quick adjustments without lugs or nuts, while the smaller size means it can be comfortably played as a five-piece or as a three-piece kit.

The drums in this four-piece pack come with pre-installed legs, each comprising two chrome-plated brackets for mounting on the bass drum and two adjustable 5/8" rubber feet on which you attach the tom-sized stands by using clamps.

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