Best Djembes for Drum Circles

If you’re looking into buying a djembe, then you would probably want to make sure you get the best. In that case, you’re on the right page. After this review, you should be able to know what to look for in the right drum, the diverse sizes and brands, and the best budget djembes. Are you ready?

Picture Name My Verdict
Remo Mondo Earth Series Very Durable Check Price
Aklot Mahogany It is Very Affordable Check Price
Africa Heartwood Project It is Very Durable Check Price
Novica Think Together Tweneboa Djembe Look amazing Check Price

1 - Remo Mondo Earth Series

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  • An incredible and distinctive brown design
  • Excellent value for money
  • Produces high-quality sounds
  • Very durable
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Is it costly

This modern drum is stunning and unusual, and the design would intrigue you to buy it. According to reviews, it is one of the top djembes that got more five stars than any other drums in the marketplace. It comes in sizes of 10”, 12” and 14”.

This perfect piece is a product of the company, Remo. They have a long history of producing unusual and top-notch African looking drums and skins. When you assess the drum body, you will discover it has the Remo signature. The shell, on the other hand, is from their acoustic composite material.

With a hit, you will notice that the basses are pretty deep and rich. The highs also are crisp and clear, perfect for a soloist drum. It is also easy to tune, unlike some drums that usually give users a headache. Furthermore, it comes with a protective rubber foot, which you can use to protect yourself while on a gig.

The only glaring shortcoming with this drum is not coming with a strap. For lack of a belt, many drummers are quick to move over to the next drum. But if you don’t mind the missing feature, rest assured you will enjoy this drum.

2 - Aklot Mahogany

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  • One of the best unique djembes in the market
  • It is very affordable
  • Offers tremendous value for money
  • Produces rich and vibrant sound


  • It is a small drum, but perfect for beginners

This outstanding piece is one of the affordable drums that has a warm and gorgeous sound. The first element that would catch your attention is the distinctive design, which comes with a hand-painted shape that is surprisingly beautiful.

Another fantastic fact is that it is from a mahogany tree, which helps with the best sound and projection. Due to the thickness of the wood, the drum can create an impenetrable and full-bodied sound that gets everyone tapping their feet.

Another exciting aspect is the goatskin drumhead, which emanates vibrant and rich sounds that rhymes very well. This drum is great for beginners, intermediate, and professionals alike. It can perform in any musical activity, and can even stand out in a group performance.

For studio recordings, it is also an excellent choice. However, you will need to tune the drum with the ropes, to get your desired sound. If you’re looking for the best djembe built with durability in mind, then this fabulous piece is the deal.

3 - Africa Heartwood Project

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  • A beautiful, handmade djembe
  • It produces warm and rich sounds that resonate
  • It is very durable
  • You can support local communities in Africa by buying the drum


  • It is costly

This drum is a product of an African non-profit organization, intending to support drum makers all across West Africa. They want to preserve the rich history of Africa through the production of incredible djembe that resonates with rich and unusual sounds.

This instrument, unlike any other, is a symbol of a masterpiece, delivering divine, ultimate experience to drummers. It is a handmade drum, and the attention to details is what sets it aside from other drums in the market.
When you beat this drum, you produce vibrant, warm sounds that resonate, thereby reminding you of the beauty of Africa and its history.

The durable hardwood skin and the goatskin drumhead creates an outstanding open tone and a wide range of frequencies. The bass tones are sharp and sturdy, making it one of the best drums you will ever get.

Mind you; it is a pricy djembe. But the value and sound are what has made it a centerpiece in the world of drumming. If the design and quality is not a good reason to buy this fantastic drum, perhaps supporting local communities in Africa would do it.

If you want a drum that will stand out in a live performance and studio session, then you’ve got yourself a deal.

4 - Novica Think Together Tweneboa Djembe

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  • It is a beautiful piece, handcrafted and decorated to
  • look amazing
  • One of the best authentic handmade drum in Africa
  • Produces a fair sound quality that beginners would love
  • Supports drum makers in local communities in Africa
  • It is very sturdy and durable


  • It is very costly
  • Not suitable for professionals’ drummers
  • Not recommended for live or studio recordings

This handmade drum is one of the most authentic pieces in the market. Although it is pretty expensive, a handcrafted drum with so much attention to detail sure deserves the tag. A look at the design, you will discover some faint faces at the drum base.

The sound of this drum is outstanding and produces rich and warm tones. Unlike other drums, the makers finished it individually, making it more unique and authentic. It was handmade using traditional techniques that look so African.

Although when it comes to professional sound, this djembe doesn’t cut it. However, it is best for beginners and intermediate as long as they stay away from a live performance or studio recordings.

Overall, it is a fantastic djembe that is beautiful and authentic. When you buy this drum, you are supporting drum makers in local African communities.

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