6 Best Earplugs For Drummers

What are the best earplugs for drummers? It’s a question that plagues every drummer at one point or another. Drumming is an extremely loud activity, so it makes sense that you want to protect your ears against hearing loss and tinnitus caused by prolonged exposure to high-volume noise.

If you’re a drummer, your ears have likely taken a few hits over the years. And even with earplugs, there are still some sounds that you can’t block out. But how do you know which ones? There are many different types of earplugs for drummers on the market. Some block out high-pitched noises, while others reduce sound levels by up to 30 decibels. Find the best one for your needs and protect your hearing in style.

Picture Name My Verdict
Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs They offer 27dB protection Check Price
Alpine Hearing Protection Classic Earplugs Provide comfortable and reliable protection Check Price
Vic Firth Vicearplug Hearing Protection High-quality hearing protection Check Price
LiveMusic Hearsafe Ear Plugs Better sound quality Check Price
Earasers Musicians Plugs Very durable Check Price
Loop Quiet Earplugs Soft, snug-fitting Check Price
Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs Protects against hearing damage Check Price
Mute Audio M-Series M7 Musician Earplugs Clear communication Check Price

1 - Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs

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  • They are molded so that they clasp perfectly into the ear canal, making them perfect for musicians or music lovers
  • With a "tuned" instrument, you can hear varying levels of the frequency with just one pair of earplugs
  • Answer:
  • They offer 27dB protection
  • A one size fits all design and is made with silicone housing
  • A few folks report that these new earplugs can be noticeably uncomfortable in small ears or average-sized ears when inserted to the brim
  • Plastic is also said to cause friction which then causes discomfort during use
Vibes High Fidelity Ear Plugs, made by Vibes, look and feel like a comfortable headset, but they absorb the damaging sound frequencies and reduce noise levels up to 24 dB. They are perfect for musicians, music appreciators who want to protect their ears from prolonged exposure to loud sounds.

2 - Alpine Hearing Protection Classic Earplugs

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  • Provide comfortable and reliable protection against hearing damage for both drummers and concert-goers
  • The universal size fits a range of ear canals, and kids can use them too, as they are minimal in size
  • It is also designed with an intelligent back that maximizes comfort by eliminating pressure points
  • It even has an external cord design to prevent intrusion into the ear canal when the headband is drawn tight over your eyes in cold weather conditions
  • You may still hear external sounds
  • Uncomfortable since it traps wax which causes irritation
Alpine Hearing ProteAlpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musiciansction offers a wide range of hearing protection products, including earplugs for musicians and music enthusiasts, children, hunters, and shooting enthusiasts. The Classic Earplugs are designed to offer the widest sound suppression for typical live music. The noise reduction rating (NRR) is 26dB and provides excellent protection without affecting the sound quality. These earplugs include a box of 10 pairs that will last you quite a while, with your Alpine earplugs providing maximum comfortability on long-wear occasions such as rehearsals or concerts.

3 - Vic Firth Vicearplug Hearing Protection

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  • Provide excellent protection, comfort, and ease of insertion,
  • An affordable option for high-quality hearing protection
  • It sits in your ear canal rather than over your ears
  • May block some sounds that may be crucial to your music
Vicearplugs is a patented design of earplugs for musicians, engineered to be uniquely soft and capable of preserving audio fidelity.

4 - LiveMusic Hearsafe Ear Plugs

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  • Reduction in volume
  • Better sound quality
  • The patented molding process provides the earplugs with two customizable points that will not erode over time
  • Make it difficult for low frequencies to pass-through
LiveMusic Hearsafe is a revolutionary new design in acoustic musician's ear protection that replicates human hearing so drummers and musicians can be themselves on stage without risking hazardous sound exposure levels.

5 - Earasers Musicians Plugs

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  • Made of silicone and offer rich sound isolation
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Very durable
  • Having to reinsert them every hour or so when they have shifted in your ears
Earasers Musicians Plugs are designed to provide significant noise reduction while being comfortable enough to wear for long sessions. The patented filter design eliminates potentially harmful loud transient noises by naturally reducing the highest frequency sounds and deep low frequencies.

6 - Loop Quiet Earplugs

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  • Soft, snug-fitting and will block out most of the noise
  • Triple-layer design and low-pressure rating make them one of the most comfortable plugs
  • Fragile foam or lightweight cloth construction
  • Less bulky, more discreet, and provide better sound discrimination
  • An uncomfortable or ill-fitting pair can cause pain while wearing them and could also lead to damage in the inner canal or eardrum over time
Loop Quiet earplugs are unmatched in a world saturated with foam or classic earplugs. The reason is that the company designed these one-of-a-kind hearing protection devices to be imperceptible. When you add up the two main adverse effects of loud sound – damage and fatigue – you have more than enough reasons to buy our product.

7 - Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

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  • Excellent protection when playing at beats over 120 dB
  • Protects against hearing damage
  • Loss of sensitivity in the drums
  • Difficulty judging dynamics
Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs are specifically designed to reduce volume and cut out less high-frequency sounds necessary for music. They're also engineered to be super comfortable and inexpensive, perfect for drummers.

8 - Mute Audio M-Series M7 Musician Earplugs

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  • Help in hearing protection
  • Clear communication
  • Block unsafe sound levels while bringing in necessary frequencies for a band's needs
  • Can also block out some of the audio required to keep a beat
  • Musicians who have been used to drumming with acoustic gear may find it difficult to adjust when playing with an amplified kit
  • Health problems of constantly plugging your ears
Mute Audio has announced that it's introducing the new M7 Musician earplugs for drummers. With a rating of 25 dB NRR, these high-fidelity silicone plugs provide personal hearing protection with an affordable price tag for musicians and touring professionals.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best earplugs to protect your hearing from loud noises like drums and music, try one of the earplugs in this list. The best part is you can also find them online at an affordable price. Comment below on which types of plugs have worked well for you.

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