Best Electric Guitars Under $300 (Updated May 2024)

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy an electric guitar. There are some outstanding guitars available for purchase under $300. To make sure that you don’t end up with buying an incorrect product, we thought of sharing a list of the best electric guitars available for purchase in 2022. You may go through the list and end up with getting the best product.

1 - Pacifica PAC112V by Yamaha

Pacifica PAC112V by Yamaha
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  • Quality sounds
  • Comes with a HSS pickup configuration
  • Versatile
  • Frets are a bit sharp

Yamaha produces excellent basses and acoustic guitars, but its electric guitars are often overlooked. The Pacifica is an exception, and then in my view, this is one of the greatest low-cost guitars available. It's a simple guitar that gives a bit more than you'd think for the price. It has an alder body with such a bolt-on wood neck and rosewood fingerboard, HSS pickups, a vintage-style tremolo mechanism, and a coil tap for a single voice with bridge pickup.

The Pacifica is a flexible guitar that can be used for rock, jazz, or country music, and it has established a reputation as an outstanding beginning or intermediate guitar. There are cheaper versions available, but the PAC112V definitely provides the greatest value for your money and receives a lot of really favorable feedback.

2 - Rhoads, Jackson JS32

Rhoads, Jackson JS32 Beginner
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  • Heavy metal guitar
  • Ideal for playing both metal and rock music
  • Beginner friendly
  • String height and intonation requires some adjustments

Jackson has long been associated with heavy metal guitars. Jackson guitars were sleek and quick and have long been regarded as among the best guitars for shredders. Classic Jackson body designs like the King V, Rhodes, Warrior, Dinky, or Kelly are all fantastic, but the high-end versions are beyond reach for many players. Fortunately, Jackson will not really leave us cash-strapped guitarists out from the picture. The Jackson JS Series is a series of vintage Jackson guitars designed for beginners and intermediate musicians. They come standard with hot Jackson pickups, double-locking tremolos, quick necks, and, of course, the distinctive Jackson "shark fin" fret marks.

If you play metal or rock, the Jackson JS series has some of the greatest low-cost electric guitars on the market. I was skeptical at first, having had some experience in terms of Jacksons, however after playing a couple, I'm confident in recommending these to metal musicians on a budget. The Rhoads are my personal favorite. It's a body form I'm familiar with, and my first genuine guitar was a Rhoads model. It screams metal to me from start to finish.

3 - Standard Telecaster by Squier

Standard Telecaster by Squier
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  • Ideal for playing classic tones
  • Comes with an iconic design
  • Versatile
  • Knob positions are a little odd

The Telecaster is, of course, the other pit bull in the Fender range. The Telecaster really appeared earlier, but players have already been comparing the Strat and Telecaster and fighting about which is better since the advent of the younger brother Stratocaster over 50 years ago.

After you've been with guitar for a long time, you start to have a feel for it. Both of these instruments have classic designs that have withstood the test of time, and although each fills a somewhat different niche, it really boils down to personal opinion.

The Telecaster isn't as adaptable as the Strat, but it has a unique tone. And if you're seeking the best option around $300, the Squier portfolio has a few options.

4 - Les Paul Studio LT Epiphone

Les Paul Studio LT Epiphone
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  • Classic design
  • Incredible craftsmanship
  • Ideal for both beginners and intermediate players
  • Buzz problems

Gibson owns Epiphone, which is well-known for its guitars such as the Les Paul, SG, or Explorer. Gibson guitars are among the greatest in the market, with exceptional workmanship and design. The Epiphone Les Paul Studios LT is a fantastic option for a guitar in this price range since it is licensed to create Gibson-style guitars.

Epiphone guitars have both supporters and detractors. Personally, I like them a lot. Epi Les Paul sounds and plays like Les Paul, which is a major compliment from me. The Epiphone Les Paul Studio LT, in my view, is an excellent alternative for beginners or intermediate musicians who don't yet have the funds or knowledge to invest in a pro-level instrument.

Of course, the Studios LT is not a Gibson, but for a thousand dollars cheaper, no one expects Gibson excellence. However, it is a genuine Les Paul and a method for beginner and intermediate guitarists to achieve that Las Paul sound and feel without having to spend their college funds. It even has a mahogany body, similar to a Gibson Les Paul.

5 - Fender Squier Standard Stratocaster

Fender Squier Standard Stratocaster
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  • Popular among experienced guitarists
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Iconic design
  • Lack of smoothness in fret edges

You may have not heard of Squier, but you have most likely heard of Fender. The Fender Strat is among the most famous guitars in rock history, having been used by great musicians since the 1950s. Because Squier is owned by Fender, novice guitarists may get their hands on a genuine Stratocaster straight away. Check out the Squier variants of the Stratocaster or Telecaster if you're searching for a great value.

The Squier Standard Strat is an excellent choice for dedicated beginners or guitarists who want to go beyond their initial instrument. Many serious players, on the other hand, value what Squier has to offer.

Most people are pleasantly surprised by Squier guitars. They feature a fantastic feel, sturdy components, and a tone that rivals Fender MIM Stratocasters. Squier is the ideal example of a guitar brand that understands how to offer you whatever you need to sound excellent without all of the extraneous bells and frills that raise the price of the instrument.

Go through these affordable options and pick the best guitar that you can buy under $300.

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