Best Free Drum Samples (Updated May 2024 )

If you’re looking for free, royalty-free drum samples to use in your productions, look no further. We have a whole bunch of them right here! Some are organic, and some are programmed, but they all pack a punch that will get you moving. You can listen to each one or download it straight from the site so you can start producing your new sounds immediately. Take a look around and see what tickles your fancy. Be known with the Drum Sets History

What are Drum Samples?

A drum sample is usually the result of the processed audio recording of acoustic drums. They are among the most common sound samples found in music production and DJDJ software. Drum Samples come in a variety of styles, depending on how they are being used. 

Drum Samples can be pitched or unpitched, with listed drum samples often tuned to be similar to current pop or hip hop songs’ genres (e.g., trap). You should also consider the length and quality of the drum sample before you start chopping them up for use. Long uninterrupted sections will more efficiently function as a rhythm section in songs than chopped-up versions due to inherent human earbud listening habits. 

Drum Samples are a way of categorizing beats and drum kits to be accessed quickly without scrolling. Based on the context of the question, it is simply a faster, more efficient way to find specific beats or acoustic sounds that may be desired for music production. This eliminates the hassle of scanning through different tabs or tedious scrolling to access selected elements. Visit Stage Rocker Drum that provides a complete set for drummers.

Lastly, some websites contain many free loops and sample libraries with sounds that have been categorized within their directory list. Here are some of them.

Converse Sample Library

Converse Sample Library is a free drum samples website that allows you to upload your favorite drum kits or customize existing drum kits with presets. It has an on-demand service that delivers fresh hi-res samples in various formats from anywhere around the world. The service is capable of helping you fast-track any project by supplying genre-only sample packs. With easy accessibility and creative options, this site provides one for all needs for music producers, hip hop artists, electric guitarists, and more with instant downloads of assorted musical instruments right at your fingertips.

Real Drum Samples

Actual Drum Samples provides a HUGE range of drum samples, free for use in any commercial download. Aside from being completely free to use – and always free with NO registration or payments ever required – their drums are great and high quality. They have everything, from classic rock drums to dirty south 808s, funky 70’s breakbeats, to complex electro-synth samples! If you’re looking for some usable drum samples, then this is the one-stop-shop for you!

Bonus Fact: For any would-be producers or engineers out there who can’t afford thousands of dollars worth of expensive drum machines and synthesizers so that they can get a sample pack that has what they need – these guys have got you covered.


Looperman is a free drum samples website. Looperman’s mission is to create the best-sounding loops and jingles for producers who need inspiration, instrumentals for film/TVTV composers, or cool loops to play out of their sampler. Collectively, their site has been downloaded over 500 million times. Every week, they release fresh content from some of the world’s top producers and artists, such as Illmind, Epidemic Sound, and Fz & Gz. And all tempos are available! From 90bpm Hip Hop to 150bpm Drumstep – you get it all at Looperman. 

WAWA Production 

WAWA Production is a free drum sample website and blog with high-quality sound samples of every modern style of music. WAWA Production has been created for producers to have easy access to high-quality drum sounds free of charge. They take pride in their professionalism and dedication to excellence, tailoring around your needs so you can get the best experience from downloading the precious instrumentals available! As we speak, thousands upon thousands are already benefiting from learning about this company.


Loopcloud provides a free drum samples website that allows anyone to download and use the world’s highest quality drums without needing any equipment or expertise.

Loopcloud has been providing high-quality sounds for over ten years, giving both professional and home studio producers access to this one-of-a-kind content. The library includes more than 13 GBGB of loops, including drums from all over the world: Latin America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. You can also create your sound packs with Loopcloud’s in-house plugin – “Dub Box.” It offers an endless experience of sound exploration that takes you on a virtual journey around the world.


Cymatics is a free website where you can download drum sample packs. Cymatics drums offer top-notch sound design tools that allow you to make professional sounding beats. The variety of high-quality sounds and samples ensures there’ll be something for everyone’s style, including urban tunes, trap music, ambient music, and more. There are also many tutorials available on the site. 


LiveSchool is an online drum resource that provides access to high-quality samples, lessons, and articles from the world’s top drummers.

It is a free resource for drummers that combine excellent sound quality with practical playing information from professionals. And they also offer a free weekly newsletter with tips solely focused on helping drummers become better at their craft. 

Function Loops

Function Loops has a variety of sounds for people to use in their productions free of charge. There are over 700 professional quality drum samples available on the website, and all for download! This includes everything from bass drums to hi-hats, snare drums, and percussion. All you have to do is enter your email address to get an account on Function Loops. Once you are set up with an account, you’ll be able to access all of these samples without limits. You can even put together kits and download them as a zip or mp3 file! 

We hope this site will serve as a helpful resource for producers who want top-notch drum loops without having to spend hours sorting through sounds.

We’re looking for your input to help us find the best drum samples. Comment below with which of these free drum sample packs you like the most and why! If there are any other free drum sample options that we missed, be sure to let us know in the comment section below as well. 

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