Gammon Percussion Complete 5 Piece Drum Set

The full set 5 piece drum set of Gammon Percussion is an adult entry level more ideal for practicing and not really for playing professionally. It’s composed of 3 toms, a bass drum, cymbals, as well as a high hat cymbal. It’s also complete with sticks and a stool. The products are made from quality materials and have a precise rhythm. You can also look for the best sawtooth drums.


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  • It’s an amazing practice set for both kids and adults
  • It’s 100% complete
  • It has a good drum sound
  • Cymbals are low quality but replaceable
  • It doesn’t have a professional appearance

Their drum set is made of wood and metal stands that can handle misuse and impact that beginners might cause. The whole drum is coated with a high coat finish and its pedals has chains connected to connect the cymbals and bass drum tightly. A beginner won’t have to buy accessories because this set has everything needed. If you are worried it won’t produce throated deep beats, its diameter is wide enough to create it. It’s also a professional set that would allow the drummer to practice different styles. Check Gretsch Catalina Maple Review if you’re trying to learn the basics as a drummer.


  • 5 piece drum set, it has everything you will need
  • It has cymbals and a high hat
  • Made with high quality wood
  • Includes a key, sticks, and throne.

It’s structure is very stable and will resist high impact. The pipes and chains were made with quality to make sure it holds the whole set intact.


This drum set fits starters and those who want a drum set for practicing. It comes with a snare, toms, bass, cymbals, thrones, a key, a stool, and sticks. Learn more about Parts TrumpetThis will definitely teach a beginner how to use the important parts of the drums. Learn more about Parts Trumpet. Find the best feature of Pocket Trumpet.

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