How To Play a Cajon Drum (Updated May 2024)

Have you ever thought about becoming a drummer? We know that you have and we are also aware of the fact that in today’s modern world it is not possible to find a new drum set. As the economy is growing rapidly, so is inflation. Well, when it comes to drumming but not being able to find the right drum set, we have got your back. Let us introduce you to the Cajon drum which is often pronounced as “cahone” by some people. These drums have recently started to make a reappearance in the music industry. If you love drumming but are unable to use drums because of the price then worry no more. Cajon Drums will fulfill all your wishes conveniently. This is because Cajon Drums are portable meaning you can take them wherever you go. This unique drum also comes with handcrafted plywood that is six-sided making it more durable and sturdy.

How to Play a Cajon Drum? 

The Cajon Drums come in different shapes and sizes with each one of them having its own unique sound. This means that these drums are pretty fun to play. The majority of these drums might contain a hole cut at each of the four sides so that the emission of sound becomes easier. The area that contains the hole shall be placed behind you while you are sitting on the drum. The area that is in your front is the place where you can play with your hands or sticks. This surface of the drums is known as tapa or drum head. You are also free to use different positions while playing to make it easier for yourself and make the experience worth it. The main task here is to find the position that fits your requirements perfectly. Make sure that you have chosen a position that is most comfortable for you. Initially, this instrument was designed so that you could sit on it and play in any position you are most comfortable with. Through the movement of tapping with hands. You can choose if you want to straddle the box or sit on it. Just make sure that the position you have chosen is most comfortable to you while playing.

While you are drumming away, you can either tip the box or tilt it according to your liking while playing. In order to play the Cajon Drum all you have to do is open your palms and smack the faces of the drum. The position of placing your palms on the drum will decide what type of sound will be created. It is just like a rhythm that will be created when you smack the box in different positions at different times. 

Another great advantage of playing a Cajon Drum is that you will enjoy full freedom of tapping wherever you like without having to bend or reach down to your legs. This ensures a quicker delivery of sound that is produced simultaneously. You can also sit in a chair in front of your instrument and play it with sticks. Whatever you do, just make sure that the position you have chosen is comfortable for you to play in. doing this will help in maximizing your drumming experience and you can explore the limitations of your talent as a drummer. Best Tube Amplifiers.

The Type of Sounds or Tones That Can Be Produced by Playing With Brushes 

It is obvious that the sound of the snare can be produced if you hit at the upper left or right corners of the instrument while using only your wrist or fingers. The sound of the bass can be produced by hitting right in the middle of the box with the palms and with the movement of your entire arm. 

For instance, if you are trying to learn how to play with brushes, you would get a kick, hi-hat, and snare sound. If you want to produce an impressive sound with the brushes then you need to make sure that you are holding the brushes and hitting them with the part where there is the stick. In this way, the sound that will be created will be fuller and you can enjoy this experience to the maximum while using a mic as well. If you want to produce a hi-hat sound effect then it can come naturally when you hit the box with the brushes. Just listen to Easy Country Songs and it will give you pleasure in your heart.

Play The Drum With Sticks! 

The faceplates of this Cajon Drum are made with lightweight and delicate wood that can easily dent or crack. This means that you have to be very careful while playing so that you are not breaking the sticks at all. You can achieve this by being gentle while playing. It is a great quality that is possessed by many Cajon drum players so make sure that you are also on the same page as them. Doing this will enhance the overall quality of the sound that you are going to produce. The quality of the sound that you produce will be determined by the movement of your hands and how you manage to play the music in your session. So make sure that you are doing everything in your power to make use of these affordable Cajon drums! 

One more thing that you can do is to produce sound is to place your foot against the front and make sure that you are pushing against the box. After this, you can release the pressure gradually. Doing so will pitch the sound of the entire drum. If you want to see how it works for you personally then you can always base your preferences according to your liking. Pick Noiseless Strat that produces clarity and harmonic attributes.

Playing the Cajon Drum can be a lot of fun as you are sitting comfortably and enjoying the music that is being played by the smacking of your palms. By sitting on the box you become more in control of the instrument and play it according to your own liking. 

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