How to Record Electronic Drums to Your Computer (Updated May 2024)

After you purchase an electronic drum set, you will get the opportunity to record the sound produced by it without going through any struggles. In fact, there is more than one method available for you to proceed with the recordings. From this article, we are going to share details on some of the best techniques that you can follow as of now to proceed with the recordings. All you have to do is to adhere to the methods that we recommend and try your best to get the maximum returns out of recording electronic drums to your computer. Continue to read and you will be able to get to know about the best methods available to record electronic drums to the computer. Select the better Drum Stick for the drum.

Connect the Drum Module to Your Computer via USB 

The most common method available for you to record electronic drums to your computer would be to connect the drum module to the computer via USB. All the parts of the drum, including the cymbals and pads, are connected to the drum module. Hence, you just need to connect the drum module to your computer and proceed with recording sounds. 

You will need to take a look at the drum module and see how you can connect. That’s because the latest drum modules come along with an audio interface on their own. Based on that, you will be able to connect the drum module to the computer with a USB cable. Then you can install all the drivers and proceed. Make your moment feel comfortable by listening to the music of all the Best Raspy Voiced Singer.

Things You Need to Record the Audio Output Given From the Drum Module 

In case if your drum module is old, and it doesn’t have the ability to provide sound output to the computer, you will need to follow an alternative approach. This can be done through the headphone output. This will help you to monitor the performance and practice without a struggle. However, you can also feature audio outputs, so that you can proceed with both live performances and recording.

You should make sure that there is recording software installed on the computer to proceed. It is possible to use free recording software such as Steinberg Cubase and Ableton Live to get the job done. You can find many other digital audio workstations and you may pick one of them as well. Then you should have an audio interface, which will transmit the audio outputs obtained from the drum kit and convert that to a digital signal, which your computer can interpret. The audio interfaces usually come along with the ability where you can connect to the computer via USB. You can easily install drivers for the audio interface as well. Your computer will then be able to get the digital audio signals, which you can proceed with recording.

It is also important to check and confirm that you are purchasing an audio interface, which is compatible with the operating system of the computer. You don’t have to think twice before you spend some extra money to get a decent audio interface. That’s because the cheaper models can easily break.  

Steps to Follow and Record Audio 

To make life easy for you, we are sharing the steps that you should follow. Make sure that you follow these steps and start recording audio from your drums without a challenge.

  • You should initially turn on the computer. 
  • Then you will need to connect the audio outputs given out by the drum kid module to the inputs of the audio interface.
  • Next, you will need to connect the USB output from the audio interface to the USB input on the computer.
  • You will next need to launch the audio recording software on the computer.
  • Now you should follow the directions of the audio recording software and continue to record audio. You will be able to find multiple audio tracks in the project that you are working on. You just need to select one track out of them. once you click on the recording button, the recording would start.
  • While your computer is recording audio, you can start drumming. This is where you can see the visual representation of audio waves on the computer. This will help you to understand that your drum beats are being recorded effectively on the computer.

What Should You Do When the Audio Interface is Not Recognized by the Computer?

This can happen mainly due to an issue with drivers. Therefore, you should double-check and verify that drivers are properly installed. You can go to the Device Manager on your computer and check this. If the drivers are properly installed, you should check and see whether the audio interface is compatible with the operating system. You can go through the user manual and verify this.

Next, you will need to check and see whether the USB cable that connects you to the audio interface is damaged or not. Likewise, you must inspect and see whether there are any damages to the USB port on the computer as well. If nothing works, you may connect the USB interface to another computer and see. 

How to Minimize the Static or Hiss Noises Captured During Recording?

One of the biggest challenges that you have to face is the static or hiss noises that are recorded along with the drum beats. If you buy a cheap audio interface, this is a common issue that you have to deal with. In such a situation, you should use lower volumes as much as possible. Then you can check whether you are capable of reducing noise effectively. Which is better, Electronic-vs-Acoustic?

You must also listen to the audio signal that is coming from the electronic drum to ensure that the hissing sound is not coming directly out of the drum module. It is also important to check and confirm that the hissing sound is not produced within the laptop or with any other peripherals you have connected to the computer.

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