Aerodrums Review 2022

Never would you have imagined that something so innovative as the Aerodrums will be possible. I mean, it is almost like creating sound by literally hitting the air and tapping your foot on the floor. If you are a drum fanatic or at least know someone who is, this piece of technology will be revolutionary. You can also get the best high hats in the market or if you’re looking for the best gifts for drummers. Most times, you might want to own a drum kit, but really can’t due to space. Also, the noise can be unbearable for neighbors or family members. Well, worry no more!

The guys who brought Aerodrums are drummers like you and me. The fact is, they needed something that was totally off the box. With this unusual instrument, you don’t need to sacrifice massive space in your room, nor do you need to disturb your neighbors.

You might be wondering, can Aerodrums do everything a real drum can do? What are the pros and cons? Is it easy to use? Well, you’re about to find out in this Aerodrums review. Before we delve into the smoking sections, let’s look at the pros and cons of this excellent instrument. Ready? Let’s drum!

Aerodrums Review 2020

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  • Neighbor friendly: With this fantastic instrument, your neighbor won’t have to resent you for making so much noise. You can easily listen to your beat using a headset, or perhaps turn down the volume of your speakers. With the headset, there is no way your roommates or neighbors will know you’re playing. Unless maybe you connect to an external speaker and turn up the volume.
  • Infinite Sounds: The traditional drums, like the electric drum kit, are often limiting in terms of sounds. With but Aerodrums, that issue is a bye-bye. Forget about the preinstalled music; you can add your unique sound, even produce without hassles. There is no restriction to the sounds you can play. The world of sounds is yours and yours alone.
  • Software: When many drummers heard about Aerodrums coming with computer software, they thought it was going to involve punching mysterious codes and numbers to get it working. That is ridiculous and far from the deal. The software is pretty- intuitive, which is very good for beginners and seniors. If you can click using your mouse, boot your system, and plug in the USB cable, then you’re good to go.
  • Price: Unlike electric drums, the Aerodrums is super cheap and affordable. You don’t need to rob the bank to own one of those. Neither should it cost you a hand and a leg. With a few bucks, you can have this fantastic instrument in your possession.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is top-notch when it comes to Aerodrums. The software helps tremendously in that regard, as it provides you with detailed illustrations and colorful dots to guide you. That way, you know exactly where everything is without being confused. Playing with Aerodrums is like playing an invisible drum.
  • Light sensitivity: One of the apparent disadvantages of Aerodrums is the sensitivity to light. Lights in the background can affect its performance, and thus, it is best in an area without much light. That makes it impossible to play outdoor in the open since daylight will mess up the system. An additional setback is the
  • Camera’s brightness: To folks who are very sensitive to light, Aerodrums might irritate them in which they would have to protect their eyes using sunglasses. In preparation, the package comes with a sunglass for users with light sensitivity.
  • The setups: For some weird reasons, most people tend to find it confusing setting up Aerodrums. Where a little complication might set in is probably during the installation of the software. The software takes a bit more time to finish.

Detail Of Product

Working with Aerodrums is a no brainer. Since it works with motion capture technology, it produces sounds based on your movements. When you order for this product, you will discover it comes with the Aerodrums lamp, which has a lens that you can connect to your computer. Finding the best solutions ensures more enjoyment, control and connectivity with the Best Logic Pro X Midi Controllers.

Additionally, there are two drumsticks. However, these aren’t like regular sticks. They come with reflector heads that works hand in hand with the Aerodrums lamp to produce sounds.

To play smoothly, it comes with a two-foot strap that you can use for the bass drum and hats. Pretty cool, right? Well, that is not all.

The product also comes with a product key, which you will use to activate the software and a PS Eye High-Speed Camera. If you’re in the US, you might have to order the camera separately. But if you’re from any other part of the world, the camera will come attached to the product.

When it comes to playing with Aerodrums, it is much simpler than you think. With practice, you will get the hang of it. However, you must first set it up by connecting both the lamp and PS Eye Camera to your computer via the USB ports. After that, install the software from their website and launch. With the product code, you will be able to activate the software and start playing ASAP!

Common Questions About Aerodrums

Q. Does Aerodrums look realistic?

What is your definition of real? If you are talking about sitting in front of a massive drum kit, then the answer is no. Aerodrums is pretty much like manufacturing sounds by hitting thin air. There is nothing realistic about that.

Q. Can Aerodrums get new sounds?

If you don’t like the preinstalled sound, you can always import new sounds from your computer. The sounds you can play with are limitless. There is no restriction to Aerodrums when it comes to sounds. That is one of the advantages it has against the electric drum.

Q. Can left-handed people play Aerodrums?

The answer is a firm YES. From the Aerodrums software, there is an option where you can check if you’re right-handed or left-handed. So, that should probably be the least of your worries.

Q. Can Aerodrums players also use a MIDI trigger?

Yes, they can. What that means is that you can trigger any sound in the world using your recording software. Not just that, Aerodrums can also work with virtual sound libraries like Studio Drummer, etc.


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