Alesis SamplePad Pro – An Honest and Tested Review

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  • Incredible diverse sound
  • It features an MPC-style step sequencer, drum pads, and buttons for triggering samples
  • You’re getting both a sampler with internal mic audio input as well as the familiar pattern step sequencer interface found on the popular Akai MPC-Series products
  • Lets you work fast to sequence grooves live or from scratch and then trigger them in real-time with either drum pad or pad
  • Ideal for producing hip hop to track
  • It is a toy to make people think they have more control over what they're playing, but in reality, it does nothing
  • What you play can only go so far, and when your song starts getting difficult or has glitches, just because the pads can light up doesn't mean that any of that will translate into sound on a computer file/track recorder
  • There's no DAW/plugin support either, which means you're stuck with what comes programmed by Alesis themselves, which isn't much

The Alesis SamplePad Pro is a new drum pad controller that functions as an instrument and MIDI device. The Sample Pad Pro has 16 velocity-sensitive pads with RGB backlighting, which can be used to trigger sounds from your favorite DAWs and music software. It also features a built-in audio interface so you can use it for recording live instruments or vocals. And with its compact size, it’s perfect for musicians who don’t have the space for traditional drums but want to add some punch to their recordings.

The Alesis SamplePad Pro is a programmable drum kit, a sample-based instrument with an integrated sound module.

The Sample Pad goes where you go – you could put it on your drum-kit throne or mount it to a microphone stand for live performances and recording. Included MIDI connectivity means that the Pad can be synchronized to external MIDI equipment such as DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), samplers, synthesizers, and more.

The Alesis SamplePad Pro comes equipped with 400+ high-quality sounds, including acoustic, electronic, and ethnic percussion instruments in addition to effects like loops, deconstructions of vintage drum machines, and one-shots from various keyboards, plus guitar amplifier simulations. 

Details About Alesis SamplePad Pro

The Alesis SamplePad Pro is a USB MIDI pad controller for turning music samples into easy-to-program performances. Use the pads to trigger beats, drum rolls, and other musical events like those found in Step Sequencers.

A simple yet innovative way of controlling apps can be used on your mobile phone or tablet when paired with the Alesis SamplePad Pro. This is accomplished by sending MIDI information over a Bluetooth connection without installing any drivers – turn on the device and start improvising!

How It Works

Alesis SamplePad Pro (USB) connects to an iOS device via included high-quality, low latency WIDIStick P2M9012BT adapter.

Ease of Use

Alesis sample pad can be straightforward to use. The entire software is laid out in a clear, concise manner. It’s intuitive enough where you don’t need a manual to start making beats and melodies.

All three buttons are self-explanatory, with the top button being the menu icon, the middle button being for playback of your melody/beat/sample, and the bottom button is for assigning samples on your SD card or via Bluetooth. The LCD screen tells you what mode you’re currently in (build/play) and has various shortcuts drawing attention to different features available on this small device. There’s also some pleasant music playing through its speakers when it powers up.


It is an excellent piece of machinery for beat making, and its features are up-to-date with modern-day sampling technology. This Pad can make any workstation sound like a digital studio with an excellent price and quality ratio.

Alesis SamplePad Pro is the new generation of Alesis’ megadrives™ line of drum software samplers that provide hands-on sample editing for contemporary pop, techno, hip hop, and rock music production. 


The Alesis SamplePad is a great and durable piece of equipment. Built for extended live performance (with a sequencer), the SamplePad is designed to feel like an extension of your laptop or mobile device, providing you with the responsive workflow, deep sound library, and stunning real-time visuals you need. Combined with our Trigger Finger Pro, it becomes a powerful performance tool and recording studio plugin loader all in one! It’s perfect for production work, with unlimited routing capabilities available at the touch of corresponding buttons on each Pad. 


The Alesis SamplePad Pro is an advanced sampling drum machine that lets you create the sound you want without spending hours refining the material. It can be used with acoustic drums and includes a variety of preset rhythm patterns and beats. So the price for this varies, but estimates are from $300-$350 based on Amazon’s online store.

Is It Good For Beginners?

Yes, beginners can use Alesis SamplePad Pro. The Alesis SamplePad Pro is a simple, intuitively laid out instrument for newcomers and pros to make loops and beats fast – perfect for on-the-fly creativity with fun sounds.

With 16 velocity levels per Pad, the SamplePad has an assignable level control knob that can extract nuances from the number of steps you hit it with – just like drums! You can also combine up to 8 different loops in a song by simply stacking them on top of each other and then have them play simultaneously using loop mode or sync mode.

Age Required

Alesis SamplePad Pro is recommended for musicians aged 13 and above. Younger musicians may find it challenging to play the pads with good velocity and feel, while older ones may lack familiarity with MIDI controllers altogether.


The Alesis SamplePad Pro is a keyboard controller used for sequencing musical performances. The Alesis SamplePad Pro has sixteen velocity-sensitive, pre-assigned drum pads and four assignable Slice buttons.

The 16 velocity-sensitive Pre-Assigned drum pads can be assigned with samples in the Drumkit or Synth preset folder or any sound chosen from the Samples library. Each Pad on the board will light up with its respective intensity depending on how hard it is tapped to play a sequence of notes and rhythms. 

Is It Worth It To Buy Alesis SamplePad Pro?

Alesis SamplePad Pro is a versatile MIDI controller with an intuitive layout, enhanced workflow, and streamlined editing for maximum efficiency.

It’s worth buying the Alesis SamplePad Pro because it has an intuitive interface that supports up to 16 simultaneously triggered samples that can be manipulated in numerous ways, such as pitch bending, reversing, and reverb effects. Plus, its simple layout isn’t overburdened with menus like so many other programs are. It makes using these features easily while offering just about any sound you could ask for without having to do much at all besides some quick sampler tweaks right there on the spot!

Common Questions About Alesis Sample Pad Pro

What are sample pads used for?

These pads are mainly used for drums, although they can be used for other instruments. Sample pads have a one-shot sample of really any sound you’re looking to create, and all you need to do is stomp on it to hear the sound play. They’re usually pretty small in size and convenient because they take up very little space or weight so that they can be easily transported without the need for another bulky item.

How do you play Alesis sample pad?

Alesis is a sound module that plays loops and various instruments to make listening to music with digital recordings much more enjoyable. To play the Alesis sample pad, you need an Alesis player which connects to the computer via USB or MIDI ports. Once connected, you can select whether you want to blame your keyboard or control panel by setting specific controllers before using program change messages.

How do I update my Alesis SamplePad pro?

To update your Alesis SamplePad Pro software:

  1. Follow the steps below.
  2. Find an audio interface with its power source (can’t be tethered to a computer).
  3. Connect it via USB to the Alesis SamplePad Pro unit but do not connect it to your computer.
  4. Connect the interface to a power outlet with a clamped cable or strip of electrical tape.
  5. Turn off both units (audio device and Alesis SamplePad Pro) by unplugging them from their power sources and then turning them on again in this order (start first with your laptop, then the audio device).

How do I reset my Alesis SamplePad Pro?

After pressing the “RESET” button on your keyboard, all you need to do is power on and off the Sample Pad Pro.

After a reset, the default user name (for editor access) is XYZ. For the MIDI controller, please make sure you have connected this device to a MIDI Out port of your computer for operation. The first thing you can do in SPRO Editor (after logging in) is changing this preset name accordingly using Edit->Settings menu item, which sets as username if it was not already established during the factory preset scan process. New users will now connect just fine after entering their system password that came with the product from Alesis Corporation.

How do I put samples on my Alesis SamplePad?

With your Alesis SamplePad software installed, go into the ‘samples’ folder and drag-and-drop your .wav sound files onto the frame on the sampler screen. Once you’ve dragged in all of your models, close it and press play!

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