Best Roland Electronic Drum Sets – (Updated May 2024)

A Roland Drum Set is a must-have for any drummer. It’s an instrument every musician should own at some point in their life – it’s one of those things that everyone enjoys playing with when they get the chance. With a Roland set, you can play in any genre of music: jazz, rock, or classical.

Best Roland Electronic Drum
Reviewed and Compared

Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Set Bundle

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  • It provides an authentic "feel"
  • Roland has tuned the drums to match how professional players play them so that every drum sounds perfect for what it was designed to sound like
  • Broad range of Alesis features
  • Plug and Play
  • Good Investment and Top Grade Quality feel
  • Impressive sound quality that may disturb neighbors
  • Expensive
  • Check for Cymbals cracks over time
The famous Roland quality is felt in the sound, especially the cymbals, which ring audibly. Also evident is a smooth feel to the drumming as well as natural instruments-like tones from the percussion. The legs are sturdy, and maneuver this drum set easily anywhere you want to enjoy playing, no matter who you're playing for.

Roland TD-1K Entry-level Electronic V-Drum Set

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  • Features improved cymbal response
  • Sound improvements
  • More realistic drum sounds
  • Excellent quality
  • Wide range of in-built digital drums, samples, and many rhythm patterns
  • There's a minimal set of sounds and no ability for you to customize changes in the sound using batteries as an example
  • They're also LOUDER, so it can be challenging to play them at certain times like night
  • In addition, there's no trigger feedback built-in, so it's hard to feel like you're playing the drum if that's something that interests you too
The Roland TD-1K is one of the best entry-level electronic drum sets on the market today. This kit has features that are usually only available on kits that cost nearly double what it does, and it's a perfect beginner drum set for someone just starting.

Roland Drum Set (VAD-306-1) and (VAD-306-2)

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  • Renowned Products
  • It comes with a terrific pedal set for an excellent feel
  • Immaculate Sound
  • Very satisfying to hit
  • The weight feels just right on your hands and tilts your wrists just so for even distribution of power when playing those cymbals
  • Loud Sound may disturb neighbors
  • The lack of included cymbals or adding them onto the unit will force most potential drummers in other directions before long
  • A pair of drumsticks may not be included
The Roland VAD-306K set is a good starter pack for drummers who are just getting started, but it isn't likely to satisfy severe professional needs. The Roland VAD-306K set drums are superbly playable, and many tracks can sound as if they were recorded on an expensive, quality drum kit. However, there's no denying one single issue that overshadows most of the benefits from this beginner kit.

Roland TD-17KV-SV-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit

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  • Have very few physically playable parts
  • Most of the sound is created electronically
  • There's a lot you can do without touching anything physically - for example, adding samples or triggering external devices remotely
  • Depending on where and how hard your stick hits the drum head, you can trigger different things at different volumes
  • They come with a Height Adjustable Table, HiHat Stand + Holder, and a Snare Stand for a complete carefree gameplay experience!
  • It feels less tangible
  • It is so loud
  • Like with real-world drums, the closer you hit them to one another, the more they will sound alike
The Roland TD-17KV-SV Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit features the sounds of powerful drums and percussion in 15 different drum styles, as well as expressive acoustic cymbals. Whether the musician is playing for fun or studying to become a professional, this kit will offer them high-quality sound that's very easy to operate. It also includes 200 songs for practicing and some fantastic patterned drummer backing tracks.

Roland TD-27KV-S Electronic Drum Set

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  • Built explicitly for playing electronic drums
  • It is purely program-based
  • Makes drumming simple
  • Customizable kit up to seven different variations of one drum sound at once!
  • You have more flexibility when it comes to living digital and MIDI output performance!
  • Expensive for beginners but worth it for seasoned drummers
  • You need to buy floor toms separately if you want them
  • Inconsistency on cymbal zones
The Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Set kit features high-quality parts and a reliable design that will test time. There's even an LCD to let you tweak settings on the fly with detailed visual feedback. A genuinely next-generation unit designed from the ground up as a digital instrument, with Roland drum technology, we eliminate many of the challenges faced by musicians who play acoustic drums.

Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set, Bundle with Bench, Headphones, Drum Sticks

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  • Fun to play
  • Highly realistic drumming experience
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • You can use these drums for playing live
  • It is low weight and user-friendly
  • It has a new, upgraded sound engine
  • Runs on six AA batteries
  • You may need to buy a separate snare stand and kick pedal
  • You may need to adjust its sensitivity according to your hitting preference
The Roland TD-27KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set is a great all-in-one drum set. The Roland RD-23 Digital Drum Kit offers an intuitive, natural playing experience by including mesh pads with no head tension in its design and the versatile PDX Expander for hands-on tactile control of sound and effects.

Roland Electronic Five-Piece V-Drums Acoustic Design Kit (VAD-506-1)

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  • Popular way to mix acoustic drumming with digital features
  • It can be used without any acoustic equipment on the stage, as long as there's an electrical socket nearby
  • These drums can provide all of the sounds one would need
  • More versatile
  • You can add real drumsticks skills to memorize or take part in any musical style from Jazz to Metal
  • It's not a complete drum set
  • It uses no samples or pre-recorded sounds
  • It doesn't come with stands, so you'll need to buy them separately
Roland drum sets are so much more than just drums. They're complete systems that will take you on an incredible journey through the enjoyment of sound and music, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Roland TD-50K Electronic Drum Kit

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  • Produce sounds of natural drums, with the success rate of imitation being 100%
  • It offers sound quality near-real drums and has a compact size that makes it portable
  • Great for playing gigs if you want to go to a low-cost option
  • Load time is virtually zero
  • They work well in garage band sessions, professional studio recordings, live recordings, and more
  • It has a limited sound library
  • There is no provided expansion good library
  • Price is a bit steep for its limiting sound technology
The Roland TD-50K electronic drum kit is a high-performance hybrid drum module with the latest electronic drums. The Roland TD-50K module can be set up for live or studio use to complement today's most popular genres from rock and pop to traditional, world music, electronica, and more.

Roland is the world's leading manufacturer of electronic drums and percussion instruments. Founded in 1972, they are a family-owned company with a global reach making professional drum gear for over 40 years. Do you have any questions about their products? Comment below or contact us to find out more!

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