Best 61-Key Electronic Keyboards (Your Be Surprised)

If you’ve come to this page, it’s most likely because you’re seeking advice on the greatest 61-key electronic keyboards available. Maybe you’re just starting, or perhaps you’ve been playing for a while and are eager to step up your game. In any case, we are more than delighted to assist you in making your selection.

Because the market is crowded with possibilities, choosing which electronic keyboards to purchase may be difficult. When you have all of the relevant information on a number of possibilities, though, it is easier to choose the ideal one for you. All you have to do now is pick which features are most essential to you and which you can live without.

Best 61-Key Electronic Keyboards
Reviewed and Compared

1 - YAMAHA EZ-220 Keyboard With 61 Keys

YAMAHA EZ-220 keyboard with 61 keys
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  • Comes along with 100 in-built songs
  • Yamaha education suite is available
  • Offers 61 touch sensitive keyboards
  • Offers more than 390 different instrument sounds
  • Doesn’t offer some features that are available even in discontinued models

Even if this is your first time touching a keyboard, it will make you feel entirely at ease right away. It's a great keyboard to learn on, with built-in remote connection that lets you connect to the Page Turner iPad app and memory for 100 tunes. This keyboard has 392 sounds, featuring strings, percussion, and guitars, and it's compatible with Yamaha's Education Suite. For the beginning keyboard player, this is an excellent instructional resource.

2 - YAMAHA PSR-E-363 Keyboard

YAMAHA PSR-E-363 keyboard
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  • Comes along with 154 different songs
  • Offers different instrument sounds
  • Comes with multiple in-built effects
  • Doesn’t offer a sustain pedal
  • Comes with limited polyphony

This is one of the greatest Yamaha keyboards on the market. It has the Yamaha Education Suite, as well as PC & smartphone connection, much like the previous variants. This variant also has a USB connector for connecting to a music player and transferring tunes to the keyboard memory. The keyboard is small and portable, but you'll need to purchase the power cable separately.

While this keyboard has a lot of features, it doesn't offer everything you'd want in a keyboard. There are, however, a plethora of possibilities to experiment with.

3 - YAMAHA PSR-E263 Keyboard

YAMAHA PSR-E263 keyboard
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  • You can easily learn it
  • Offers value for price
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a large number of features
  • Doesn’t come along with a headphone jack

This is another example of Yamaha's high-quality keyboard. This one also comes with the Yamaha Education Suite and 100 preloaded songs. The auxiliary line may be used to connect a computer or other device. The power adaptor must be purchased separately; however, it may also be used on battery power. If mood hits and you want to play, you'll discover that this keyboard is quite light and simple to transport.

4 - YAMAHA PSR-E353 Keyboard

YAMAHA PSR-E353 keyboard
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  • Budget friendly and affordable
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Touch sensitive and lightweight keys
  • You can easily connect to mobile devices and PC
  • Offers lower polyphony
  • You will need to buy the accessories separately

Yamaha is a leading keyboard maker that prioritizes quality and supremacy above everything else. This keyboard is jam-packed with functions, instrument sounds, and other goodies. This is a fantastic choice for both beginners and experts. It contains inbuilt lessons for those who need them, as well as PC and phone connection. Because the keys are sensitive, even a light touch will generate a sound. And the louder the sound they make, the harder you push.


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  • Portable product
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a dedicated iOS app
  • You can easily connect to your smartphone or PC with the USB cable
  • Features are limited

This keyboard is compact and has touch-sensitive keys. While many individuals like playing with this keyboard, others dislike it. It works nicely with an easy-to-configure app on the iOS platform. The software enables you to experiment with different keyboard settings. The USB connector also enables you to connect to your smartphone or computer for extra educational software alternatives. This is another fantastic keyboard from Yamaha, and it seems that the lighter models are the most popular.


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  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • You can gain access to Yamaha Education Suite
  • Offers a great experience for beginners
  • Produces different voices and styles
  • Some of the sounds produced out of this keyboard are cheesy

As a budding musician or composer, this keyboard is an excellent choice. It's been dubbed the "decision keyboard" by many people. This keyboard also comes with the Yamaha Education Suite, or YES, which makes learning to play a lot easier. It includes headphones, a power source, and a keyboard stand, as well as an auxiliary jack and wire.

7 - Hamzer 61-Key Keyboard

Hamzer 61-key keyboard
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  • Offers multiple customization options
  • Excellent recording and playback features
  • Offers an excellent library
  • Keys are relatively smaller when compared to acoustic pianos
  • The keys are not touch sensitive

If you're searching for a fun keyboard, you can be certain that one will meet, if not surpass, your expectations. This is a fantastic choice for the intermediate player, who has some experience but isn't quite an expert. It consists of power wire, or 6/D-size batteries may be used. It does feature a learning option with 11 labeled notes if you're just learning. You may also record and replay your songs while studying. There are 255 timbres and beats, 61 percussive instruments, or even 24 demo songs included in the package.

Final Words

These are the Best 61-Key Electronic Keyboards available for your purchase in the market as of now. You can buy any of these keyboards and you will be impressed with the experience offered on your way.

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