Best Guitar For Small Hands (Updated May 2024)

Do you wish to buy a small guitar? Then we encourage you to take a look at the best small guitars available out there for purchase. Then you can spend your money accordingly and get hold of the best small guitar that you can get for the amount you spend. Continue to read and we will share a list of small guitars that are worth the amount you spend.

Best Small Hands Guitar
Reviewed and Compared

Picture Name My Verdict
Martin LX1 Martin LX1 Affordable Check Price
Baby Taylor BT1 Baby Taylor BT1 Top Selling Check Price
EG1C BLK V2 EG1C BLK V2 Lightweight Check Price
Backpacker Steel String Backpacker Steel String Tiny Cize Check Price
Taylor BT2 Taylor BT2 Comfortable Check Price
Martin LXK2 M. Koa Martin LXK2 M. Koa Easy to Grab Check Price

1 - Martin LX1

Martin LX1
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  • It can deliver a full tone
  • Comes with a padded bag
  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Not the best option available for people with bigger hands

The Martin LX 1 is a fantastic travel guitar. In terms of pricing, it is about twice as expensive as the LXK2 (the Koa we examined). The Martin guitar has a solid spruce top, which makes it more prone to scratches and dings, but the tone is classic Martin.

This Martin guitar has a hand-finished Rut-strata bond neck with Martin's sortise joint design, Micarta bridge, Tusq saddle, and rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets (14 clear of the body). The LXK2's tones are entirely outdone by this one. It's a terrific beginner guitar and a great option for travel, but it's more expensive and you may not want to take it on really adventurous trips.

2 - Baby Taylor BT1

Baby Taylor BT1
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  • This is a top-selling product among smaller guitars
  • You can get a natural loud experience out of it
  • A great example for a grab and go guitar
  • It is not the cheapest guitar you can buy

The Baby Taylor BT1 is the forerunner of the Mahogany body BT2. The simple instrument designed for youngsters learning guitar gained appeal among seasoned musicians searching for a compact knockabout suited for touring.

This Taylor guitar is made of solid Sitka spruce and is featured in our evaluation because it has a richer, deeper tone than the more refined model. However, we dare say the upper frets on the treble string are a touch tinier than desired, which is presumably why the second model was developed. The BT2 Taylor guitar has less bass reverb than the BT1, but they are both reasonably priced, so the choice comes down to personal preference.

3 - EG1C BLK V2

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  • It comes with a lightweight construction
  • Has excellent on-board features
  • Offers a full-sized scale length
  • It has a cheaper mini amp, which is not in a position to deliver the best sound output

The absence of a headstock makes this steel string quiet guitar shorter and lighter than a normal electronic guitar. The shadow e-tuner incorporated into the pickup provides onboard chromatic tuning. Some other noticeable features are the V2 headphone amplifier for quiet guitar practice (excellent for late night strums in hotels) and the Jack plate auxiliary input for playing along with MP3 recordings.

The gold Humbucker and creamy pickups show out against the dark mahogany body, and the special tap pot enables you to cycle among clean, boost, overdrive, and distortion tones.

4 - Backpacker Steel String

Backpacker Steel String
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  • You can buy this small guitar at an affordable price

  • It comes with a case, which weighs only around 2 lbs

  • Tiny size
  • This doesn’t look like a traditional guitar

Slim portable guitar, Martin Steel String Backpacker. Its small size & ultra-lightweight appeal make it an attractive travel guitar. It is great for backpacking and individuals who will carry it for the most of their excursion.

The Martin Steel Strings Backpacker Travel Guitar features a spruce top and is made of solid wood. The little body has comparable acoustics to a normal body form. Its distinctive body and neck design require some modification to the playing manner, which some players adapt to more quickly than others.

5 - Taylor BT2

Taylor BT2
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  • It comes with an ebony fingerboard
  • Convenient and comfortable to carry
  • Durable and solid construction
  • You cannot buy it for the cheapest price

The Baby Tay BT2 is a 34 size, dreadnought shaped, with no cutaway, and was designed as a beginner guitar for youngsters. It's made of solid mahogany and features an ebony fingerboard for easy neck navigation.

In terms of sound, it is a very powerful acoustic instrument, particularly considering its size, yet it seems to be slanted towards mids and upper frequencies. It doesn't seem as complete as the Little Martin review above because the Martin has more depth in the lower register.

If you want stronger treble tones but are unsure, this may be the first for you. The scale length is 22” to 34” with 19 frets. No lengthy hauls for the soft case, but it'll be idle on your head for playing music, camping inside the woods or playing on the beach.

6 - Martin LXK2 M. Koa

Martin LXK2 M. Koa
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  • Easy to grab and carry with you
  • This guitar doesn’t produce an empty sound
  • It has a small scale
  • Comes with a modified body when compared to an ordinary guitar

The Little Martin Koa has a 23-inch scale. It's a great travel guitar with a great natural tone. The Little Martin contains all the brand's standard quality production characteristics, such as its innovative neck mortise. It features strong 1-style bracing and is made of compressed spruce laminate.

These little guitars are perfect for small hands and youngsters, and their compact size makes them great for travel. Before he was famous, Ed Sheeran used a Little Martin to busk. The only serious issue we have with this Martin guitar is that the bag it comes in isn't designed for travel. It's dark Koa pattern is stunning. Try one of these tough guitar cases.

Go through these options and pick the best guitar out of them for your use.

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