Best Cymbals


  • It’s a standard sized cymbal
  • There’s a free 14” crash
  • The brand is known worldwide
  • Its rack is sturdy and it looks good


  • The bronze cast is not from Zildjian but from different suppliers
  • Cymbals are punched out from bronze sheets mechanically

Zildjian is known in the world of drummers as one of the best cymbal maker. This cymbals are made from B8 bronze which is 92% copper and 8% tin. Most beginner drum sets have cymbals made from brass, this cymbal which is made from bronze will definitely have a better sound. This Zildjian comes cheaper but has a more focused and brighter sound, which is a good thing.

Our verdict? This cymbal is cheap but made with quality and sounds good.

Wuhan Western Style
  • This cymbal is hand-made but is the cheapest you will find
  • It’s a B20 Bronze cymbal
  • It comes with a cymbal bag
  • Some models would have different sounds because it’s handmade

As its name make obvious, these cymbals are made from Wuhan, China. Wait, before you scroll away after knowing it’s made from China, bear for me for a few more seconds. This cymbals of Wuhan was manufactured in China because that’s the only way for them to sell a handmade cymbal pack made from B20 bronze at the cheapest price possible and the cheapest in this review. Having B20 bronze, it sounds fuller and warmer than the others in its price range. By the way handmade/hand hammering is usually a process only done to high-end cymbals because budget cymbals go through machine punching most of the time.

My verdict it’s not just the best budget cymbal in this list but in the whole marketplace.

Dream Ignition
  • It’s handmade/ hand hammered so it’s a better quality
  • It’s made of B20 Bronze
  • It has a better quality control
  • It comes with a cymbal bag for bringing it around
  • It pays off in the long run but it could be kind of expensive for beginners

Dream are known for manufacturing good quality cymbals. The dream Ignitions are made in the same factory as Wuhans but they are two different companies. Now the Dream Ignition is more expensive than the Wuhan because of the quality control. With Dream they make sure that all their cymbals of the same model sound the same.

My verdict this might be the most expensive on the list but it assures you quality.

Now, you might be wondering why MEINL and Sabian is not part of the list. This is because even if their starter pack is cheap, with those two brands once you enjoy playing you will have to buy again soon. Now for MEINL, it’s much more expensive because it comes with an 18” crash/ride which is a bit too small for a ride. Both do their jobs half well only. But yes, both of these brands have high quality cymbals that come in different sizes but this review is a best budget cymbal, so what we have here are the ones that don’t cost much but has good enough quality.


Taste in music also come in different types so what might work for us might not for you. But this list makes sure that they all don’t sound like your pans for cooking. Kidding aside, we have the best but pocket friendly cymbals listed on here to help you choose the one that would suit your taste and pocket.

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