5 Best Electronic Cymbals – Updated Jun 2024

Cymbals are an essential part of a drum kit. They add a unique crispy pop sound to make your music complete, such as those best china cymbals available in the market. So, it is quite understandable that you would want the best cymbal for your drum kit. Since the time they were first introduced, electronic cymbals have evolved quite massively. They have become more responsive, transparent, and authentic to your strikes.

There are so many options available that choosing the best electronic cymbal can be quite tricky. Now you must be looking for the best electronic cymbal for your drum setup. You have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to unveil the five best electronic cymbals that are available in the market, along with their pros and cons. Learn more about Drum Sets History.

Best Electronic Cymbals
Reviewed and Compared

Roland CY-12C 12-inch Crash Pad

 Roland CY-12C 12-inch Crash Pad
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  • Optimized velocity sensitivity
  • Accurate Triggering
  • Natural Swing
  • Choke control
  • The mounted rack can be delicate to position
  • Portability-you will have to take extra care
  • Not compatible with all electronic drums
  • Out of box presets might require adjustment

Roland CY-12C makes our list of the best electronic cymbals, and there are many reasons for it. It is all in one electronic cymbal that produces the sound that you desire from an actual cymbal. With the latest technology, this model is considered to be one of the best crash cymbals with an authentic triggering system.

The weight-balance is unbelievably realistic, and the triggering sensitivity is fantastic; every swing at it looks like you are hitting a real cymbal. The product is durable, which means you can keep on running the cymbal with accuracy for a more extended time.

Cymbals are all about the crash and choke, and with the CY-12C’s optimized sensitivity, you can keep on putting an excellent performance with its accurate triggering system. The package comes with a foldable boom-arm and an adjustable ball clamp, enabling you to position the cymbal according to your desired height. This crash pad can mimic even the smallest hitting techniques, including choking, cymbal play, and a powerful hit.

Yamaha PCY-100

Yamaha PCY-100
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  • Three different trigger zones
  • Premium quality build
  • Cymbal choke and natural swing for a realistic playing experience
  • Good Price
  • To integrate the pad in a "DTXdrums" drum rack, you need to use the CYAT500 cymbal holder, which is sold separately.
  • You cannot attach the CYAT500 cymbal holder to a HEXRACK
  • Not Compatible to all electronic drum kits
  • Positioning the rack can be a problem

Yamaha PCY-100 is a versatile electronic cymbal that comes with a 3-zone layout. These three zones are called the up zone, edge zone, and a bow zone. The unique thing about this cymbal is that whenever these three zones are hit by a stick, all of them produce different sounds; thus, you can create your own unique rhythmic cymbal sounds.

The Yamaha PCY-100’s triggering system is well optimized, and it responds accurately in its versatile nature whenever it is struck by a drumstick. It has a really great feature of mimicking the intensity of the hit, so it can accurately reproduce the choke or powerful hit. It swings just like the conventional cymbal; it makes the stick bounce and gives a very natural feeling.

Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat

Alesis Pro X Hi-HatAlesis Pro X Hi-Hat
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  • High-level calibration
  • Easy to integrate on the standard hi-hat stand
  • Natural Swing
  • Accurate triggering
  • Velocity-sensitive
  • Not so tough build (requires extra care)
  • Not compatible with all electronic drums
  • Positioning could be a problem
  • You might take time to adjust to playing it

Designed explicitly for DM8 and DM10 series drum kits, Alexi Pro X Hi-Hat will give you the natural hi-hat feel, no matter where you are. This electronic cymbal is particularly famous for its unparalleled and optimum-level calibration control.

Alesis Pro X Hi-hat, due to its fantastic calibration control, can be used to unlock your hi-hat potential. This electronic cymbal is made with state-of-the-art technology, which makes sure that you are achieving all the perks of automatic control, and at the same time, you get the feeling of striking a conventional cymbal with its natural strike.

Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat has top and bottom cymbals that come equipped with different sectors capable of producing different sounds played directly from the controller modules. If you want to unlock the maximum potential of this hi-hat cymbal, then you should perform an update of firmware to achieve smooth and ideal calibration.

With its calibration, you can play different sounds all at once, and the fact that it can be integrated on a standard hi-hat stand makes it ideal for converting your drum kit into an electronic setup.

Alesis DMPad 12″ Hi-Hat

Alesis DMPad 12″ Hi-Hat
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  • Dual-sensing trigger zone
  • Accurate triggering-system
  • All-natural Swing
  • Velocity-sensitive
  • Requires extra care
  • Not compatible with all electronic drums
  • Positioning could be a problem
  • Strike sensitivity needs a bit of improvement

If you want to replace the hi-hat trigger in the Surge cymbals, then you should opt for Alesis DMPad 12″ Hi-Hat. With an accurate triggering system, it would feel like you are playing on a conventional acoustic cymbal. You will not even notice the change, and it is best for the people who are trying to switch to the electronic cymbal, from the first strike to the rebound, everything will feel familiar.

If we talk about the sensitivity, then Alesis has done a remarkable job. This particular electronic cymbal will respond accurately to your strikes, whether you are hitting it hard or just choking, this cymbal will not disappoint you.

Alesis DMPAD comes with a dual-sensing trigger zone, so you will get a different sound when you strike the head and the rim of the pad.

Pintech Percussion TC14 14″ Trigger Cymbal

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  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Accurate Triggering
  • Affordable Price
  • Low build quality if compared with its competitors
  • No strike sensitivity
  • Only has one volume
  • Positioning the mount rack could be a problem

Pintech Percussion TC14 series is one of the best electronic cymbals out in the market since it comes with a very silent playing surface and a very accurate sound-producing system. This is a versatile cymbal pad that encapsulates different layouts; can be played as a dual or single-zone layout.

This particular electronic cymbal is capable of producing some accurate cymbal sounds, giving you an all-natural feel of an acoustic cymbal. You can perform different sound techniques with minimum effort with the best outputs. The build material is of top quality, which will make sure that the cymbal will last even your hardest strikes for the longest of times.

With flawless tracking ability, the name of this electronic cymbal has spread like wildfire in the music instrument industry. The Pintech TC14 is lightweight, has a very silent surface, gives a natural feel, and it’s durable, what else do you need from an electronic cymbal pad? It is undoubtedly one of the best out there. If you enjoy making beats on keyboards, we have provided you with the very Best Keyboard Workstations.

Aside from the fact that you will need a new set of cymbals if your drum kit doesn’t have it, you may want to opt for electronic cymbals because they fare better than traditional cymbals that are way too noisy.

You may have tried it already. While traditional cymbals give you the old drum feel, it is not good if you plan to practice the entire day. While you may enjoy the sound of yourself playing, your neighbors may not feel the same way. Also, it imposes limits on when you can practice. For example, you cannot practice at night, for it will cause too much of a stir and may even result in your neighbors reporting you for being too noisy. Electronic cymbals give you this freedom. It has a volume down button, which you can use to alter the sound of your cymbals. This way, you can play and listen to yourself without bothering anyone.

Plus, electronic cymbals give you more freedom when it comes to the cymbals’ tones and sounds. You can choose the styles in your settings, and you can further alter it when you have computer software—having these cymbals allow you to have more freedom when it comes to producing unique sounds for your music.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Electronic Cymbals

There are some things that you have to consider if you plan to buy some electronic cymbals.

1. Compatibility

First, you need to ensure that the cymbals you are getting are compatible with your existing drum set. You’ll want something that can fit your existing stands and mounts so that you don’t need to buy a separate group. You also need to ensure that it works, and the sound goes well with the other drums in your kit.

2. Price

You may also be buying some electronic cymbals with a budget in mind. You may have to limit yourself to the cymbals that you can afford.

 3. Quality

But the price is not the only factor that you should consider. It would help if you also looked at the overall quality of the body of the cymbals. Ideally, you’ll want to buy cymbals from reputable brands. It usually has a warranty for the cymbals you are buying, so it is far better to stick to them.

4. Purpose

As mentioned, electronic cymbals have more function buttons and can produce more sounds. But it would help if you chose an electronic cymbal based on your purpose. Do you want to use it for practice? You may want to select one with volume down buttons to keep practicing even when people are sleeping. Do you plan to use it for public performance? If that’s the case, you may need some electronic cymbals with louder and high-quality sounds. So it is essential to consider your purpose when choosing your cymbals.

If you have decided that you will buy some electronic cymbals for your drum kit, here are some things that you must do.

Step One: Take a look at your current drum kit

It would help if you based the electronic drum you plan to buy on your current drum kit. You need to take a closer look at your drum set to ensure that it allows electronic cymbals.

Step Two: Accurately measure your stands and drum modules

Once you have worked that out, you will then need to measure your stands and modules accurately. It will help you find the right cymbals to fit your drum kit.

Step Three: Consider your purpose.

As mentioned, you should always consider your purpose before you buy your electronic cymbals. If you need it for practice, then you don’t need to buy an expensive kind. The affordable type will usually serve your purpose.

Step Four: Define your budget.

Aside from the purpose, you should also consider your budget. It will help you to limit your choices to the electronic cymbals that you can afford.

Step Five: Consider your playing style

You may also need a different electronic cymbal based on your playing style. So you may want to consider the sounds that the cymbal produces to see if it fits yours.

Step Six: Try to get a feel of the cymbals before you buy it.

It is also advisable to always try to feel the electronic cymbals before you buy it. You may need to see if a specific size or height fits your playing style. If you are eyeing a particular type or brand, it will help try it first before buying it. Even if you plan to buy it online, you can always see how it works for you by visiting offline stores.

Step Seven: Look at the material of the cymbal

The material of the cymbal says a lot about its durability and sound quality. You may also need to study a bit more about the different cymbal materials, so you are already familiar with it when you search for one yourself.

Step Eight: Look at the sensitivity

Another factor that you may need to consider is sensitivity. This is how well the cymbal responds to your beat. You may need to test the cymbal for you to assess this quality.

Best Electronic Cymbal by Purpose

Willing to Splurge? Try the Roland V-Cymbal Ride CY-15R-MG 

 The Roland V-Cymbal is one of the best of its kind. While it is not generally affordable, it is an excellent cymbal that has a broader sound range. There are also advanced features along with a natural feel when you use the cymbals. It is the electronic cymbal that most professionals recommend, for it has incredible sound quality and sensitivity. 

Are you looking for an affordable and high-quality electronic cymbal? Try the Yamaha PCY100 10″ 3-Zone.

While Roland gives you an excellent overall sound, you may want to go for the Yamaha PCY100 if you are on a tighter budget. It will provide you with everything you need for an electronic cymbal at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the Yamaha brand ensures that you are buying electronic cymbals that are durable and can stand the test of time.

DIY POSSIBILITIES For Electronic Cymbals

Have you ever dreamed of creating your electronic cymbals? Now is your chance. With the Pintech XT Series, you can now have your very own do-it-yourself cymbals that you can customize according to your own needs.

You may have bought an excellent sounding electronic drum kit only to find that the cymbal pad is not that good. It may have been too small or only responds in one zone. This factor may derail your playing skills and overall comfort when playing your drum set. Find a great collection with the Best Cheap Electric Guitar.

Fortunately, you have the power to add some extra cymbal pads to your electronic drum kit. If you chose to go this route, you need to select the right type of cymbal to add to your existing set. 

You always have a variety of options. You can have one crash cymbal and one ride cymbal. You can also augment your kit with a cymbal for your hybrid kit. Hybrid drum kits are those drums that mix electronic music with acoustic music. These kits are better augmented with cymbal pads, for the sound is more similar to that of a cymbal when you do this.

Another benefit is that you can use these cymbal pads with old drum kits. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh set of cymbal pads to have it sound better. The best part is cymbal pads are very affordable. So it is an improvement in your drum setup that you can quickly implement without burning a hole in your pocket.

One of the first things you should look out for when choosing the right electronic cymbals for your drum kit is the type. In this section, you’ll get to know the different types of cymbals in detail so you can choose the right style for your drum set. 

Best Crash Electronic Cymbals

If you need bright sounds, then crash cymbals are what you are looking for. When played at the right timing, it can produce the right sounds to accent any music, especially rock music. You can play it with any material such as sticks, mallets, and even your hands. For rock music, You may use two sticks for that powerful sound. From here, all you need to do is choose a crash cymbal of the right thickness. You have to take note that the thicker the cymbal, the louder the sound. So you may have to consider the music that you plan to produce when choosing your cymbal. 

Best Splash Electronic Cymbals

If you are producing jazz music, then you may need some cymbals with a more upbeat sound. For that, splash cymbals may be your best choice. This differs from crash cymbals in terms of size. The old splash cymbals range from 6 to 13 inches in diameter, while the latest types even go as much as 14 inches in diameter. 

You may also want to consider the different splash cymbal subtypes, such as the salsa splash cymbal and the bell splash cymbals. As soon as you have tried some of them, you’ll be able to discern the right type of splash cymbal that you should use for your music.

Best China Electronic Cymbals

Another type of cymbal that is worth attention is China cymbals. The sounds of these cymbals are quite similar to the gongs in China. The difference is in the size and shape of the cymbal. The size is larger than your typical cymbal with a size ranging from 12 to 26 inches in diameter, and it is cone-shaped so that it can produce a different sound. The sound, however, can sound quite explosive and trashy for some. So it is often used for sound effects instead of augmenting real music. 

Best Electronic Cymbal Packs

Now, if you are quite confused about what type of cymbal you should use, it may be best to go for cymbal packs instead. It provides an affordable and easy option for you, for the cymbals are already bundled together based on the music you wanted to produce. It takes the guesswork out of choosing the right cymbal for your drum kit.

Now that you have acquainted yourself with the different types of cymbals that you can buy for your drum kit, you should also know what characteristics you are particularly looking for.

The first thing that you should look for is comfort. It is not only how well the cymbals fit into your existing drum kit, but also how well you feel when you play it. You’ll know it when you find the right cymbals. It will just move with you as you play, and hitting it will seem natural.

The second thing that you should look for is the right size. As you know, cymbals come in different sizes, and these sizes serve other purposes. You should choose the right type of cymbal based on the music that you like to produce. 

The third thing that you should look at is the cost. Cymbals come in different price tags, and thus, you may need to look at your budget as you make your decision. You have to note that the most expensive cymbals are not always the best. So you may want to explore your options along with their features before you make a choice. Unplug and play with the Best Acoustic Guitars.

The fourth thing that you should consider is your purpose. As you know, cymbals are only a part of your drum kit. You should think about the type of music that you want to produce before you choose your cymbals. As mentioned, there are different types of cymbals for rock and jazz music. So you may want to keep that information in mind. You can visit the Best Cymbal Cleaner to clean every part of your cymbal.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you can continue to shop for your cymbals. You can do this in a music store or online. It may be best for you to visit the music store so you can see the cymbal physically. This way, you can also test the sound and feel of the instrument before you buy it. You can also hook up Alesis SamplePad Pro.

You will not be able to clean electric cymbals as they are made out of rubber. In other words, electric cymbals are completely different from traditional acoustic cymbals. However, you should also be mindful of how to take good care of the electric cymbals, so that they will not get scratched or damaged.

You can use a soft damp rag along with warm water to proceed with wiping the electric cymbal. This will help you to get rid of dust. In case if you can still see dirt on the electric cymbal, you may think about using a water-soluble solution to clean it.

An electric cymbal would have one or more trigger points. These trigger points would send out signals to the drum module every time you hit them. The drum module will then pick up the trigger and play the sound via an amp system or a microphone. The best quality electric cymbals come to you with a large number of trigger points. On the other hand, such cymbals are highly responsive to dynamics as well.

Along with the electric cymbal, you can get drum inputs. All you have to do is to locate the position of these ports on the module and plug them into the cymbal. You will be able to find a higher number of inputs in the better quality electric cymbals available for purchase out there. Hence, you will be able to connect a higher number of drums to them. 


Electric cymbals have different zones. These are the different areas of the cymbals, where you can trigger different sounds. If you take a three zoned electric cymbal, you will notice that it has sensors located at the bell, bow, and the edge. Hence, you can get three different sounds as the output, depending on where exactly you hit on the cymbal from the drumsticks. 


Choking is the process of hitting a cymbal with a drumstick and then grabbing the cymbal immediately in order to stop the sound. By doing this, you will be able to end up with producing a very sharp hit. This is a popular method of ending up with punchy accents when playing. On the other hand, it can assist to stop the sustain of a cymbal in case of a break.

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