The Best Double Bass Pedal for the Money

Double bass pedals are important for playing the drums, they could also be time consuming when tweaking is needed to play faster. Now, not everyone is into tweaking or has the time to do that, some just have enough time to play it. Here are ideal double bass pedals for your money. 

Picture Name My Verdict
Yamaha DFP-9500D Best direct drive Check Price
Tama Speed Cobra (HP310) Best for speed Check Price
Pearl Demonator Best deal for your money Check Price
Mapex 500 Best value for your money Check Price

Yamaha DFP 9500D

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  • It’s the cheapest in the market
  • Basic configuration is possible


  • Could be a bit overpriced
  • You can’t change the cam

This Yamaha 9500 doesn’t have the usual flexible chain, this one has a solid metal which connects the beater and the footboard. It is very good from the beginning stroke to the very end. So no matter how much power you put in, it would be able to handle it. The spring tension and beater height is adjustable, the beater could also be turned so you could either play with a plastic of felt surface. This one is very tweakable.

Tama Speed Cobra HP310

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  • The light sprocket and recessed footboard increases the speed
  • It’s longboard for fast heal toe doubles
  • Very responsive


  • You can’t change the cam

This one has the same features of the pedal above and it also comes with adjustable beater angle, and spring tension. You could also change the beater from plastic to felt. This also comes in different versions with the others being more expensive than this one.

Pearl Demonator

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  • It has an appealing design
  • It has a click lock to make it frustration free
  • You can choose form linear cam or offset.


  • Not the best for very fast players

This one looks very good, but it doesn’t give you a lot of control and speed. If you’re planning on using rock motions this one would be the perfect match for you. Even if this one is a single chain type, it would still feel very responsive to you. Unlike the rest this also has two more advanced configuration options, it has a click lock, the switch open lock, and you can choose a liner cam or an offset. This one provides very pronounces sounds.

Mapex 500

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  • It’s very durable
  • It’s built from heavy duty materials


  • None

This one is the cheapest, but this is also the most valuable of them all. While it doesn’t allow advanced configuration, it allows you to play right away with actually good sounds. This one is a single chain double bass pedal, so the board is attached into to beater through a single chain, that’s why it’s cheaper than the others. If you aren’t into rock music and you know you wouldn’t be kicking too hard this one is definitely a very good choice.


Here are 4 of the best Double Bass Pedals available in the market which are good for your pocket. This one is ideal for those who won’t be using it professionally or isn’t sure if this is something they will do for a long time. It’s affordable, it produces good sound, and you would be able to learn from it. Let us know what you think on the comment section.

5 responses to “The Best Double Bass Pedal for the Money”

  1. This one is definitely good, I have tried some of them and they were the exact way they were described here. Do you personally test them?

  2. I like the Pear the best but I’m itching to test the others because of this review

  3. Joe Johnson says:

    I have had them all and I have never seen a blog as accurate as this.

  4. I’m looking to buy one, which one is really the best coming from your experience guys?

  5. Fun informational read. Great article, where could I make article requests or suggestions?

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