The 5 Best Safety Ear Muffs (2018)

Safety ear muffs are used when you want to reduce the noise in situations such as when you’re in a shooting range, you are working with tools, or even when you just need peace and quiet. We have 5 different types here that we have tried and tested just to help you decide. Read on:

Picture Name My Verdict
DECIBEL DEFENSE Best for Blocking Out High Frequency Check Price
MPOW NOISE REDUCTION EAR MUFFS Best Value For Your Money Check Price
FNOVA 34DB HIGHEST NNR Best For Children Check Price
PRO FOR SHO 34DB Best For Shooting Ranges Check Price
CLEARARMOR 141001 Best For People With Autism Check Price


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  • Best for frequency that’s high


  • It’s not comfortable to wear

This comes in different colors and they are ideal for blocking out noises that are high frequency. It’s suitable for people who have issues with sounds that are high frequency instead of the general noise. These are worth your money if those are your issues since it would give you relief and comfortability. 


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  • It comes with a carry bag


  • When worn for long periods it gets uncomfortable
  • It’s not very noise reducing
  • It’s a bit bulky

It’s ideal to use when you are on a vacation or when you are commuting because it already has a carry bag. It’s more casual and is ideally to be worn on short durations because the ear muffs could get uncomfortable after a while. If you want to reduce noise well you are advised to wear ear plugs. For the price this one is good but there are also other good ones in the same range.


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  • It suits adults and childrens
  • It’s available in different colors


  • When worn for long periods it gets uncomfortable
  • It’s not very noise reducing
  • It’s too small
  • It’s not really quiet

This one comes in different colors, but this one suits children more than it suits adults. They are a bit tight, and with the claimed decibel rating, it’s not as quiet as we expected it to be. It’s very affordable, and for its price it’s okay. 


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  • You can fold it up
  • It has ear protection
  • There are color choices
  • It’s ideal for kids


  • Some adults on the bigger side finds it very uncomfortable

This one comes with foldable safety muffs, it’s easier to bring them as you go on a vacation, you can also put it in your purse when you want to bring it around but won’t be using it at the moment. It has a 34dB noise reduction rating which actually works. It also has the basic ear protection when you wear it with inside your car with ear buds. This one is also ideal for children and suits shooting ranges, and workshops. It’s a really good one with a lot of options women, teenagers, and children would enjoy. 


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  • Has good settings
  • Ideal for those in the autism spectrum


  • Not ideal for long use
  • Tight on large heads

This one is effective and it comes with safety ear muffs that could be used in shooting ranges. When you need protection, this one is the best here. It definitely gives you a quiet and peaceful time. This is also ideal for those in the autism spectrum to help them with the daily life noises. But these are still not designed to be worn for long hours, and could be uncomfortable for people with large heads. It’s very functional and affordable.

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  1. Mark Benson says:

    I came across this list and purchased Clear Armor. It was a very good decision.

  2. I like this list, very informational.

  3. These are good but affordable one. Worth buying.

  4. Oh, this is a good article. I like these types because they have both the bad and good about each brand.

  5. I haven’t tried any but from what I heard bout most of them they are pretty badass.

  6. Has anyone tried any? Which is the best one?

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