Best Metronomes for Drummers to Keep Your Beats in Best Time

When you’re just starting as a musician, timing is critical. You want to make sure that you’re able to not only have quality sound but keep on-time. Staying on-beat is essential so that you’re actually in unison with the music. Select Techno Drum Machine and master it.

Whether you’re playing a fast or slow song, you need to ensure that each note you play is perfect. A metronome is a great tool to help you develop that skill. You can adjust the speed as you get better with time. That’ll help you practice changing to whatever tempo the music dictates. You can also consider kat percussion ktmp1. Here are eight of the best metronomes to keep your beats in great timing.

Best Metronomes For Drummers
Reviewed and Compared


Korg MA1BL Visual Beat Counting Metronome, Blue

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  • Smooth controls, especially for changing the time signature.
  • It has a single AAA battery for being portable while traveling.
  • Turn the volume up for better percussion practice.
  • Great overall price.
  • Reliable accuracy for beginner players
  • Poorly designed on and off button.
  • It doesn’t have longevity.
  • Beeps rather than make a distinct clicking noise.
  • It lacks good visual design.
  • It can be hard to hear during a performance.

Korg has a reliable compact metronome that covers the basics from different beats and rhythmic patterns. The stylish design and high functionality make it accessible to the average player. You’ll get visual cues in the metronome to help you change the pace of the music.

There are three ways to set the tempo of this machine: increase or decrease the speed using the standard increments from a simple metronome; increase or decrease the pace via a full range of 30-252 or use the tap tempo function.

You’ll also have the beat count feature. You’ll see the number of beats in the song, the current rhythm, and how many are leftover.

BOSS DB-90 Metronome

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  • Great tool for both professionals and students.
  • It has many features to help you improve your skills.
  • More versatile than your average metronome.
  • Compact for your convenient.
  • You can hook it up to speakers, which you can use for your teaching sessions.
  • It breaks down within months.
  • It feels a bit defective.
  • It goes back to the default setting for no reason.
  • It eats through batteries quickly.
  • It has a glitch problem during usage.

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate musician, you’ll enjoy this metronome. Get the most out of your practice sessions with a variety of drum patterns and sounds.

Also, the Rhythm Coach function helps you get your tone together. You have a footswitch control to make your hands free to do other tasks while you’re in practice mode. Not to mention, you can use the Note Mixing function to customize your quick rhythms.

As a drummer, you can connect to this metronome. It’ll make for an excellent electronic rhythm coach. Increase your accuracy, speed, and endurance by practicing regularly. You’ll have a much more effective approach to learning.

Korg TM60BK Tuner and Metronome Combo with Clip on Microphone

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  • The vibration microphone works well in noisy places.
  • Can identify musical notes off the radio or other devices.
  • Great value for musicians.
  • It has a reliable tuner for an internal microphone or pickup.
  • The back screen lights up well.
  • It breaks down after a few months of using.
  • The metronome settings could be more refined.
  • With time, the tuner can be a bit off.
  • Make sure you have the full product because certain items can come up missing.
  • You might have problems looking at the display screen from certain angles.

When choosing a good quality metronome, sometimes less is more. If you’re getting your start in music, you want the learning curve to be as simple as possible. This particular model offers a large display, which shows the tuner and metronome simultaneously.

Also, the battery life has improved. It’ll be an excellent tool to use for your extended practices. Whether you’re pitch training or rhythm training, go for hours without worrying about things shutting down.

It’s essential to get the right tuning and rhythm training, especially if you’re playing for a band. Not only can you use the tuner and metronome together, but the display is also more prominent. You can place this great tool on a stand, and it’ll be viewable.

Additionally, you can accurately detect the pitch. This type of meter response is essential for keeping on time. Also, you won’t have a distorted sound as you begin playing different notes. You’ll get a more reliable sound that’s not susceptible to lag.

Even if you’re not playing drums, you still want the notes detected. This particular metronome helps you with any instrument you’re playing, which includes acoustic instruments that are harder to detect. Attach the CM-200 clip-on microphone to your device, so the vibrations are felt by the tuner.

Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome

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  • It has a large and bright display to help adjust click sound and volume.
  • It lights up in a fashion to help you realize the first and second beats. Great for a beginner player to measure the accents.
  • You can hear the metronome even while playing loud instruments.
  • It has an excellent price point for all the features.
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Sometimes the knob is difficult to turn.
  • Batteries burn out quickly if you keep the settings on high regularly.
  • Metronome lasts less than a year.
  • Hard to replace the batteries.
  • Limited warranty on the product.

Here’s a helpful metronome that’s not only easy-to-use but has an excellent accuracy that other products lack. Additionally, you’ll get a good quality sound that resonates through your speakers. You’ll like the fact that the sound of the instruments won’t overpower the clear music.

The KDM-2 gives you a choice of three different PCM sounds to help you choose the one that best suits the instruments you’re playing. Adjust it to the right level for your own personal or professional practice with bandmates.

The Start/Stop feature helps you see a visual indication of the tempo. Even if you turn off the device, the memory backup function remembers the specified tempo, beat, and calibration.

You may enjoy a clave, rumba, or more traditional style of playing your instruments. Either way, you have access to 19 different beat patterns. Also, the Tap Tempo will help you find the desired tempo by pressing the TAP switch at an interval you deem appropriate.

Get everything from your pitch and tone to help you play your instruments at the highest level.

Soundbrenner Pulse | Smart, Vibrating & Wearable Metronome

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  • The tactile pulse of this product is a better gauge than the audio.
  • Great for multi-instrumental performances.
  • It's a reliable teaching tool for new students.
  • Works for purposes outside of music.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The proprietary charging cable may malfunction.
  • MIDI capabilities may not unlock on smart devices.
  • The program is susceptible to freezing.
  • Batteries can drain easily.
  • Bluetooth connectivity isn’t reliable.

Are you looking for a metronome that speaks the 21st century? Why put your metronome down somewhere when you can fashionably wear it? This particular model is not only wearable but technologically advanced.

It has superior intelligence, especially when coupled with The Metronome by Soundbrenner (available on iOS and Android). The app allows you to create and save your complicated patterns and organize them into setlists. It’ll be convenient to not only help you learn quicker but rehearse with your band for a gig.

You won’t have to worry about listening out for clicks. You can feel the measures through the vibration of the device. It’ll be easier to view the feedback.

Additionally, you can easily adjust the tempo by merely twisting or triple tapping the wheel.

If you have a band or orchestra, you’ll easily sync everything through the device. You can use your smartphone as a master of all devices. You’ll get a feel of better synchronization when you’re playing music with multiple people.

Whether you’re home or out and about, the band will fit perfectly on your arm.

Tama RW200 Rhythm Watch - Drummer S Metronome

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  • Being able to switch back and forth between tempos.
  • It's an excellent tool for practice and working music gigs.
  • Subdivision knobs give it gentle nuances as far as breaking down the music.
  • It has a high-performance mode to measure the clicks before going on to another song.
  • Loud enough for several instruments to play.
  • Start/Stop button easy to break.
  • Some of the critical components are missing.
  • It doesn’t come with a power supply.
  • Can’t play many compound meters/patterns.
  • A bit pricey for the number of features.

Sometimes, you want to keep to that raw sound and groove. You could play for a great band that needs a funky drummer. If that’s the case, this is a great metronome to add to your repertoire. This product is made specifically for the band’s timekeeper. Whether you’re in the studio or doing a live performance, this rhythm watch makes sure that the drummer stays on time.

This model features a lot of volumes while playing drums, a dial for you to quickly adjust any tempos, separate volumes for quarter, eighth, and triplet notes. Additionally, it’s easier to read due to the backlit display and durable housing and keypad. You’ll have more memory at your disposal to store your complicated patterns.

You might like to create a certain number of rhythms a day to keep yourself sharp. Also, you may want to change a few things for your band performance. It’ll give you a little edge and switch things up some. You can store 30 songs. Not to mention, you’ll also get into the subdivisions of beats. That’ll help you find out certain things in your tempo and gauge different sections of music to enhance your playing prowess.

Backbeater Deluxe, Advanced Digital Metronome for Drummers

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  • Great for drummers with iPhones.
  • It has a smooth learning curve to use with your equipment.
  • It has a functional speedometer for your whole band.
  • The sensor design is easy to read while you play your instrument.
  • Triggers different sounds hard to find in other metronomes.
  • The cable is sensitive and can give you false beats if you’re not careful.
  • May not pick up specific registers like the snare after a few uses.
  • Gives wrong readings when playing.
  • It may not work well with Android devices.
  • The sensor acts up, which can interrupt your playing quality.

Here’s a metronome that has the right hardware and software for your drum. For students just starting, they may find it challenging to keep up with tempos on the fly. Also, traditional metronomes are very expensive to purchase. If you’re getting your feet wet in the music field, this is a sound buy.

The goal of this product was to make things more convenient. You’ll see the correct tempo displayed so that you can adapt to any musical environment. You can split the audio with an extra headphone jack. This way, you’ll have the choice of adding the Backbeater sensor to any of your mobile devices.

Another benefit is using the hi-hat mount. You can mount your mobile device right next to the snare. It’ll be an excellent way to get feedback as you play your instrument.

Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome

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  • Simple and straight-to-the-point metronome.
  • Light pulse helps you get a sense of the tone.
  • It's a useful precision tool.
  • The item possesses high speed and ease of control.
  • Loud enough to hear through prominent instruments.
  • Off-click can throw off the tempo.
  • It becomes defective after a few months.
  • Hard to set specific BPM.
  • The on and off switch isn’t durable for long.
  • Batters may go out after several uses.

Overall, it’s a great design and easy to use. You can easily adjust the tempo dial and volume. There are high and low click tones. If you’re really in the zone, the red LED gives an excellent visual of tempo indication. You don’t need to hear a click while you’re performing with other people. It has an efficient design that allows you to play at an optimal level.

When it comes to getting you on-time for your drumming, these are several metronomes to help you out. Whether you’re just practicing to enhance your music prowess or working in a band, check out some of these tools to help you improve. What are some metronomes you record? Please drop a note below! 

Choosing the Best Metronome for Drums

A metronome may seem like a simple timing device. Its purpose is to help you when it comes to the tempo of your music and it is often placed in front of you when you play. It is even useful for drummers because they have to ensure that the timing of their beats is just right. Find a great collection with the Best Cheap Electric Guitar.

But there is more to choosing a metronome than just choosing the first one that you saw. Metronomes come in different types. Here are some features that you may want to take a look at. 

Beats Per Minute – As mentioned, your metronome is only as good as how well it managed the tempo of your music. For that, you need a metronome that clicks at your desired BPM rate. Digital metronomes are interesting because you can set the tempo right from the device. You can set it from 30 bpm to 250 bpm. It all depends on your preference. It really depends on the type of music that you are playing. You may need slower tempos for some music while you may need faster tempos for others. Even if you choose mechanical versions, you need to know that you can set the particular BPM that you prefer. 

Change The Tempo in One Tap – Another feature that you should look for in a metronome is the ability to alter the tempo in one tap. You may not have the time to manually change the tempo when you are already immersed in your instrument. But if you can change the tempo in one tap, you can do it as long as the metronome is near you. With this feature, you may find that you can only choose the nearest bpm value. But it is still better than manually adjusting it all the time. 

Beat Variation – You’ll find that some metronomes may sound different from each other. For example, mechanical metronomes will usually have a bell sound while digital metronomes will have a tick sound or downbeats. You should choose the one that goes well with your music and playing style. 

Time Signature Flexibility – Also, you should look at how your metronome is able to adjust based on your time signature. You’ll find that you may have to place the downbeats and sub-beats at certain time periods. If your metronome allows you to select your beat variations and timing, then it will be even better when it comes to using it to aid your performance.

Tick Volume – Let’s face it. Some metronomes sound louder than others. While drummers can generally get any type of metronome, you’ll still want a metronome that fits your hearing. While you want it to aid you when it comes to your performance, you don’t want it to interfere with the sound of your instrument. If you can, try to look for non-pitch sounds so that it doesn’t interfere with the sound of your instrument. While the sound may not bother you, you have to listen if it hinders or at least interferes with the sound of your instrument. 

As you can see, metronomes really come in different types, it is all about choosing the type that appeals to you. Many traditional musicians love the clockwork tick sounds of old mechanical metronomes but others prefer the customizable low beat digital metronome sound. It is really up to you.

How are Metronome Powered

You can also choose a metronome based on how it is powered. Digital metronomes are usually battery powered but they can also drain the batteries fairly quickly if they are on most of the time. Mechanical metronomes are better in this area for they don’t use any batteries. This feature makes mechanical metronomes great for travel for you don’t have to worry about it suddenly not working 

While mechanical metronomes are better in terms of power, it may not be an ideal option if you plan to use it for practice. Since you cannot alter the sound of the ticks, it can only help you if you are practicing with low volume beats. Once the volume goes higher, it will drown the mechanical metronome. 

But there is also the other type. This is the plug powered metronome. This type of digital metronome can only work when you have access to power. So it is not ideal if you travel for your music performances but you can be sure that it will work at its optimal level once it is plugged. 

Fortunately, you have the option to have two metronomes. You can have a battery powered one that you can take with you on trips and have a mechanical metronome or plug-powered metronome at home. 

Metronome Functionality

It also helps to look at the functionality of your metronome. With the dawn of digital metronomes, you now have more options when it comes to the beat, timing and tempo of your metronomes. You may find that some can even be programmed right into the device and it can even train you to recognize timing and beats. 

The number of features are not that important. It is all about finding the features that appeal more to your playing style. 

Metronome Mountability

Playing on stage? You will need a metronome that can be mounted to your drum kit. Since you will be holding your drumsticks and you’ll probably not have a table to place your metronome, you’ll want it to have a feature for it to conveniently latch onto your drums. 

If you choose a metronome that can be mounted to your drums, you have to test its performance. Try to play with your drums and see if it is attached securely. While some metronomes claim that they attach quite well, you may find that they may bounce around when you are already playing. You don’t want that to happen especially in your stage performances. Now, look at the Best Kids Ukulele to choose.

What Is The Most Accurate Metronome

Can’t decide between a digital and mechanical metronome? The Korg KDM-3 is a hybrid metronome which has the vintage feel and sound but the upgraded features of a digital metronome. You’ll love its sound for it sets a clear pitch-less tone that doesn’t interfere with your performance.

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