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Snare Drum

The snare drum is one of the main parts of a drum kit and could be found in different bands like a concert band, parade, drum lines, rock bands, and even in modern music. This piece is usually played with a drumstick. It’s the smallest cylinder drum and is sometimes referred to as the side drum. Snare drums originated from the tabor, the drum used to accompany a flute. Some are made of calfskin, while some are made from plastic. Or, you could also go with the best electronic drum kit under 500.

1) Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

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  • Inexpensive but high quality
  • It has a warm sound and sustains longer
  • Built well and would last long


  • Lacks sensitivity
  • YESS mounting system is hard to mix and match.

Yamaha stage series received significant acclaim because of their redesigned snare that was able to live up to their reputation. Their shell ply is thicker and sports a rounder edge, and materials used are more high in quality.

  • The snare is 14 x 5 ½ inches with a 6mm birch shell
  • Its construction is 6 ply
  • It has a 45 bearing edge, and a steel carbon with Lacquer finish
  • It also has patented lungs, throw off sides, triple flange hoops, and Remo drum heads.

2) MAPEX MPML4800BMB MPX Series​

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  • Well projected clear sound
  • Could be used for different styles
  • The price matches the value


  • The lever of the snare throw to adjust the tenor is flimsy
  • Not suitable for long gigs
  • Needs frequent tuning

This snare has a cool black finish and their new release has different varieties to really fit your needs. They offer steel, birch shells or maple to suit your preferences. Their hardware is high quality, could be adjusted, and comes with REMO heads.

  • 5.1mm Birch shell, 100% pure.
  • Triple flanged hoops that are chrome plated
  • Lungs that are also chrome plated
  • REMO drumheads for amazing sounds
    Glossy finish

3) Pearl VPX Snare Drum

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  • This could handle even the most serious rim shots
  • Price matches the value
  • It has a crisp and snappy sound


  • Stock head is not high quality
  • Should check rigidity cause it doesn’t fit all needs
  • Snares are not very steady

Pearl is a renowned brand for drums and snares. This VPX snare has a birch ply shell with great power and amazing crispness. It has duo motion for better sensitivity and a smooth switch, it could convert from facing the front to side lever.


It’s snare size is 14 x 5.5. inches, it comes with a birch that’s multiply, a steel hardware material, a proprietary hoop style, and a one piece dual sided lungs.

4) GP Percussion SK22 Kit

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  • It provides an amazing sound that you can use not only for practicing but for gigs too.
  • It’s very portable
  • It suits beginners and those who already have gigs


  • It’s basically for students but doesn’t come with a manual
  • It’s heavy even if it has a bag young drummers would have a hard time carrying it.

This one would fit students best because it comes with everything you would need to use it. it has a 14 inch metal snare drum and a double brace stand. It also has a practice pad that’s rubber to be able to play mutely. This kit comes with drum sticks made from wood and a key to tune. And to make it even better it comes with a shoulder strap bag to make it easy to carry around.


It has 10 lug 5.5 x 14 inches, a stand, a bag and a drum key, pads for practicing, sticks, it’s metal shelled.

5) ADM Student Snare

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  • It’s a complete set.
  • Has a great price
  • Best for soft music


  • You can’t use it for heavy metal or loud styles
  • There are better snares with better quality but this one is good for those who want to learn how to play jazz.

This one is another snare suitable for students. It comes with a pad case and a stand. It has a hairline nickel finish to make it look very professional. It has resonance and soft tone best for jazz music, acoustic and latin but also fits semi rock style.


Its shell is 15 inches, height is 5 inches, it weighs 13.7 lbs, and comes with a complete set of accessories namely the drum key, sticks, bag, snare, stand, pad and a manual.

What to Look For in a Snare

If you are searching through music instrument catalogues then you are probably more confused than ever. Of course every brand would claim to be the best and prove that theirs is 100% worth purchasing. This is an investment that you really have to think through. And if you know more about it then the better it would be for when you choose. You have to choose one that would suit your needs, aside from considering some of the features it should have. When it comes to features you should always consider:

The Shell rigidity because it determines how the sound would be projected. You have to make sure that the shell doesn’t cave in when you tighten the snare. When you compare wood and metal, try putting it on the floor and push down and check how much they bend. Most of the time, wooden shells are more stronger than the rest.

The material of the shell is where you could get more confused when checking catalogues. Some brands would say how much the type of wood creates a better sound where in fact it doesn’t really affect it. You should most importantly focus on the rigidity, craftsmanship, and the roundness.

The shell thickness is another important factor. The construction of your shell would determine the projection of the sound you create. This is something you would want to balance with the other factors.
Side note: the general rule here is that the most recommended snare has ¼ inch thick shells that doesn’t have reinforcing rings, you should also check if the snare is protected for weather effects, check the glue, the more there is, the more it would dampen.

In this list, when we talk about sound quality, price, and material, we would have a hard time beating the Yamaha. It’s a great investment because it’s suited for different playing styles, and it could be used in long jamming sessions.

But the best snare on the list that is also good for your pocket would be the GP percussion. It has a lot of functions, it offers a bright sound, and it could be abused ( new drummers somehow abuse their first snares). It also comes with amazing accessories that makes it easy to carry around and use right away.

Snare Drum Facts:

Did you know that a snare drum could be made from a composite, wood, fiberglass, acrylic, and metal?
Parts of the snare drum is the shell, release lever for the snare, brackets for tensioning, acounter hoops, tensioning screw, and a tensioning mechanism.

  • Two centuries ago the snare became part of the orchestra.
  • British or people from the Scottish highlands call it a side drum instead of a snare.
  • The snare is called a tamburo ( little drum) in Italy.
  • The shell isn’t the only place you can hit to make sound because you can hit the head and rim too.
  • Most musicians allow the stick to bounce back and hit the head again when they play because it’s a technique called mammy-daddy beat. It’s basically a unique snare technique.

When it comes to choosing any type of instrument, aside from the important features, you have to consider your preference and the type of music you would want to play so any guide wouldn’t be able to help you with that because it mainly depends on you. But this article provides you of different type of snares that has all the features you would need to allow you to choose the best from the bests. We hope that you enjoyed this article and we have helped you in knowing what you have to consider before getting your very first snare! Enjoy your wonderful journey! 

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