Best Electronic Drum Set Under 500

Can you remember when the first electric drum set came out? I bet not because at that time they were just too gimmicky. When it first came out the vision exceeded the technology too much and what came out was something like a shadow of what we actually hoped and imagined. But today, things are different. Thankfully, today, aside from we can get good quality electric drums at a lower price, we can even get some cheaper than acoustic drums. You can also get the best drum set for teenagers. Learn more about Drum Sets History.

Best Under 500 Electric Drum Set
Reviewed and Compared

Picture Name My Verdict
Alesis Nitro Kit Best value for its worth. Check Price
Roland TD-1K Most Trustworthy Drum Set Check Price
Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit The best carry around drums Check Price
Pyle-Pro PTED01 Best for its price Check Price
Yamaha DD-65 Low Profile With Good Looks Check Price

1) Alesis Nitro kit

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  • Best bang for your bucks
  • Very sturdy especially with its aluminum stand
  • It has useful modes
  • None

Alesis Nitro Kit is an electronic drum set that would give you the best value for its worth. If you need a quality electronic drum set that has all the needed parts, then this one would fit you best. This is an eight-piece set that has everything you would expect it to have. It comes with an aluminum mounting rack that keeps everything secure. It also has a Nitro electronic drum module which comes with a really intuitive button layout, it also has more than 50 play-along tracks. This set comes with a USB port and a MIDI jack where you can hook up your old technology if you want to use it. You may check out this if you’re looking for Pelican Case Alternatives.

2) Roland TD-1K

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  • Its brand name is trusted
  • It has a simple design
  • It performs well
  • For some people it’s too basic
Roland is a trustworthy brand for electronic drum sets. They have been around for quite a long time but they are still here today and are still known to be one of the best. If you’re on a budget this TD-1K won’t disappoint you. It has 4 pads, 2 pedals, and 3 cymbals. It also comes with a hi-hat and kick drum which you can replace for two sets of two pedals. This kit is pretty basic but its performance level is high.

3) Electronic Roll Up MIDI Drum Kit

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  • Cheap price
  • Amazing portability
  • You can use it to practice on the go.
  • None

This drum is a roll-up kit which is suitable for people who don’t really want to spend too much and wants something they could carry around. This is one of the cheapest drum sets from the market. It comes with 8 drum pads, each of those have different sounds starting from cymbals, snares, and others.

A lot of people choose this because of its portability; you can just roll it up and carry it along with you when you travel. Storing it is also easy because it won’t need too much space. You might be thinking that this might sound like a toy because it’s roll up but rest assured the sound quality is surprisingly good. It comes with a USB port, speakers that are built in, and a function to record.

4) Pyle-Pro PTED01

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  • The size is very compact it’s good for carrying around and strong.
  • It has good audio configurations
  • It has the ability to be used via batteries making it more portable
  • Heavier than it seems to be.

This set has a flat table layout which is very useful when moving around and storing. This set comes with 7 drums, 2 pedals, and a module to meet the needs of a person who is still learning, or someone who just needs a portable electronic drum set. It comes with an LCD screen on the panel and some tools for audio configuration. You would be able to tinker the sound from each drum you hit. You can also save your preset configuration so you can easily use them when needed. You can plug through its AC adapter or you can choose to go wireless with the use of batteries. You can also plug in your windows or mac laptop through the USB jack.

5) Yamaha DD-65

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  • It’s a very stylish unit
  • It has an Aux
  • It has a lot of features which could be found on the panel
  • It’s a bit more bulky compared to other flat electronic drum sets.

This is a low profile budget electronic drum set but looks very good. It’s created by Yamaha, it comes with 8 drums which is spread out through the stylish chrome casing. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced players who need something more portable. In its price range, it has features that aren’t common such as the AUX in jack which allows an mp3 player to be connected, and a USB. It also has preloaded sound tracks which is the norm. You can either plug or use batteries to use this so if you need to play and there’s no outlet, there’s no problem. Its control panel has a lot of different features such as pre-set automated features which I’m sure you would enjoy toying around. You can also get the Best Drum Mutes.

How Do I Know Which is the Best Drum Set For Me?

When you are ready to buy an electric drum set, you must know what your needs are. This knowledge will help you make the right choice that is best for you. You need to think about things like how much noise is appropriate when you are practicing or playing for others. 

“A drum set is the perfect choice for an acoustic instrument. There are, however, some important factors to consider before you buy one. For starters, you should look at the quality of sound. You can do this by listening to demos, or even better, by checking out the drum microphones available on the market ( I recommend this one ). If you’re looking for an electric drum set, you can plug your headphones in to eliminate unwanted noise.”

What Makes a Good Drum Set?

Learning to play drums will not only make you an awesome musician, but it will improve your health too. It has been proven that playing the drums can help relieve stress, burn calories, and even improve heart health. For this reason, it is important to buy a drum set that offers you different features and options.

A drum set is an essential tool for any drummer. It enables you to play different kinds of music without having to buy a new drum set. Drummers love to experiment with sound, and a good drum set makes it easy to switch up the style of music you are playing.

What Makes The Best Electronic Drum Set?

We’ve talked about the features of 7 great electric drum sets. But what if you’re not sure which features are important to you – and which ones are a waste of money?

This buyer guide will cover the essential features and benefits of an e-commerce tool. It will also allow readers to understand what they can safely ignore in selecting the right solution for their business.

How to Choose the Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $500

The acoustic drum set is a thing of the past. Today, electronic drum sets are available for beginners who want to practice at home. There are many advantages to electronic drums, including the fact that you can play quietly by yourself or in a group. You can also use play-along tracks with electronic drums.

If you’re looking for an electronic drum set, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are just so many choices in the market! How can you tell which one is best? In order to help, I’ve prepared this simple guide with the following considerations:

What Makes for the Best Electronic Drum Set?

Electronic drum kits are a new trend in modern music. The most popular ones use a pad that is electronically triggered to create an amazing sound. A MIDI controller has a similar function, but there is a big difference in feel. Electronic drum kits are great for practicing, performing live, and recording.

We have gone through many packages, so you may be uncertain about which features are essential for your needs. Saving money is a good thing, right?

What Comes With Most E-Drum Kits?

If you’re buying something online, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting. For example, you’ll want to be setting up and using your new device as soon as possible, right?

I’m still looking for an e-drum kit that sells the mounting hardware, rack system, and drum pads separately.

Additionally, you will most likely need to make more purchases.

Most drum sets do not include any accessories, such as a bass drum pedal, drum throne, sticks, or even headphones.

If you don’t have a set of headphones, you’ll need to buy an amplifier to hear the sounds of your drum kit.

I personally use in-ear monitors because I want to keep the noise down. But it’s really up to your preference.

If you’re looking to save money when shopping online, look for bundled deals that include commonly purchased items. Sometimes, when you’re buying something on an e-commerce site, you can scroll down underneath the product listing to find a section about bundles. These are packages of products sold together at a discount.

The current generation has unique purchasing habits. This generation is more concerned about price than brand, so they will gladly buy old if it’s cheap enough. Many people are willing to put up with a second-hand product rather than pay for something new. Check out the Best Condenser Mics, a great choice for recording.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Drums?

Often, electronic drums are smaller and more compact than their acoustic counterparts. They’re also easier to use in households with children. The most obvious benefit is that they’re quiet.

When you need to practice your drumming without disturbing others, plug in your headphones. Electronic drums are extremely quiet, so you can play late into the night. The only sound you’ll hear is the striking of pads or mesh heads, which is far quieter than that of acoustic drums. This makes electronic drums a smart investment for bedroom practice and home recording


There are a lot of different type of electronic drum sets out in the market which could make you very confused. Now, we have the best of the bests listed on this article. Also, find the best Drum Brushes to clean your drum set.We hope this has helped you decide which electronic drum set would fit your needs perfectly. Great deals on Electronic Snare Drum.

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