Best China Cymbals That Are Awesome (Feb 2024)

You might find yourself wondering why the name ‘China cymbals.’ That is because they are synonymous with a particular type of music, with its bright sound. The term came mainly because of the noise that sounded like a gong, often associated with Asian music. You can also check this out if you’re looking for Steel Tounge Drums.

For drummers who don’t want to limit themselves, these can prove to be a worthy addition to their arsenal. It allows them to incorporate diverse themes and sounds to their music. China cymbals are best with genres like jazz, heavy metal thrash metals, and a whole lot of others. You may also opt for the best electronic cymbals in the market. If you’re looking to buy a china cymbal, here are some great additions you will grow to love.

Best China Cymbals
Reviewed and Compared

Picture Name My Verdict
Sabian 19” AA Holy The best china cymbals in the market Check Price
Meinl 18” Classics Custom Dark Offers excellent value for money Check Price
Zildjian 19” An Ultra Hammered Can cut through any sound Check Price
Wuhan 18” Lion Dark sounding and very explosive Check Price

1 - Sabian 19” AA Holy

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  • The best china cymbals in the market
  • Highly musical and versatile in delivering sound
  • It incorporates a fair balance between clean brilliance and trashiness
  • The music can be explosive, aggressive and pretty loud, perfect for heavy metals
  • The 51 holes are susceptible to cracks

Many consider this perfect piece as the best china cymbals, and the reasons are undeniable. It is indeed an explosive and aggressive piece of an instrument when it comes to sound. If you are going to play this at home, get ready for some real scolding from neighbors.

The manufacturer crafted this piece from B20 bronze and features 51 holes that give this cymbal a loud and energetic sound. Not only is this incredible china cymbal aggressive, but it also comes with a crystal-clear sound that would intrigue you.

The appearance is not archaic, as it comes with a brilliant finish, making this instrument shimmer even in the dark. Additionally, it comes with an impressive and moderate sustain, making it one of the best china cymbals out there. It is versatile and musical, compared to numerous other competing instruments.

If you’re pretty much into reggae or funk, this incredible china cymbal will deliver an exciting performance with its crisp and cutting sounds. This cymbal is on the top spot for a reason, and many big names in the drumming community play it till today.

2 - Meinl 18” Classics Custom Dark

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  • Comes with a raw and tonal flavor
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • One of the best sounding musical china cymbal
  • Not available

Second, on the forefront to the best china cymbals, is the outstanding piece, incredible both in sound delivery and loudness. Its aggressive tone is second to none and can cut through any high sound levels like a beast. Although it has an impressive projection, it still does excellently in delivering complex and musical tones that would wow you.

The manufacturer, Meinl, ensured that this product is a perfect piece of art by allowing it to pass through a unique finishing process. The end product, however, is a dark, warm tone and a very dry sustain. It does not lack sound, as it’s almost earthy and raw.
If you’re a drummer looking for a piece that would murder every other high-level sound instrument in a rock or metal concert, then this is your best deal. With its aggressive and energetic music, it becomes an unbeatable champion.

This china cymbal is the best, going by the price. Its explosive sounds combined with the beasty dark and raw tones make it the perfect choice. With this weapon in your arsenal, you will be able to achieve any feat in music without sweating.

3 - Zildjian 19” An Ultra Hammered

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  • It is very durable compared to other similar products
  • Combines the right balance with clarity and trashiness
  • Can cut through any sound
  • Not available

As a drummer, you have no doubt heard the tremendous feat this company has attained. Well, they still delve into the china sound, and they delivered like the pro they are. With this very product, you will be able to provide incredible sounds even while in the studio. Improve your skills and technique in playing piano at a faster pace with the Best Weighted Keys Piano.

The sound is incredibly sharp and can cut through anything without sacrificing clear and bright sound quality. Unlike some china cymbals, this instrument is not all about trashy sounds. That doesn’t mean it isn’t loud. It is much louder than many cheap-sounding cymbals and much smoother.

To allow it to stand out from the pack, Zildjian incorporated the innovative ‘volcano bell’ in an attempt to enhance the volume and projection. If you’re looking for the best companion, this product is up for the challenge.

It might not be able to perform very well with other types of music, due to its loudness. However, it is an excellent addition if you’re one who loves metals and rock music. Imagine yourself in a rock or metal concert; you need a beast to stand out. View these Best Low Volume Cymbals for quieter drum practice.

One thing that users love about this instrument is the durability. Not only is it loud, but it can also last a pretty long time, even to the next generation, if well used.

4 - Wuhan 18” Lion

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  • One of the best china cymbal on a budget
  • It comes with a loud, ear-piercing sounds
  • Dark sounding and very explosive
  • Incredible effects and lively accents
  • Sounds incredibly harsh, compared to other cymbals
  • 1-year guarantee may be difficult to activated depending on where you bought it from

Wuhan is a Chinese cymbal manufacturer, thereby making them an expert when it comes to manufacturing china cymbal. One might wonder about the ‘Lion’ maybe because of the impressive sound quality and superiority it has over some china cymbals. Now, look at the Best Kids Ukulele to choose.

This handcrafted piece is from a high-quality B20 bronze, with a dark, explosive sound. Since made by a Chinese company, it features a traditional ‘gong’ style conical bell. That further encourages it to project its trashiness and short sustain.

Going by the price, the quality and overall performance is excellent. While on performance, it delivers ear-piercing sounds that fit perfected with rock and metal music. Due to the trashy sound, it is unsuitable for a modern style of music. But still, it is an excellent addition if you’re looking for something incredibly loud and trashy. You can visit the Best Cymbal Cleaner to clean every part of your cymbal.

It is best for both beginners and professional drummers and comes with a 1-year guarantee

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