How to Become a Better Drummer

When you decide that it’s time to learn about playing the drums, you could get overwhelmed and this could make you start doubting yourself even if your goal is just for the hobby or to be a professional drummer. It’s alright if you don’t get your idol’s moves, do your best to not get too obsessed over it. It’s a good thing to have ambitious goals, and as much as reaching that is amazing, if you learn the best way you can you can even turn better than your goal without you realizing it. Playing the drums and learning techniques is an everlasting journey. Check Gretsch Catalina Maple Review if you’re trying to learn the basics as a drummer.

You won’t be able to learn and gain control of the different parts of your drums in a single day. You also won’t learn how to develop your own style until you get your fundamentals straight. Also, if you aim to be flexible when it comes to genre, you have to make sure you spend enough time in a single genre. You can also check out this tama imperialstar review. Yes, it’s definitely about patience. Let’s go deeper into this:

1) Know Your Fundamentals

I know how exciting it is to want to tackle new challenges already, especially if you know what you’re on. But it’s different to be fluent in it and knowing it. There are many drummers who could memorize every beat and be able to play it on the drum but that’s not what we’re after. That wouldn’t let you come up with your own beat and rhythms. What you should aim for is to be able to stand out in drumming and learn how to become a better drummer with your own style. When you go this path, in an audition, they would choose you because you’re fluent in your fundamentals plus you can develop your very own style.

When we speak of fundamentals, we mean the ability to read the drum sheet music like reading the ABC’s, knows the rudiments, and practice the metronome until you won’t have to think while doing it. Developing muscle memory would mean less thinking about every beat.

2) Your Practices Should Be High Quality

It’s just like when you are learning to drive and you have watched and read every tutorial until you become confident enough to create your own tutorial, you have observed every movement done, sat in the passenger seat and observed the action the driver takes, until you are confident that you know everything. But, no matter how much you prepared for it, by the time you get behind the wheels yo would still make a lot of mistakes. It’s just like when playing the drums, it doesn’t matter how much you know and how much you practice, if you aren’t executing your techniques properly, then you won’t get better in playing the drums. Just like in life, quality is better than quantity. If you put in time and effort without having to correct your technique you will also falter in fundamentals. So, don’t waste your time and effort and make sure that every time you practice, you do it like you’re actually performing.

3) Make Your Horizon Bigger

Several years of practice at home wouldn’t make you able to perform in front of millions of people. If you want to reap large rewards then you have to take the risk and gain more exposure. So, go ahead and explore the different music styles, try out gigs, and gain the experience from other similar acts.

4) Fast and Loud isn’t Always Better

If you pay attention, you would notice that expert drummers don’t really play loud music with movements that are fast from the beginning to end. Doing this depletes stamina and makes the music monotonous. If you want splendid performance you have to build a compelling tempo and do fills in between transitions. If you want to impress the audience, try playing the most complicated, fast patterns as quietly as you can at an audible volume. That would definitely amaze them.

5) Think About Your Mental State

In order for you to become a better drummer, you have to make sure that you are also mindful. While you are still starting in playing the drums, you would grab and hit the drums stronger than you need to and it could strain your wrists. By the time you are ready to play in front of the crowd, it’s ideal that your shoulders would be more relaxed and your grip on the sticks would be a lot lighter. When you perform well in your garage, it’s a different thing from performing for a large crowd. Stage fright is normal and taking part in gigs and other opportunities would give you the chance to overcome it.make sure that you master the fundamentals so you would not need to think and think where and how hard you should be hitting. Make playing the drums a muscle memory so it won’t exhaust you too much. This won’t just make you more comfortable, it would also help you be confident.


Make sure that you reach your goals by following these tips and tricks. We wish you the best in your journey, don’t forget to enjoy!

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