Best Drum Set for Recording

Once you decide that you want to get into playing the drums, you have to have an idea of what music you would be playing in order to get the ideal drum tone, shell size, and configuration. But don’t worry we have different drums here that are also the best ones for recording. Whether you’re still starting, a professional, or you want to play and record occasionally, have kits below to fit your every need. You can also read this if you want to How To Play A Cajon Drum.

Best Recording Drum Set
Reviewed and Compared

Picture Name My Verdict
Gretsch Renown Like a Professional without having to pay too much Check Price
Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive Maple Heavyweight and Heavy duty Drum set Check Price
Pearl Export Best All rounder drum Check Price
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Check Price
Sonor SQ1 Very Versatile Check Price

Gretsch Renown

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  • Very Versatile
  • It comes with stunning looks
  • It has a great price
  • Some people prefer bass drums that aren’t drilled

Gretsch’s renown series is a staple for jobbing drummers because it’s introduced early. It’s very good for recording because it has the classic formula shells that have 30 degrees bearing edges and 302 hoops/ it produces a tom sound that’s thick with little tension and clarity without a ring. At lower tuning’s it produces a beefy thud and when pitched up it remains clear. It also produces a funky punch when adding tension to it. Finding the best solutions ensures more enjoyment, control and connectivity with the Best Logic Pro X Midi Controllers.

Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive Maple

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  • It’s built with top quality materials
  • It comes with a huge range of options for kits
  • It produces a versatile sound
  • It has too many finish choices

This one sounds amazing when recording because it’s made from 100% maple. It’s a significant upgrade to the best selling series of Tama. Another upgrade is the star cast suspension mounts which is similar to the one found on the starclassic series. The kit comes with everything you need to get started and it offers amazing sound quality.

Pearl Export

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  • It’s an amazing package bundle
  • It has a poplar, asian mahogany combo
  • The snare drum is not that good

Pearl Export sets a benchmark in 2007 as it was revived with shells that were upgraded, new lugs, and new tom brackets with a hardware package that’s superb. Because of its smaller sculpted legs, it allows the shells to breathe better and produce better sounds especially for recording quality. Because it has asian mahogany, it add a good warm depth to the tone. It would need tuning before you get the good sound it produces but it’s worth the extra effort.

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch

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  • It’s perfect for the price
  • It’s high quality
  • It produces focussed powerful sounds.
  • Not suited for soft music

This drum comes with a bass drum that produces low-end sound. It has a breathy decay and a resonant kick that’s perfect for recording. At amp-beating volumes the toms produces fat notes that are delivered quickly because it is also birch shells, it offer a more focused sound. This one is really great for recording rock music and it’s also engineered solidly so you won’t worry about it breaking easily. Feel a real piano in playing with the Best 88-Key Weighted Keyboard Pianos.

Sonor SQ1

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  • The quality of the build is incredible
  • It has a forward thinking shell hardware
  • It’s amazing for recording
  • Some people think it’s over engineered

This one is actually science backed and it’s one of the reasons why many drummers choose this for their recording studio. They provide better resonance and offer good highs and lows without making the sound muddy. It produces a long and sweet sustain and could also bring more depth into the blend of sounds it produces. Check this 3-4-5-Piece Drum Sets to know more about drums.


Before we end this article, a quick tip to prevent metal to metal rattling sound on your recording is to put sleeves on your cymbals. Small details make a lot of difference in your recording so don’t forget to give them your attention. These drums are great for different type of music and are all amazing when used for recording. We hope this has helped you, leave a comment and let us know what you think! also, we have an article written about the best hi hats available in the market.

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