Pearl Export Series Review

The pearl Export has two versions that come with different shell sizes, one with 22 inches bass drum, 12 inches, 13 inches, and 16 inches toms and the other one with the same size of bass drum but 10 inches, 12 inches, and 16 inches tom. 

Pearl Export Series

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  • It comes with good quality pedals
  • It’s very sturdy
  • It’s a known brand
  • The lacquer looks professional
  • There are no Cymbals
  • The heads don’t allow to reach full sound potential.

Pearl has always been a top quality drum set brand. They have been improving their drum set specs every year to make sure that they provide the best. The export series come with shells, lugs, tom brackets, and hardware package that are all upgraded. You might not believe what you are reading because it’s a budget kit but that’s what you can expect from this series, a budget kit with the latest features. The new shells come with 7.5mm hybrid asian mahogany as well as poplar shells. They also use the heat moulding method for all of their drums, and they still use the traditional scarfed jointing which makes them stand out from the different manufacturers. For the series you could also see that the inners are already an open grained reddish, rich colour because of the mahogany. It also comes with the 45 degrees bearing edges which are sanded smoothly all around. It also comes with the new optiloc bracket which is an improvement from the ISS. the toms are fixed into the bass drum through the Pearl’s old twin post mount that are very trustworthy. The stands also come with new trident designs today.

Now one of the cons that would really matter is that is doesn’t come with cymbals. It’s something normal but it isn’t cool. That’s because top drum manufacturers don’t really make cymbals. They usually make for lower priced kits but it usually sucks.

This drum set was created through super shell technology. It incorporates construction methods of the Pear AcoustiGlue which turns the shell into a single ply. It offers more than 800% more contact area compared to standard butt joints make the sound of the drums better. The Pti-loc mountain system also features a triangle design that holds the toms in place and doesn’t allow wobble. This makes your toms sound better and it keeps it in place. You can try these Free Drum Samples.

The Tone of the Shells

One of the Pearl Export Series (whether it is the EXX or EXL) is its ‘Superior Shell Technology.’ They have shells that can give you a better tone due to it not being so airtight. The same is true for its upper toms that don’t have holes in them. The company calls it the Opti-Loc mounting system, and it works. By doing this, the toms can make a much better sound and resonance. Unplug and play with the Best Acoustic Guitars.

So why do the shells sound so good? It has something to do with the wood. The wood for the Pearl Export is made of Poplar. While this is relatively thinner than maple, it still produces a clear tone. Maple is more expensive and creates a deeper tone, while Poplar offers a more focused tone. 

In the end, it is how deep you want the tone to be. If you want a deeper tone, then the Pearl Export is not the drum for you. But if you wouldn’t mind the slight tone difference (It is still clearer after all), then that would be great. Don’t worry. Your audience may not be able to tell the difference.

The only downside of the shell setup is that its Opti-Loc system doesn’t give you the freedom to alter your toms’ position. So if you need to make some minor adjustments, you need to adjust your seat instead. It may be hard to change the position because it is already locked in place. 

Sound of the Heads

Another drawback that I found in the Pearl Export Series is the heads. Honestly, the heads that come with the Pearl EXX or EXL don’t sound too good. It becomes worse once you try to record it. You’ll find that the stock heads don’t produce good quality sound when recorded.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. You can buy new heads instead. Once you integrate these into your Pearl Export system, you’ll find that they will start sounding nice again. 

Designed to Last

You’ll also love the Pearl EXX or EXL system because it is built to last. Its hardware, along with the stands, can withstand the wear and tear or time. It doesn’t matter if you use it regularly or take it with you with constant assembly and disassembly; you’ll find that it can stand the test of time. 

You’ll appreciate its sturdy stands. It is quite flexible too. You can place the cymbals where you are most comfortable, and the brackets are sturdy enough to withstand the constant crashing. 

And that’s not all. You’ll also love the pedal that comes with the entire drum set. You’ll find that it has one of the best pedals that looks nice and sounds good at the same time. 

No Cymbals

If you expect that the drum set will have its cymbals set, I am sorry to disappoint you. It is not included. This is normal for most drum sets that are sold online. And it is because drum manufacturers usually don’t manufacture their cymbals. I guess it is better than having an entire drum set that doesn’t sound as good. 

You don’t need the most expensive cymbals to complete your Pearl Export set. You need a budget cymbal pack, and it can work. Just be sure to check the cymbal reviews before you buy them to ensure that they will sound good, especially when recording. 

My Pearl Export Experience

The Pearl Export is one of the most reliable drum brands that I recommend to anyone who wants to have a sturdy brand by their side that can last for the years to come. 

I got my first Pearl Export when I was a child. My parents bought it. When I first got it, my first impression was that it is beautiful.

But it is more than just appealing. It also sounds good. I love how the shells can produce such an accurate sound. You’ll know that you are using a high-quality drum because of it. 

Through the test of time, I find that some of the natural wood finish has come off. So I went ahead and fixed it. So what I did is I refinished the wood and painted the white areas, and it looked amazing again. 

But the sound did not change one bit. As soon as I started playing it, I was reminded of why I fell in love with the model in the first place. It is top of the line when it comes to its appearance and sound, and it is one of the best drums to have if you are starting. 

What Others Are Saying

They loved the sound and the overall look and feel of the drum. Most of them are even surprised that the drum can sound good even if it is in the low end pricing of most drum kits. 

Pearl Export Series: The Beginners Drum that Lasts For Years

If you are looking for the perfect drum kit for beginners, this is it. It is more than a sturdy-looking drum. It is a drum kit that can stand the test of time. One of those drum sets is that you can go back and refinish and use it again and again for the years to come. And it will still sound as good. 

Also, it is far from the typical beginner drum kits that you see online. Other drum kits don’t care so much for the sound. They only wanted the feel of having a drum. But that’s not the case with the Pearl Export Series. This is a drum that is made for professional playing and recording. It has a high-quality sound that you can use for recording your music. And you can expect it to stay by your side in the upcoming years. It is made of highly durable poplar wood that doesn’t only sound good but can also withstand the test of time. Learn more about how those Blind Piano Players perform well in music.


This export series have really great setts of hardware and one of the best pedals on the market. It also looks very professional because of the lacquer finish. While the poplar might not be the favorite of everyone you have the option to replace it even on a budget and get one you can use even for recording. Their price range even for this one is still the same and compared to others in their price range they still remain to be the best. Also look into best hi hats you never know when it could be useful to know some. Gain knowledge about Mendini Cecilio Trumpets.


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