Best Tom Microphone For For Live And Audio Recording

In the world of audio recording, the best microphone is what drummers and artists alike are looking to buy. If this is your first time, or maybe you’ve been purchasing trashy microphones, this review will expose you to the best microphone for toms, both for live and studio recordings.

When it comes to getting the ideal mic, you need to get one that is the right fit. A mic that is best for one drum would certainly not be best for another. Due to these common mistakes, and some unworthy products in this market, here are some mics that would be the right fit for your toms.

Picture Name My Verdict
Beyerdynamic M201TG Dynamic Microphone It is very durable Check Price
Shure PGA56 Comes with a high-quality sound Check Price
MXL A-5t Dynamic Tom Drum Microphone Custom built for drums with a high-frequency response Check Price
Sennheiser E604 It comes with a 10-year warranty Check Price

1 - Beyerdynamic M201TG Dynamic Microphone

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  • Regarded as one of the best dynamic and versatile microphones
  • The hyper-cardioid ensure that other drums don’t interfere, an excellent noise isolation
  • Used by a wide range of different instruments
  • It is very durable
  • Produces a high-quality sound


  • It is costly

This mic has an articulated way of delivering so much detailed and crystal-clear sound. It performs excellently well both in a live and studio session, without cluttering the atmosphere with unnecessary noise. With the aid of the hyper-cardioid polar pattern, it can significantly sheave out other drums, while focusing on the depth and body of the toms.

When compared with other tom mics, there is no doubt that the M20TG is a beast and delivers. Although it is one of the expensive mics, it is an incredible mic that provides a high-quality sound that would wow you.

Not only can you use this impeccable mic for your toms only, but they are also an excellent choice for the snare drum. For every professional, this is the ideal piece of mic that would get the job done. It weighs 220 grams and comes with a microphone holder, windscreen, and bag.

2 - Shure PGA56

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  • It is the ideal tom mic for live shows
  • It is durable and comes with a high rugged metal housing
  • Comes with a high-quality sound
  • The cardioid tends to eliminate noise
  • Offers excellent value for money


  • Unlike premium mics, Shure PGA56 lacks depth and richness
  • It is bulkier compared to other tom microphones

The Shure PGA56 is a popular choice when it comes to live and studio recordings. According to many users, this fantastic product produces natural and clear, high-quality sounds that would only wow both you and your audience.

With the help of the cardioid pickup, you can record without any interference from any noise. This mic is super durable and is often the professional’s choice when it comes to the best tom mic. Looking at the design, you will notice the rugged look, powerful enough to survive knocks and bumps.

When on a gig, it can deliver top-notch high-quality sounds that would make you proud. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a great mic, then Shure PGA56 is what you need. It is both cheap and ideal for professionals. Many users have reported that it is the best mic for tom, and tend to produce bright and punchy sounds. It weighs only 287 grams.

3 - MXL A-5t Dynamic Tom Drum Microphone

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  • Comes with a sturdy and metal body that makes it very durable
  • The is very cheap, compared to many tom mics in the market
  • It has a considerable sound quality, which makes it one of the best budget tom mics
  • High SPL with means, it can handle lots of volume without distortion
  • Custom built for drums with a high-frequency response


  • The sound is not best for professional recording

Here is another budget tom microphone that you can get for your live performance and studio sessions. For some reason, many drummers often opt for this piece of incredible kit. The sound quality is pretty excellent, with a sturdy look and metal body that makes it durable.

It comes with a high SPL, making it possible to handle high volume sounds without wavering or distorting. When it comes to one of the best-budgeted tom mics, the MXL A-5t Dynamic Tom Drum Microphone tends to rank first.

The quality or durability isn’t impressive, considering the price of this equipment. Although it might not be the best tom mic out there, it is your best deal if you’re on a lean budget.

4 - Sennheiser E604

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  • It produces high-quality sounds for professional sound recording
  • It comes with a reinforced glass-fiber body, making it super durable
  • The high SPL ensure that it can handle large volume without distortion
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty


  • Has a thin sound
  • Not cheap compared to similar mic

In the world of recording, Sennheiser E604 is an incredible powerhouse that everyone wishes to have. When compared to numerous mics in the market, this formidable beast outperforms both in sound quality and durability.

It comes with a rugged look, making it one of the most durable mic toms, and easy to use too. When it comes to sound quality, you need to be aware that it is truly exceptional. You can use this mic both for a live and studio recording without hassles.

It comes with a high SPL, which tends to ensure the mic handles a large volume without any form of distortion. Irrespective of how hard you beat the drum, this incredible tom mick is up to the challenge.

When you test the durability, you will understand why this mic has become the choice of many. It comes with a reinforced glass-fiber body, making it capable of surviving falls and bumps. Additionally, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

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