Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow

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  • It’s a very easy drum to modify
  • It has all your needs
  • It has good quality cymbals


  • This have slight overtones

It comes with a drum key you could use to tighten and make adjustments to the head. This is suitable if you already know your adjustments personalized. This is a bonus because most drum brands don’t have this for free and you would need to purchase it separately. Another bonus is that this drum is very easy to assemble, even beginners would figure it out easily. You’re also sure that this one is made with quality because Pearl is a known brand all over the world. It has a 9 ply which makes it as tough as nails and could handle pounding in rock music. If you want great tonal ability, this one was definitely made to produce that. It looks good, it sounds, amazing, it’s easy to assemble, and it even comes from a known brand while being sold at an affordable price. Why else would you not buy this? Because it’s a seamless shell, the sound is enhanced even more. So, when you choose to purchase this one, you are buying a classic kit that would last for a long time and be with you through your long practices. 

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