ToyVelt Jazz Drum Set 12

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  • It’s durable even for the banging of 4 year olds
  • It has good tension
  • It’s the best value for its price


  • Suitable for smaller children

This one is definitely the ultimate jazz drum set for your little ones. If you want them to develop their music skills at a very young age while not worrying about investing on something expensive, this is a good one because it’s durable and affordable too. It’s actually a complete set, it even has a sturdy tool for your little ones. Even if it actually is just a toy, it’s designed to look like a professional drum set. If you think it’s something that isn’t education, you are wrong because it definitely is an educational toy. Aside from musical skills, it also develops your child's creativity, eye and hand coordination, as well as their motor skills. This also enhances their ability to perform and their cognitive skills which is essential in the real world.

When it comes to toys, you know the drill. You give your little one a new toy, he plays for it for a couple of days, and the next thing you know it’s broken and useless. This one won’t break easily because it’s made from premium quality materials. It has chrome rims, plastic that’s very durable, and even thick hardwood for safety. The best thing about them is if you aren’t satisfied with what you received, you can ask for a refund and they won’t ask you any question. 

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