Best Microphones for Drums & Best Drum Mic Kits 2018

So you probably want to have a drum studio at home, or maybe you need your drums to louder, well you could really have a different reason but you’re here for a reason. Whatever may be the reason for your search for the best microphones for drums, we would help you find and decide which one would be the best for your needs and situation. Read on to get to know about the best microphones for drums.

Picture Name My Verdict
Lewitt Beat Kit Pro 7 The Best For Studio Check Price
Shure DMK57-52 The Best For Live Check Price
Shure PGA56 The Best For Tom Check Price
Audio-Technica AT4053B Best For Hi-hats Check Price
Shure SM-57 The Best For The Snare Check Price
AKG D112 Mic The Best For Kick Check Price

Lewitt Beat Kit Pro 7

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  • It costs more than others, but it’s definitely worth it.
  • It’s very clear
  • It’s designed for studio use where you can EQ it
  • It doesn’t require so much
  • It offers big punch, big clarity, and big sound


  • The con that we could think of here would be affecting the beginners most because it’s the price. It could be expensive for people who aren’t thinking of it as an investment.

This Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 is considered as the best among the rest. If you would be needing audio quality that’s stellar, could be used for the studio, then this one might just be the right one for you.

Specs Include:

  • An all cardioid
  • A 7 piece kit
  • 3 dynamic DTP 340 TT mics
  • There’s one dynamic MTP 440 DM mic

Shure DMK57-52

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  • This one has one of the finest features
  • It has HQ, very clear, and a punchy sound
  • It’s both amazing for studio and live use even if it;s a small size


  • It doesn’t have a condenser mic which is something traditionally present

Shure PGA56

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  • It has a tailored design
  • It has a quick release latch similar to a bike technology which is very useful
  • Cardioid rejects noise that are unwanted while picking up audio from the source


  • None Found

This one has a very good tune and it lasts for a really long time. It definitely won’t disappoint you. Its specifications include a dynamic microphone, a cardioid polar patterns, and a good frequency response.

Audio-Technica AT4053B

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  • It balances the output in a clean signal even under high output conditions
  • It’s switchable sou you can cut out unwanted low end frequency whenever needed
  • It’s used for voice or other instruments


  • It’s expensive

While this one is advertised more for voice recording purposes, we believe that it works amazing for Hi-hats. There’s nothing much you can search about this to but through experience it works really amazing when used as a Hi-hat mic. Some of its specifications include a dialog boompole mic which you could mount on most of the mic stands available, and a AT4053b-EL hypercardioid head capsule which focuses more on the sounds in front of the microphone.

Shure SM-57

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  • It has a very crisp and clean frequency response
  • It gives you the exact sound coming from your kit
  • The background noise becomes reduced because of the uniform cardioid pickup pattern
  • It’s very durable


  • You would have to increase the volume

This one works really well with snare drums. It adds just the right amount of everything, a good low end weight, and a crack to the drums. This definitely is a go to mic. Its specifications include: a dynamic microphone, a cardioid polar pattern, an XLR connector.

AKG D112 Mic

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  • It’s very affordable
  • Professional uses it because it’s really good
  • You can use it live and studio
  • It has a large frequency range available


  • None

With this one you just don’t hear the bass but you could also hear the impact of the beater, it’s almost like you could feel the rush of air coming from the drums. You could also EQ what you don’t need. Some of its specs include a built in swivel mount, a built in windscreen, a cardioid pattern microphone, and a response which is tailored for picking up the bass drum.


It would be difficult to say which would work for you because every person and every situation is different. But these ones are for different situations. We hope this has helped you decide, let us know what you think in the comment section

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